Add a Touch of Nature and Texture to Your Space with these Stunning Rattan Furniture Pieces

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From woven headboards to cane-paneled cabinets, rattan furniture has seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years. No longer limited to the tiki-themed outdoor patio sets of yesteryear, today’s rattan pieces come in more modern silhouettes, blending seamlessly with current design trends like Scandi, Japandi, boho, and minimalist styles. Rattan is also a highly sustainable and renewable material, which makes it even more appealing to anyone who strives to live more eco-consciously.

In some ways, the resurgence of rattan furnishings might be seen as a response to the stark and extremely minimal home decor popularized a few years back that gives more “cavernous museum” than “homes people actually live in.” They add warmth and a touch of nature in the same way indoor plants tend to liven up a space; they also add depth and texture to simpler, monochrome design schemes. 

What is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan furniture is made from the bark (and in some cases, the core) of climbing palms that are native to the jungles of Southeast Asia.  This isn’t a new trend—in fact, it has been a popular choice since the Colonial era, introduced to the West by the British and Dutch East India Companies. The affordability and durability of rattan made it an attractive alternative to other more expensive wood, like mahogany, increasing the popularity of rattan furniture throughout the 19th century. By the 1970s, rattan was a trendy choice for both interior and exterior furnishings, especially in resort towns like Palm Springs or Miami that gravitate towards a vacation or tropical vibe.

Is it Sustainable?

One of the best things about rattan is that it comes from a plant that grows quickly, much like bamboo. Growing at a rate of two centimeters a day, it’s ready to harvest within two to three years—much faster than the 40 to 100 years required of hardwood trees to reach maturity. That makes rattan very sustainable, and highly renewable. Well-made rattan pieces are extremely durable and can last for decades with proper care, which makes them an easy choice for the eco-conscious design aficionado.

Is it Durable?

High-quality natural rattan will last for years—even decades—with the right upkeep.  The plant itself is naturally pest-resistant and is both strong and flexible, which is why it has been used for centuries to make baskets, tables, chairs, canes, and more. It’s also a very popular choice of material for outdoor furniture because of its resilience.  When rattan is woven for weight-bearing—for example, the seat of a caned dining chair—weight is spread evenly across the woven surface, making it very durable and also comfortable. 

Difference to Wicker

While you may have seen the terms “rattan” and “wicker” used interchangeably, that’s not exactly accurate. Rattan refers to the natural material harvested from trees and can be woven into a wicker-style weave. Wicker furniture can be made of rattan, but it can also be made of synthetic material which is a popular choice for outdoor furniture since it’s less expensive and holds up well to the elements. 

Best Rattan Furniture

Though rattan furniture has typically been associated with outdoor lounges and patios, today’s selection comes in a wider variety of styles than ever before—much of which is made for modern interiors. If you’re looking to add a touch of nature to your living space, below is a selection of rattan furniture pieces that might make the perfect alternative to solid wood.

Console Tables

A console table with rattan elements is a nice way to add a natural element to your hallway or living areas. Often made in a combination of solid wood and rattan, the options include simple styles to more ornate options with drawers and cabinets that offer extra storage.

This Article Olalla Oak Console will appeal to those who prefer very clean lines and open shelving, and has plenty of space to display small sculptures and framed photos. If you’re in need of more storage, the Nathan James Wood & Rattan Console Table Oak has roomy cabinets to tuck away glassware or books that you don’t want on display. If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional entertainment center, the stylish Article Candra Oak Media Unit is primarily designed to hold your cable box, Apple TV, gaming systems, since it’s equipped with holes to accommodate cords.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables made with rattan are a smart alternative to solid wood, as they tend to be a lot lighter and easier to move when needed. Many styles come with glass tops to protect the rattan sections from moisture and spills, something to keep in mind when choosing one. Some rattan tables can also be used both indoors and outdoors, adding to their versatility—especially when it’s warm enough to hold barbecues and hang out poolside!

This Nathan James Wood & Rattan Coffee Table has soft, rounded edges and tapered legs that fit right into a Scandinavian or boho design scheme. Made in Indonesia from locally sourced rattan, the Citizenry Ora Wicker Coffee Table can add a tropical touch to your living room with its woven pattern and round shape. For a more modernist option, the Serena & Lily Balboa Rattan Coffee Table is made in a Parsons design that fits into a variety of existing decor styles while still maintaining an air of leisure and relaxation.

Bedside Tables

The preference for Mid-century pieces is still going strong, so it’s not surprising to find an array of rattan furniture that incorporates the clean lines of this style. They mingle well with the also-popular Scandi, Japandi, and boho trends we’ve seen going viral on social media and in design and architectural publications. These handcrafted beauties come in neutral finishes like cream, brown, “greige”, and black, so it’s easy to incorporate them into almost any bedroom’s color palette.

The West Elm Ida Woven Nightstand boasts a modern silhouette, available in two finishes, with clean lines and two smooth gliding drawers for storage. The Nathan James Rattan & Wood Storage Nightstand is slightly more affordable, available in three finishes, and features an open shelf for books or anything else you want to reach easily. For a coastal touch, the Serena & Lily Scallop Rattan Side Table would be right at home in a beachside bedroom. 

Bar Stools

Just like coffee tables, rattan bar stools benefit from being lighter in weight and easier to move than their traditional counterparts. Seek out kitchen stools with rattan seats and backrests—the springy nature of the weave is nice for extended sitting periods.

The Article Netro Oak Counter Stool has a soft upholstered seat and woven back for an airy counter seating option.  For a little French-inspired touch, the Serena & Lily Riviera Étoile Rattan Counter Stool is inspired by the ubiquitous café chairs seen on Parisian sidewalks.  The Hirsch & Timber Natural Rattan Woven Bar Stool has woven rattan seats and backrests, if you prefer a non-upholstered option.  For a more modern look, consider these Nathan James Boucle Rattan Counter Bar Stools—they’ll add a little warmth and softness against the stone and stainless steel of contemporary kitchens.


Cabinets and cupboards can seem visually heavy when they’re made entirely of solid wood, so choosing a piece with rattan might make them feel less hefty. The addition of rattan panels or inlay can help lighten their overall look—useful in spaces you want to keep bright and open.

Despite its generous shelf space and height, this striking Dear Keaton Kiami Tall Cabinet feels quite airy. For even more visual space, this West Elm Yvette Woven Tall Cabinet features an open shelf for displaying coffee table books and decorative accessories, and a roomy interior shelf for stowing dishes, glasses, and more. For a more compact option, the Article Noyko Rattan Cabinet has natural rattan doors that add an island vibe to any space. 

Timeless Rattan Elegance for Your Home

Rattan is definitely a hot item right now, but it’s definitely not a passing trend. Designers and manufacturers are continuing to create beautiful, artistic pieces that are meant to last for decades (or even a lifetime). If you’re looking to embrace this elegant and durable material in your own living space, pick a few pieces to scatter throughout the home to add warm tones and organic shapes to your interior. Maintaining these treasures requires a little bit of care and cleaning, but doing so will ensure that your furniture ages gracefully for years to come. 

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