Pashion Footwear Review: These Two-In-One Convertible Heels Are My New Go-To Shoe

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Over the past few years, I’ve completely forgotten how to walk in heels. I haven’t had much reason to wear them, though I admittedly hadn’t worn heels often in the “before times” either (did I mention I’m 5 '10?). Still, they make me feel powerful and I love the way they look, especially for a black tie dress code.

After falling flat on my back on the dance floor once this spring, I reluctantly admitted that perhaps my stiletto era was behind me. I used to dance in heels in jazz classes and now I’m a total baby deer. If I have any alcohol in me? Forget it.

Enter Pashion, the heels that convert into flats. With one click of their handy removable heel, you have two pairs of shoes. Their shiftable nature lends them well to any situation, and (most importantly) they’re actually gorgeous.

Introducing Your Go-Everywhere Shoes

One click away from a whole new pair. Credit: Pashion Footwear.

Upon first glance (an Instagram video ad showing the heel-to-flat conversion), I was instantly hooked. The Pashion premise is one that feels so intuitive I thought for sure it had already been developed. It turns out the brand’s founder Haley Pavone – who’s since made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her invention – created the first fully-convertible Pashion Footwear shoe when she was dancing barefoot at a wedding and was “impaled through the foot by another woman’s stiletto.” Yikes. 

As soon as I saw Pashion’s convertible shoes, several occasions ran through my mind:

  • Events – Heels for photos and mingling. Sandals for the actual function. These make “put on your dancing shoes” literal.
  • Commuting – Many women wear heels in a traditional corporate office environment. Bringing sneakers in a tote bag for the commute is a common practice in major cities. Instead, transform your stilettos into flats with the click of a button.
  • Travel – Packing shoes in a carry on takes up so much space. Being able to physically take off the heel and stow it separately is a game changer for making the most out of limited room in a suitcase. Plus, the two-in-one nature makes Pashion an easy pick when you can only bring so many pairs on vacation.

My main concerns were sturdiness and appearance. Would these shoes support my weight well enough to actually replace one of my existing pairs? Would I pick the design first out of a line up for looks, regardless of functionality? Also, when these were in their “flats” form, would they be overly curved from the heel shape, or would the pair actually allow me the mobility I demand from the sandals I’ve worn to death? Sometimes when a shoe tries too hard to be everything all at once, it (ahem) falls flat.

I decided to find out.

Your Pair Has So Many Customization Options

The options for customizing your Pashionistas.

Pashion offers nine styles on its website. The brand’s bestseller, the Pashionista (starting at $150), is a simple sandal with two straps: one across the toe and a delicate strap around the ankle. Currently, most offerings cater to warmer weather, although a Mary Jane version and luxe bow à la party girl would work for autumn and winter; a knit sock boot style will likely reappear for colder seasons.

For my first pair, I opted for the Pashionista in Taupe Blush Satin ($190) figuring the pale pink would be enough of a neutral for weddings and events I have this summer. Despite teeter-tottering nowadays, I actually prefer my heels sky high; as an ex-ballerina, I find it easier to walk practically en-pointe rather than in wobbly kitten heels. 

Pashion allows you to pick your color, heel type (block or stiletto), and heel height (3 inch or 4 inch). I opted for a four inch block heel. The brand sells the blocks à la carte too, meaning I can swap out my heels to make them feel fresh or keep up with trending styles and colors. 

My Honest Opinion After *Dancing The Night Away*

Spoiler alert: within twenty minutes of their arrival, my own mother had already added several styles to her cart. Upon my unboxing, I was impressed by how good they look in person. Immediately, I had to try the transition.

It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly how to change the heel (assisted by a helpful video and a small pamphlet of instructions). I was mostly worried about accidentally breaking the mechanism with my fumbling; at $190 a pair, I wasn’t eager to destroy their trademark feature. After I figured it out once, the process was super easy and quick enough to ensure that I’d actually use them.

When I transitioned to flats, the Pashionistas felt a bit strange on my feet. I think this was due to the mental contrast of them having been curved a second before. Still, they’re supportive and I quickly got over that discombobulation. TBH, I like them better as heels than as flats, but they still get the job done either way. Their flats mode is more for utility than aesthetics. 

I’ve worn them to various functions, including church, meetings, and a party or two. I’m planning on bringing them to a conference, and look forward to packing them in my carry on. 

Overall, Pashion has won my heart as a smart closet staple, a gimmick every woman should have! They’re both functional and pretty, two of my favorite qualities. As a bonus, if you’ve ever carried your girlfriend’s heels (or your girlfriend) at the end of a long night and had the “maybe you should have worn better shoes” exchange, these would make a stellar gift. It would take a lot for me to decide against these stylish convertible heels next time I head to a function.

5 Reasons To Love Pashion Footwear:

1. You’re getting two pairs of shoes in one: a pair of heels and a pair of flats.

2. You can “upgrade” your heels and heights with new styles and materials, making them ultra customizable. Beyond that flexibility, you can also *fully* customize your own.

3. Having heels that pack down for travel gives you extra room and maneuverability in your carry on, helpful when headed to events or vacations.

4. The transition process (removing or snapping in the heel) only takes a few minutes.

5. The brand addresses a pain point many women have after work, formal functions, and other occasions in which the dress code doesn’t match our comfort level.

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