If You Need Me Before Spring, I’ll Be Hibernating In My OFFHOURS Overvest

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I’ve been a nearly life-long fan of athleisure. When “inactive wear” came onto the scene, my ultra-practical brain initially dismissed it as frivolous and duplicative. That is… until I read about the importance of clothes on our brain’s ability to function in different ways. There’s actually a scientific term for this: enclothed cognition. Without getting too nerdy, there is quite literally research that shows our brain functions differently in distinct clothes. So, when we want to rest, we need to dress for it. Enter: OFFHOURS’s inactive wear.

Inactive Wear for Your OFFHOURS

OFFHOURS is a “design company with a focus on functionality, comfort, and the everyday pleasures of life.” Known for its Homecoat ($295), the brand was born when co-founder David McGillivry’s wife, Rebecca Zhou, was on the hunt for a pajama upgrade.

When Zhou came up short after hours of research and shopping excursions, the duo realized that the robe might actually be the solution to indulgent, non-frilly loungewear. Though robes were easy to come across, the ones on the market created more problems than comfort for Rebecca and her pals. So, the pair created the Homecoat: “the closest you can get to wearing your comforter.” The Homecoat was only the beginning for the brand; they are now expanding to other products, like the Overvest, to help you “engage in self-care that works for you.”

Sporting the Overvest to a Saturday morning downtown market outing.

Intentional Simplicity

Ordering from OFFHOURS is a zen experience in itself. The website is pretty simple, which is refreshing in a world of content overload. The brand has made the shopping itself simple, too; there are only 2 product offerings as of right now and both come in one gender-neutral size. (If you are under 5’5”, you can shop the “Homecoat (but smaller)” offering.)

I could barely wait to open it up.

I decided to try the Overvest ($395), which is a knee-length vest designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors, as well as through multiple seasons. Released in October, the Overvest is made from recycled nylon and comes in “Boa,” which is a fun olive green with a subtle shine. OFFHOURS has great shipping times, so thankfully, I didn’t have a ton of wait time from when I ordered it until the day it came. Given that it is a pretty large coat, I thought it’d come in a pretty big box. Instead, it was a relatively small box with a vacuum-sealed bag inside. Similar to the bed-in-a-box concept, it expanded over a bit of time once I got it out of the bag.

My hubby is also a fan of the Overvest.

A Worthy Investment

My husband was pretty skeptical of how much use I’d get out of the Overvest. (With a price tag of nearly $400, it certainly needs to get good use!) Though perhaps embarrassing to admit, I’ve barely taken it off since I got it a few weeks ago. Seriously, I have worn it every single day. We live in downtown Detroit in a house that is over 100 years old. If you don’t know about old houses, it means that it is always cold… no matter how high you crank the thermostat. The vest has been a game changer throughout my workday. Not only does it keep my core nice and warm, it also has replaced the double-blanketing I’d previously been doing. It give sleeping bag vibes for sure, but in a comfy-chic way.

The zipper pull and optional waist-cinching are just some of my favorite details.

The Overvest has also been my go-to for errands and quick outings. Nearly every time I wear it out, I get compliments – don’t say you weren’t warned! While a bold statement piece, it’s also incredibly functional, the ultimate conversation starter. Speaking of functionality, the Overvest was designed with several practical features, my favorite of which is the adjustable bungee waist. I prefer to have a bit of shape in my waist with most jackets, but my husband can “un-bungee” it to fit his preferences. It has both a two-way zipper and a “quick loop” at the waist to wrap like a robe if you don’t feel like zipping. And the pockets… wow! The two large pockets have zippered pockets inside, offering all of the storage you could ever want.

Staying warm and comfy with my hood up!

In OFFHOURS, All Hours

It’s not often you get a design company focused on both looks and intentional functionality, but OFFHOURS has managed to do both. OFFHOURS has literally created a new type of clothing: “transitional comfort wear™.” The brand has made a loyal customer out of me – and I can’t wait to see what innovative, modern designs OFFHOURS spins up next. If they’re anything like the Overvest, I’ll be first in line to grab them.

5 More Reasons to Love OFFHOURS:

  1. Surprisingly, the Homecoat is machine washable, making it even more of a practical investment for your wardrobe.
  2. OFFHOURS manufactures in Shenzhen, China with a female-owned production partner that cares deeply about its employees.
  3. The brand focuses intentionally on using excellent materials, many of which are recycled, like the 90% recycled polyester quilting in the Overvest.
  4. OFFHOURS has done some cool collabs with brands like West Elm – expect more of the same in the future!
  5. You’ll not only feel amazing in your new inactive wear, but you’ll also look amazing… helping you to feel even more amazing!

Cozy up in an OFFHOURS Overvest!

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