Ghia’s Mélanie Masarin On Holiday Planning, Vacationing, and Gifting

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Since our inception, The Quality Edit has been obsessed with brands who nail quality, design, aesthetics, and ethos (yes, at once). Ghia -- the gorgeous, all-natural non-alcoholic aperitif brand that you’ve certainly seen in your Instagram feed -- has been a North Star for us since its highly lauded, in-the-thick-of-the-pandemic launch last year. 

It’s no wonder Ghia is such a dreamy, experiential brand: Founder Mélanie Masarin (who spent time at Dig Inn and Glossier before launching Ghia) has that particular knack for assembling a perfect gathering: delicious spread, A+ guest list, and dialed-in ambience -- all while making it look incredibly effortless along the way. Simply put, in Mélanie we trust. Below, the Ghia founder dishes on holiday plans, memories, and gift picks; we’re already shopping her list, and have a feeling you soon will be, too. 

Credit: Ghia

What does the holiday season look like for you this year?

“We created a new fully custom product for our Le Works holiday tin – ‘Ghianduja’ chocolate hazelnut spread made better with olive oil instead of palm oil – and I’m very excited for people to incorporate it into their holiday traditions.

On a personal note, I actually plan to take some time off and visit friends at the beautiful Palm Heights hotel in Cayman. I will be reading, snorkeling, and recharging with friends. The chef there, Gerardo Gonzalez, created some recipes for us so I’m excited to meet him and thank him in person. I also take Ghia pretty much everywhere I travel, so there will be spritzes in hand!”

Can you tell us a bit more about crafting the Le Works holiday tin and the experience you hope to give to those who receive it?

“Everything we do at Ghia is inspired by our love for clean ingredients and moments shared with loved ones. My childhood was a big inspiration for our holiday offerings this year. Growing up, my family and I would have lazy Sunday night dinners where one of my siblings or I would make crepes for the entire family – typically lathered in Nutella. We still do this tradition anytime we visit my parents back home. I also have vivid memories of my parents indulging in a bar of dark chocolate, candied oranges, or a tin jar of cookies after dinner and playing cards into the late hours of the night around the holidays. 

These shared memories helped us craft Le Works – our version of a holiday package designed to fuel conversation during the holiday season. We also wanted to be sustainably responsible with our offerings this year, and edible gifts are the most sustainable.”

Credit: @deadhungry via @drinkghia 

You have such a tasteful eye. What do you look for when shopping for gifts?  

“Thank you! I try to find gifts that people will love but wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for themselves – bonus points if they’re sustainable. I find a lot of gems on Etsy and eBay, as I much prefer soulful pieces that have a history over new and shiny objects.”

What will you be gifting to friends and family this holiday season?  

Comme Si’s Agnelli socks
Credit: @commesi 

"Comme Si socks – for when the stocking stuffer is an actual stocking! I never realized the life upgrade of having luxurious socks until I got these, and now they’re my go-to for presents. The Agnelli are perfect to wear in loafers, but my personal favorite are the extra soft Danielle."

The Semi Hoop, Clarity, and Stria Ear Cuff 

"Indulge in a Semi Hoop from Kimai. There is no such thing as a clean supply chain for fine jewelry unfortunately, but Kimai uses recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds that are made using renewable energy. I bought my first one when we launched our Ghia Spritz back in the spring and love stacking them."

Eliou’s Vivi necklace
Credit: Eliou

"I got this little necklace from Eliou for my mom for Christmas. I have it and she loves it and since she lives far from me in France, I like that we'll both be wearing it."

Piano Cocktail Glasses from Sophie Lou Jacobsen
Credit: @sophieloujacobsen

"I've loved these martini glasses from Sophie Lou Jacobsen and have been waiting for them to launch since she teased them being in development a few months ago. I also love these Amour glasses from Hotel Amour in Paris for a little nostalgia about home (and anything from Maison Flaneur in general)."

Bode’s Custom Senior Cord Notebook
Credit: Bode

"I love thoughtful, personalized gifts. Personalized notecards or pads are especially good for newlyweds or people who recently moved – these from Maurele are beautiful, as well as the personalized cord notebooks from Bode (which take a few weeks to make, but are so worth the wait)."

Credit: @lettucegrow 

"Chia pets have come a long way! Lettuce Grow kits really are the gift that keeps on giving and, as much as I love my own garden, The Farmstand actually uses 95% less water than traditional gardening."

Shop Mélanie’s picks, then send Ghia’s Le Works Gift Box to someone special here. All affiliate proceeds will be donated to Oceana, an international advocacy organization focused on ocean conservation. 

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