The Best Gifts For Every Mom, Curated By A Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And mom deserves the very best. While there are tons of things mom may want, a bunch of crap taking up unnecessary space in the house isn’t on her list. I know this because it’s me — I’m mom! 

When searching for the perfect gift, something functional and fabulous always does the trick. In this gift guide, you’ll find something for every kind of mama — one of these gifts is sure to leave her with the smile she deserves on her face.  

All Moms Deserve To Feel Pampered… 

Everyone loves to feel beautiful—even mom. I can’t remember the last time I went to a spa, so some fresh, updated beauty goods are high on my Mother’s Day list. Consider Loveseen Lashes (from $22) — the brainchild of Jenna Lyons, these fake lashes will leave mom feeling insanely confident. 

Use them to top off a routine that starts with amazing skincare from Freck Beauty, LULA, and Fig. 1 before introducing mom to our favorite makeup brands. Learn more about our top brands — like MERIT, Saie, Ilia, and Jones Road here.

Prose Haircare is a great choice for moms who probably haven’t gotten a haircut in god knows how long. These custom hair care products will leave mom feeling her very best. Kick off her new routine with a luxe brush or comb from Crown Affair's popular line.

And even though we all care about our appearance, beauty starts from within. Get mom Ritual 50+ multivitamins so both her outsides and insides are cared for. Plus, she can put her Ritual 50+ vitamins in her new Cadence travel holder! 

If your mama includes a sweat as part of her pampering routine, there's never been a better time to invest in The Mirror. Save $100 on The Mirror plus free shipping and install (a $350 total value off) for a limited time only using code 350FORMOM. Round out her workout gift with a set of Bala Bangles ($65) — they've likely been on her list for a while. 

If The Words “Wardrobe Refresh” Remind You Of Mom…  

Mom is known for putting your needs and wellbeing in front of her own—now it’s your turn to put her first. My kids are usually dressed to the nines, while I’m wearing my schmattas from the night before. I love fashion, but I also love comfort. Worthy Threads x Maisonette Mama Hoodie and Joggers is a perfectly stylish and sensible choice for ultimate coziness and confidence. Add the matching kids set and the family is ready for that adorable Mother’s Day photo every mama wants. Speaking of matching, Ingrid+Isabel has the most adorable matching denim jackets for “mama” and “babe” that are perfect for chilly nights and crisp mornings this time of year.

Now, not every mom loves color. If subtlety is more your mom’s style, check out the luxurious loungewear from Vuori or the sophisticated, sustainable line from Grey State Apparel.

And no outfit is complete without the perfect purse. Senreve has you covered with its variety of sizes and styles. My favorite is the Aria Belt Bag ($495)  — a high fashion spin on the classic fanny pack. 

Don’t forget mom’s feet—Bombas’ bright and cheerful patterns make for a practical and stylish purchase. The sock company offers a variety of Mother’s Day bundles mom (and her feet) will thank you for buying. And, if your mama is the compression sock type, Comrad will certainly do the trick.

But if all else fails, go for jewelry. More specifically, diamonds. Kimai, Kinn and Noémie are all known for their high-quality, well-priced pieces. Diamonds are always a good idea— they are a girl’s best friend after all.  

For The My-Kitchen-Is-My-Happy-Place Type… 

Mom’s usually the one in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch, and dinner—now it’s your turn to spoil mom in the kitchen. Brightland's new Luminous Capsule ($88) is the perfect place to start — complete with the brand’s signature oil duo and a few other accoutrements to round out an oh-so swoon-worthy gift set. 

Alternatively, some healthy bites and snacks from Tahini Goddess will make the ultimate treat for someone with a savory preference. Why not pair the chocolate tahini with always-perfectly-ripened Oishii Strawberries (from $15), which harness the power of vertical farming to create a perfectly delicious and vibrant Omakase berry. For mom's sweet tooth—the ideal dessert for a Mother’s Day brunch. 

A few other fun picks to spice up mom’s pantry include a Jot Trio ($58.50) for the perfect (and thoughtful) mid-afternoon caffeine fix or a Tea Drops gift box for the tea lover. Fun fact—Michelle Obama and Chrissy Teigen are fans of these tea bombs. 

For the health-conscious and mushroom-minded mom, try a beautiful (and delicious) bag of Clevr Blends (from $28), a Rainbo tincture (from $40), or the best Herbal Coffee from Wooden Spoon Herbs ($38).

And finally, every Mom deserves a little boozy buzz to celebrate — check out some of our favorite sips from Usual Wines ($8/bottle) and Nomadica (from $54) for all the right vibes.

For Moms Who Subscribe To Architectural Digest… 

Now that entertaining is making a comeback, it’s time to spruce up the home. Start with some new tableware and accessories from Style Union Home—the modern, classy ceramics will leave mom’s guests asking her “where did you get that?” 

If mom’s not into entertaining but loves to cook for her family, consider Our Place’s versatile Always Pan (one of our go-to gifts, $145) or Dorai Home’s eco-friendly, chic and functional home products. The Clean Suite ($89 for one time purchase) from Blueland is a Quality Edit favorite, and is sure to please the mom who cares both for her home and the planet.

Going the more traditional route? Flowers are a Mother’s Day staple. Instead of getting mom a generic bouquet, step it up with flowers or a plant from The Sill or The Bouqs Co. — not only will this add beauty to the home, but the organic elements will also help alleviate her stressed-out state. And speaking of stress, help mom calm down with Birthdate Candles—I’ll take the one for May 29th, please!

For The Sleep-Deprived (Aka Every) Mom… 

Getting a good night's sleep is like gold: rare, precious, and always appreciated. Help mom get her coveted night of sleep with one of Blu Sleep’s plush pillows ($159) — it’s like laying your head on a cloud: soft, supportive and so comfortable.

And don’t forget the always-necessary blanket. Bearaby weighted blankets are easy on the eyes and facilitate a more natural, deep sleep.

But before mom hits the hay, she needs to slow her mind — and The Calm Box, a monthly subscription box that comes with curated products for a more tranquil life, will do the trick. For those moms who are a little more adventurous, score big gift points with Feals, premium CBD delivered directly to mom’s doorstep.

Last but not least, every sleep-loving mom wants a cute pajama set. Eberjay and Lunya never disappoint, and Good Side makes a phenomenal silk Sleep Mask ($48).

To Stop A Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Mom Right In Her Tracks… 

A new travel bag from CalPak, Monos or Away is a gift mom could always use—the variety of styles and sizes means you can get mom something for a day of running errands, that short weekend getaway she’s craving with her girlfriends or the longer family vacation she’s hoping to take this summer. 

To make your suitcase pick a more well-rounded gift, consider adding travel holders from Cadence so mom no longer needs to worry about her shampoo spilling all over other toiletries or makeup. 

And as we head into the warmer months, hydration is key when out and about. Mom will not only love the look of this Larq water bottle ($95), but she will also love that it’s self-cleaning. That’s right, you can get mom a water bottle that she doesn’t have to clean and is sure to leave her speechless—I know I am!   

One For All 

Motherhood comes in all forms — biological moms, stepmoms, mom-like figures and even pet moms. No matter what kind of mom you are shopping for, this list has you covered. And remember — for mom, it’s always the thought that counts. And at the end of the day, she will love anything that comes from you.

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