Create The Nursery Of Your Dreams (And Have The Best-Dressed Baby) With Pehr

Pehr was one of the first brands I discovered when I was pregnant with my first daughter. A (mostly) DTC business that specializes in practical everyday products for babies and toddlers, Pehr’s designs capture the essence of childhood with beautiful, whimsical designs. Look closely enough, and you’ll spot the brand’s Pom Pom Storage in practically every influencer’s nursery – but storage bins are just the beginning.

From mobiles to diaper bags, zip up onesies and holiday dresses, Pehr has something for everyone, and then some. Plus, we love a female-founded company, especially one that does a bit of good in the world…more on that below.

Made from 100% cotton muslin cotton, Pehr’s swaddles were a staple in our household during the newborn years

From Newborn Staples…

When I say I love Pehr, I really mean it. The first thing I bought for my daughter’s nursery was this Little Lamb Mobile ($89). I loved that it feels playful and kid-ish but is neutral and well-designed enough to fit into the beautiful, calming nursery I had envisioned. It’s still in my second daughter’s room today, and let’s just say both of them started saying “baa” pretty early on. (I kind of wish I was having another baby so I could grab this adorable aquatic version.)

Then came the swaddles ($26). OMG, these swaddles. It’s hard to put into words how amazing these are – absolutely my number one gift for new parents. Partly because you can never have enough swaddles, but mostly because they’re made of super soft, organic muslin cotton…and THEY WORK. Any newborn parent knows that 99% of swaddles don’t actually work. Plus, there are a ton of designs to choose from – daisies, ladybugs, and pin dots, to name a few. Screen printed by hand using AZO-Free dyes, these swaddles won’t let you down.

Two-year-old Ellie naps best at school with Pehr’s cozy toddler blanket and sheet

…To Cozy Toddler Favorites

Once your toddler is using a blanket, Pehr has the perfect one for you. We used this Toddler Blanket ($75) in my daughter’s crib starting the day she turned two, and it’s still the blanket she uses for naps at school. I love that it’s bigger than most baby blankets (the size large is 38x52) and wayyy plusher. With a light but cozy poly-fil interior, it almost feels like a mini duvet, but is super easy to wash (we’ve washed ours at least 100 times I think?). Pair it with the matching pillow ($30) and breathable cotton crib sheet ($38), and you’re practically guaranteed a good night. Well, there are no guarantees with toddlers, but you know what I mean.

The sweetest matching sisters in Pehr’s summer checkmate dresses

Made With Thoughtful Design And Top-Notch Materials

As the brand says, “Nothing good gets done in a hurry. So, we spend a lot of time sweating the details.” That’s what I like to hear! Even though Pehr’s products are now carried in stores like Maisonette, Nordstrom, and Goop, Pehr still feels like a mom and pop brand. It’s obvious each piece is made with care and thoughtfulness, down to fabric choices, print designs, and utility.

In fact, from the brand’s earliest days, founders Jen Kelly and Becca Perren were focused on designing products that are lovable and useful – with an element of “playful sophistication.” Pehr’s focus on quality and safety is a cherry on the top. Every bedding and apparel item is made with 100% certified organic cotton and held to the highest standards, so you can feel good about the materials on your baby’s body.

Pehr goes above and beyond as a brand by supporting women in developing nations (photo credit: Pehr)

Going Above And Beyond: A Commitment To Ethics And Sustainability

According to the brand’s website, “They won’t be little forever, so their tomorrow weighs heavily on the choices we make today.” I love this so much, and think I might make it my life motto – such an incredible juxtaposition to the rampant consumerism we see everywhere today. From actively reducing its footprint by identifying sustainable manufacturing processes, to aligning with groups like Care & Fair and Good Weave that provide educational opportunities for women in developing nations, Pehr takes responsibility to the next level.

Parents everywhere love Pehr, so it’s no surprise then that the brand has been featured in Vogue, Real Simple, and Vanity Fair. See what all the hype is about here.

Five More Reasons to Love Pehr

  • Don’t sleep on a matching mommy and me moment! The checkmate line makes the most perfect caftans for adults (naturally, I own two).
  • While clothing isn’t Pehr’s original bread and butter, its lines are already making a splash. Particularly these adorable corduroy dresses – perfect for winter!
  • Pehr’s blog, seed, is a go-to resource for new parents, covering top-of-mind topics like how to shop for safe sleepwear, nursery decoration tips, or winter activities for toddlers.
  • As with so many brands these days, Pehr’s social media (especially TikTok and Instagram) is brimming with cute ideas, design previews, and parenting hacks.

For families who travel, do not miss the diaper bag and pouches, which are big enough to hold all the essentials and even have pockets for things like bottles, diapers, and more. Oh yeah, and they’re wipeable!

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