Scorpio Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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While it feels like it was June just a second ago, we’re already in the full swing of Scorpio season. Known for their trademark enigma and passion that borders on obsessive, Scorpios have particular (and dedicated) tastes. They’re also notoriously guarded, which makes reading their minds -- and selecting the perfect gift -- a little tricky. As a fixed water sign, they’re famously intense, but have a unique predilection for all things mysterious, occult, and even seductive. Have no fear of your Scorpio’s sting: read on to gift them something they’ll actually love. 

For Looking Luxe, Even At The Gym, from $58

Credit: Beyond Yoga

Scorpios tend to lean into sleek attire that signals their inner fire and prowess. For a gift that will ensure they’re the best-dressed yogi in class, select something from Beyond Yoga’s newest drops. From velvet athleisure to fall-toned spacedye, the brand’s pieces hug every body beautifully, and are an ideal gift for a sign that’s always up for an adventure (or at least an acro-yoga class). 

Take Off Your Cool: Silky Smooth Skin For Your Seductive Scorpio, $90

Credit: OUI the People

Pamper your Scorpio with something they’ll actually use: a self-care set that promises overnight efficacy. While Scorpios love a spa day as much as the rest of us, they’ll find special value in products that tangibly work. With OUI the People’s UNDERCOVER(S) SET, featuring the brand’s new exfoliating CHEAT SHEET serum and SUGARCOAT shave gel, bestow your Scorpio with the priceless gift of smooth skin. It doesn’t hurt that the name of the set is sultry, too -- Scorpios rule all things seductive, and will appreciate a gift that gets them in a sensual state of mind.

(Beyond) Seductive Tools For The Sex-Positive Scorpio, price varies

Credit: Maude

If you feel close enough to your Scorpio, there’s no better gift than a little something provocative for the sign that is often labeled as the representation of “sex, death, and magic.” You can’t go wrong with a sex toy to help them get in touch with their sensual side, although it might feel a little tricky to pick the *right* toy for your Scorpio friend (or special friend). Lucky for you, there’s a litany of DTC brands churning out great toys and accoutrement -- reference our wonderful Sex Talk series for some inspiration, and go with a gift card if you’d prefer to err on the side of subtlety.

A delightful collection of maude goodies

For a fail-proof option, turn to chic sexual wellness company maude, which offers a few beautifully-bundled sets. The maudern kit has everything a modern Scorpio might need, complete with the brand’s best-selling vibrator, lubricant, condoms, bath salts, and a coconut milk bath blend. To set the mood (or drop a hint), gift the night in kit, which comes with burn no. 1 (a candle that doubles as a massage oil), lubricant, and the brand’s nourishing body wash and bubble bath.

Incisive Taste: A Pristine Knife Set From Misen, from $150

Credit: Misen

For a splurge-worthy gift that a Scorpio surely wouldn’t think to buy for themself, send a beautiful, shockingly high-quality Essentials Knife Set from Misen. Made with premium Japanese steel and extra-sharp 15 degree blade angles, Misen’s knives are as cutting as a Scorpio’s intimidating sting -- and they’ll appreciate the brand’s minimalist and targeted approach to kitchen tools. A curated set of knives that has everything you need (and nothing you don’t), this gift will make your Scorpio feel like the badass they are in their everyday life -- but in the kitchen. 

A Delicious Scent To Match Their Energy: AMASS Four Thieves Candle, $48

Credit: AMASS

AMASS’s Four Thieves Candle smells exactly like the iconic essential oil after which it’s named: an intoxicating swirl of cinnamon, eucalyptus, and clove, with the additional depth of an allspice blend. The Four Thieves botanical blend was originally believed to ward off the plague in medieval Europe, and has been used as a tincture to support the immune system for, well, ages. The grounding, warming aroma of this candle is reminiscent of Scorpios’ trademark fondness for all things mystical and seductive -- and they’ll love the healing backstory behind the scent. It’s easy on the eyes, too: the candle’s beautiful design and black jar will complement any Scorpio’s interior decor. 

Aphrodisiacs You Can Gift, from $18

Credit: Honey Mama’s and Toodaloo

Scorpios love decadent treats that pack a punch -- like high quality dark chocolate with complex flavor profiles and fun add-ins. Send them some superfood-packed chocolate bark from Kuli Kuli, or a variety pack from cult favorite (and TQE favorite) Honey Mama’s. For a treat that’s as spicy and multi-dimensional as the Scorpio you love, send over some adaptogenic trail mix -- in any flavor, be it cacao, coffee, or maple -- from Toodaloo. To a sweet birthday season!

Get to shopping -- and check back here next month for our complete guide to gifting a Sagittarius. 

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