How to Relax Like a TQE Editor: A Mental Health Day Roundup

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This Sunday is World Mental Health Day –– a day that encourages us to end the stigma around mental illness, and reminds us to take care of the wellbeing of ourselves and others. Regardless of lifestyle, our day-to-day schedules can take a real toll on our bodies, minds, and spirits. We asked our team how they like to spend an ideal day off when the trials and tribulations of life start to be a little too much. Read on to learn how to spend a day off like a TQE Editor along with the brands helping us turn off when we need it most. 

A Jiggy puzzle makes for the perfect solo date
Credit: @chezrosieamsterdam

Umama: Take yourself on a DIY date.  

“I date myself. I take myself on a once a week adventure! Classes, pottery making, puzzles, cooking, etc. It helps me develop my self trust, student mentality and overall getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” 

For an iconic solo-date, Umama style:

Full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil courtesy of Feals
Credit: @christina.kassi

Kristen: Slow it down. 

“While I am fully remote and grateful for my WFH lifestyle, my days are long and fast-paced. I choose to relieve stress and get myself in the right mindset by slowing down and re-centering whenever I feel myself slipping away. You might catch me using Feals CBD –– just a few drops in the morning keeps me centered throughout the day. If I need some extra relaxation, I sink into my Moon Pod and cover up with my Bearby Tree Napper. The sensation of floating while being cuddled by the weighted blanket is the best way for me to re-center and calm anxiety. ”

For re-centering and finding moments of stillness: 

Just a few self-care necessities.

Zak: Exercise, Balance, and Sleep.

We also caught up with Zak Williams, founder of PYM, to hear his perspective on self-care.

“For anxiety, I make sure I’m hydrated and don’t drink too much coffee. I take PYM to manage overwhelm and my GABA system in general. I also try to not eat too much sugar and don’t drink alcohol. Exercise also really helps me and I try to walk or workout for at least 30 minutes per day.

For stress, I meditate in short bursts and try to eat well balanced meals. Since I’ve started eating vegetarian I’ve found my stress level significantly reduced. I also find myself getting cortisol spikes if I eat sugar before I go to bed so I try to refrain from doing. that. I also find exercise really helpful when it comes to managing stress.

For dealing with low energy, I try to manage what I put in my body knowing that If I have too much sugar or caffeine I can crash. I also generally need to get moving early in the day to get my energy up. Also, getting at least 7 hours of sleep is essential for me so I try to put screens down at least a half an hour before I go to bed. I get up early at so I always try to go to bed early."

A little self care for your hair via @breadbeautysupply 

Jordan: Prepare your cave for hibernation. 

“It’s incredibly important to let yourself fully do nothing once in a while, and a major part of that for me is resetting my space as a sanctuary, bringing whatever energy I need from it that week. Once I designate a do-nothing day, I’ll spend the morning deep-cleaning my house and doing laundry. The afternoon is for elaborate beauty and hair rituals. By evening, every aspect of my environment has been meticulously cared for, which makes me feel cherished, calm, and ready to chill the fuck out. This all leads up to the finale: I smoke weed, order food, light some candles, and just kind of lay there for hours –– sometimes with a book, sometimes binge-watching TV, and sometimes with some CBD Lube and a good dildo. Rest feels extra restful knowing that I spent the whole day setting the mood.” 

For setting you and your space up for a peaceful night in:

A boozy bath with Usual Wines is always the move.

Tatiana: Boozy Bath Time.

“The only thing that got me through the pandemic were hour-long baths (accompanied by a tall glass of wine) that I’d take at the end of a WFH day. Maude’s mineral bath salts smell so, so good and help to relax my muscles, and Parachute’s Waffle Robe feels like heaven after a long day of doing…..nothing.”

For drawing a luxurious bath, and what to pour while you wait:

A good night of sleep? That’s a non-negotiable.
Credit: @byloftie 

Christine: Sleep it off. 

“As Sleep is so closely connected to our mental and emotional health, it is a priority for me. I strive to make night time a peaceful ritual, often relying on: Goop’s “Knock Me Out,” Lunya’s Washable Silk Sleep Mask, Avocado Mattress and Pillows, and Boll & Branch bedding.”

For knocking TF out:

A little reflection with @mirrorsreflectyou 

Phone a Friend

Mental wellness is a lifelong practice, and everyone has their own set of rituals that makes them feel good about themselves. Playing hookie can be a necessary part of that, and these are all wonderful ways to spend a day alone. But we also do not want to make light of how difficult, complex, and grueling one’s relationship with mental health can be. Part of World Mental Health Day is normalizing the discussion of those not-so-luxurious days off, and the often debilitating nature of a crisis. 

While our editor’s tips can always lessen the blow of a bad day, we wanted to end with the most important takeaways: Talk. Journal. Ask questions. Make your friends, families, and coworkers feel comfortable sharing the ugly parts. Normalize seeking care, normalize providing community care if professional care is inaccessible. 

So log off, unplug, and spend a moment taking stock of what you need to feel good before the day ends. One Sunday at a time. 

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