Sene Custom Jeans Review: These Size-less Jeans Changed My Mind About Denim

In partnership with Sene.

Jeans have a tendency to make me feel the worst about myself, so I generally avoid them. Avoid may not be a strong enough word – I actually loathe them. The idea of jeans being a default clothing item is a foreign concept to me.

I nearly always have to go to the mall to try them on, because if I order a pair online, it won’t fit. I’m 5’10, lanky, and have hips, meaning that they’re either too short, too tight on my hips, or gaping at my belly – and I’m the body type they’re supposedly made for. There’s a reason we’re a leggings society.

But, I recently met Sene jeans, a novel enough concept to make me reevaluate.

This Sizeless Brand Is Disrupting The Clothing Industry

Sene has a lot of reasons for custom-making clothing. Without sizes, you’re not quantifying your worth with a number on a tag. Having a flattering, go-to pair of jeans empowers people of all shapes and sizes to feel their best. And, best of all, Sene’s off-rack prices mean you don’t have to fork out a fortune just to have clothes that actually fit.

The brand is rooted in sustainable and ethical practices. If your pair fits perfectly in a 1:1 match, there’s no need to over-produce inventory or waste energy on returns. (Shamefully, I’m overly familiar with the strategy of ordering several, trying them on, and returning the ones that don’t work.)

Although Sene’s thorough quiz and AI should match you with your ideal pair and fit, Sene offers unlimited remakes and alterations, plus free returns and shipping for 60 days. You’ll get the pair you want, whether it’s after one iteration or fine-tuned tailoring.

Ordering My First Pair of Sene Jeans

Because Sene makes such lofty promises, I mentally steeled myself to go through the whole process just to end up disappointed. 

A question from their SmartFit quiz.

Sene’s quiz is relatively straightforward. It asks you for your usual sizes – no measurements required – and then takes you through a series of questions about how your clothes usually feel on your body, calculating everything from the slope of your shoulders to the approximate size of your calves. It was a quicker assessment than I expected, which made me curious about the final product.

I ordered Sene’s most popular styles: the Air Skinny Jeans in Dark Wash ($149), and Air Slim Straight Jeans in Sur Blue ($149). 

Both pairs are extremely versatile: perfect for nonstop winter-wear, nice dinners and events alike. I’d rather have one high quality pair than several cheap ones, and I appreciate that Sene has prices that would be within my normal budget for a great pair. It’s an absolute steal to get customized jeans for that price.

My first pair would take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive, but having jeans cut from scratch for me would be worth the patience.

Since I ordered two pairs at once, I immediately got a notification that Sene wouldn’t process the second pair until I confirmed the fit of the first. This stretched out my production window, but allowed the brand to ensure that the custom fit was perfect without generating additional waste.

I Really Worried About My Body Changing The Fit

Admittedly, the process does require patience.

My body composition has changed lately due to my weight-lifting regimen, so I was anxious about the answers not necessarily lining up as the weeks passed. My changes weren’t drastic, but they were enough to affect the fit of my other clothes. While I’ve loved getting stronger and more muscular, resizing my wardrobe has been demoralizing. When my worries mounted, I looked up the process of returns and alterations.

I’d forgotten that Sene offers Memory Stretch, meaning that the denim won’t get stretched out no matter how many times I wear it. So if I fluctuate in muscle like I expect, that shouldn’t affect the fit. 

If I had decided to alter them, I could take some pictures of myself in the jeans and send them back in for custom tailoring or resizing. If you choose to take them to a local tailor, the brand will also reimburse you! 

No Corrections Needed: These Jeans Fit Me Perfectly On The First Try

I received my Air Skinny Jeans a few weeks after placing my order. The jeans worked for me, which was worth applause by itself. The design appeared polished and attractive, making them a solid go-to. (Okay, fine: I’ll admit the necessity of skinny jeans.)

Here’s where I ran into my one and only snafu: I wasn’t exactly sure how to confirm the fit of my first pair. I reached out to customer service, who handled the situation helpfully and was able to greenlight my straight jeans (which were the ones I was most looking forward to wearing). 

My Straight Jeans completely sold me on the Sene model. They converted me. I enjoy the skinny jeans, but I’m truly obsessed with the fit of my Straight Jeans. They’re comfortable, long enough, and don’t dig in anywhere. They look polished with ankle boots and a capital-o Outfit, and they’re also cozy enough for me to wear with a t-shirt and hoodie (I’m shocked too). 

You know that feeling when you get home from work or a dinner out and immediately run to your dresser to change into comfy clothes? No longer necessary. 

It’s no wonder Sene’s disruptive model appeals to trailblazers and entrepreneurs alike; the world is venturing towards a more personalized (and less wasteful) focus. Sene’s vast, sizeless range means that those who are normally boxed out of conventional sizing can find clothing that makes them feel confident, at-ease, and seen. 

All anyone wants is to find something flattering that they can wear everywhere, and Sene hits that bullseye – while also championing the ethical, sustainable beliefs we’d like to see more of.

5 Reasons To Love Sene’s Custom Jeans

1. Sene uses AI to make sizeless, cut-for-you clothing – which makes each pair ultra-flattering.

2. Sene’s 60 Day Guarantee means that you have unlimited control over the fit. Didn’t get it right on the first try? The brand offers free shipping and returns, unlimited alterations and resizing, and works with you to make your perfect pair.

3. Sene’s quality is top-tier. The brand uses the same Japanese mill as Prada, and the water used to dye the denim is recycled so cleanly you can drink it, ensuring a luxury feel with ethical sourcing you can feel good about.

4. The brand’s backed by Peloton darling Emma Lovewell. As someone who lives in activewear, comfort and fit are priorities.

5. Sene is perfect for those traditionally excluded from standard sizing, from plus-size to petite, to those with muscle mass that makes finding jeans difficult. 

Try the jeans for yourself.

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