Molekule Air Pro Review: I Gave My Brother the Molekule Air Pro Purifier and Now His Apartment Smells Great

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Whenever I go to my brother’s apartment, it always seems to smell funky. I’m not sure if it’s the almost-100-year-old building, the neighbors, or his culinary rotation of Indian, Chinese, and Mediterranean food, but there’s a built-in aroma that you can almost feel as soon as you walk in. Not cute.

You’ve probably experienced the same –  after throwing vegetables in the oven and frying some garlicky chicken on the stove, your apartment smells like Tuesday’s dinner for the entire next week. So, when I brought up the idea of getting him a Molekule Air Pro, he was pretty giddy: “Dude! I saw that a few months ago and have been wanting one ever since!”

If you’re looking to freshen up your space, consider your search complete…

After 25 Years of Research…

The Molekule Air Pro is the sleek air purifier whose technology both captures harmful pollutants and destroys them. Molekule was started by the children of Dr. Yogi Goswami, who developed a new clean-air technology called PECO and then spent almost two decades testing how effective it was, publishing over 23 reports on the results.

Not to get too scientific (mainly because I don’t fully understand it myself), but in addition to trapping particles, this photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology breaks down mold, bacteria, viruses, and more on the molecular level (most air purifiers just capture the pollutants.) In a recent test where SARS-CoV-2 was introduced directly to the Molekule PECO filter, it killed over 99% of the virus in an hour. No air purifier can prevent transmission of a virus on its own, but I would have felt a lot more comfortable if I had this a few years ago!

This is all made possible via the PECO HEPA Tri-Power filter, one of the most advanced filters on the market. It boasts a triple-layered filter finished with a final layer of carbon filtration to deliver fresh, clean air. Here’s how the process works:

Air goes in, the filters capture particles and destroys organic material, filtering the air, and… clean air!

Welcoming The Air Pro Home

When the Molekule arrived, it was a welcomed and timely package. Set up was super easy—I just took the device and components out of their packaging and cloth bag, then plugged in the cord on the bottom of the device. From there, I downloaded the app and paired the device with my phone. And voilá!

Some of the stat's Molekule's app provides

Depending on what setting you choose, the machine is incredibly quiet. Once I positioned the purifier in its home, we totally forgot about it. The welcome guide instructs you to keep it away from walls, so the form of the Molekule is a huge advantage over other air purifiers on the market—you don’t feel like it’s another boxy device with a bunch of wires and cables.

If you’re a small business owner or work in an office, Molekule offers enterprise-grade support and already works with a wide range of offices, hospitality companies, and retail locations to offer employees and customers cleaner air. In fact, I was randomly walking through a Denver nonprofit during this review period and spotted several Air Pros throughout the space!

Health clinics, doctors, and offices all use Molekule to provide the cleanest air possible

Easy To Control And Measure

While optional, the Molekule app allows you to track things like your air history, what pollutants it found, and daily air-quality ratings. If you don’t feel like having another app, no worries, there is a display screen on the Air Pro for easy navigation and adjustments.

The Molekule Air Score is a summary of what the device picked up in the air, based on the EPA’s Air Quality Index. 0 to 100 and the air is fine, 101 to 200 indicates that the exposure levels are higher but only concerning for more sensitive groups, 201 to 300 means most people shouldn’t be in the space, and over 300 represents terrible air quality.

Easy-to-use interface if you don’t want to download an app

To keep optimal performance, the Air Pro only works with a Molekule filter, which needs to be replaced about every six months (it can be purchased directly from the company’s website).

The True Test

After a few days, we were shocked at what we were breathing in! The app showed that my brother’s home had 35 hours of Good Air, 13 hours of Moderate Air, 13 hours of Bad Air, and 20 minutes of Very Bad air from Monday through Thursday—that’s data we simply would’ve never been able to track before. The data was empowering and actionable: a few days after seeing the numbers in the app, we used a sneaker deodorizer and our bad-air levels absolutely spiked for a few hours. Now we know that anytime we need to use “stronger” chemicals like deodorizer or bleach we’ll clean outside of the living space, or at least stay out of the way for a few hours in order to not breathe in that air.

The app tracks air quality down to the minute

The Air Pro isn’t cheap, hovering at about $1,000. I looked into some other brands like Brio and Dyson – they ranged from $350 to $600, but the models I looked at only covered spaces a few hundred square feet, so you’d end up having to buy a few to cover the same 1,000 square feet the Air Pro does. (And they don’t look as good or destroy pollutants, to say the least.) Personally, I think  a few extra bucks are worth the investment if this is something that’ll be in your home 24/7 for years.

Ultimately, the Air Pro works like a well-oiled, clean supermachine. Its price point denotes a quality product that I found incredibly effective. It’s sleek, it’s quiet, and it’s a sexy aesthetic addition to any space in your home. Far from the eye-sore A/C units in your junior one-bedroom apartment or the cheap coffee maker your parents use— this home appliance actually elevates your space. And if you’re tired of your pad smelling like Angie’s Italian every week, it’s time to finally give Molekule a try.

5 More Reasons to love Molekule:

  1. FDA clearance: Molekule air purifiers are cleared  for medical use (that’s some serious stuff!).
  2. 30-day risk-free home trial: Try it for 30 days to find out why so many people love Molekule.
  3. Expansive coverage: Air Pro covers spaces up to 1,000 square feet, just about the average size of an American apartment.
  4. Set it and forget it: Molekule offers automatic filter replacements that save you money and a headache.
  5. Molekule’s filter technology destroys the widest range of pollutants when compared to traditional filters.

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