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Here at The Quality Edit, we’re self-proclaimed product experts with a knack for gifting and online shopping. We created Matchmaker to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us anything and we’ll deliver hand-curated recommendations just for you. Want a chance to get a custom product rec of your own? Slide into our DMs or email us at Let’s make some matches!

Reader: Cute summer office clothes that come in plus sizes!

Professional chic.

Remi: Whether you’re looking for something business formal or smart casual, Universal Standard will make it happen. The brand has everything from basic tees and jeans to blazers, trousers, and dresses fit for a boss. The best part? The brand stocks sizes 00 to 40. If your office has a more casual vibe, check out Madewell. You’ll find great denim, basics, and airy summer dresses. The brand has a wide range of sizing, with pieces from XXS-5X. If you don’t want to commit to buying new pieces for the season, check out a clothing rental service like Rent The Runway. A RTR membership gives you access to a whole closet of chic clothes from brands like Tanya Taylor, Nanushka, Reformation, and more. Memberships range from $94 to $193. RTR is a great way to refresh your wardrobe for less and keep things fun, but since it is a rental service it’s not always guaranteed the pieces you love will be available.

Reader: Low-cut ankle socks?

Treat your feet!

Remi: Great socks are truly a gamechanger. Bombas Running Ankle Socks ($16.50) are a personal favorite. They’re definitely pricey, but the plush cushioned feel is unlike any basic ankle sock I’ve tried before. They make every pair of shoes feel so much more comfortable and I find myself reaching for them even when I’m not running– which is most of the time. Comrad is another TQE favorite. The brand’s ankle compression socks are designed to increase circulation and keep your feet comfy all day long. Sounds scientific and we like it! For a low-cut ankle sock, the Athletic Tab Running Socks ($18) would be your best bet.

Reader: Small space furniture & decor!

Take advantage of your vertical space, always.
@getopenspaces / @dipalua_

Remi: Furnishing and decorating a small space can be a challenge, but with a little creativity it can also be really fun! When you’re dealing with a smaller space you want to maximize as much area as possible. A great way to do that is to invest in organizational products that help you declutter. You can’t go wrong with anything from Open Spaces; all of the pieces are equal parts functional and beautiful, they might as well be home decor. In terms of actually furnishing, I feel like a couch is one of the hardest items to find for a small space so we’ll start there. We have a whole guide on where to find sectionals for small spaces, which we’d definitely recommend checking out! To start your search, I’d recommend checking out Burrow. All of the sectionals are modular, which makes them well-suited for oddly-sized spaces.

Reader: Cute everyday purses that don’t break the bank

Everyday ease.

Remi: So many great options here! Since I don’t know your budget or type of bag, I’m going to throw out a bunch of options and we’ll see what sticks. You may have heard of JW PEI before– their bags are viral on social media, celebrity-approved, and great quality. The brand is best-known for its trendy shoulder bags which are all $100 or less. If you’re looking for something a bit more premium, Mansur Gavriel needs to be on your radar. The brand makes luxury handbags at a more affordable pricepoint (~$500) than most. Timeless styles and top-notch materials make these pieces the perfect splurge you know you’ll use everyday. For something more casual, check out Baggu. The Nylon Shoulder Bag ($54) is made out of lightweight, recycled nylon, but is hefty enough to tote around all your essentials, including a laptop.

Reader: Best cat litter boxes

Only the best for your puuurfect pet…

Remi: The cat-lovers and pet parents of TQE have your back on this one. Litter boxes aren’t the prettiest things to look at, but the Flip Litter Box from Modkat ($90) has a closed-box design that keeps the mess out of sight. It’s easy for your cat to enter and exit, is leakproof, and is easy for you to clean. What makes it so easy to clean? You line the box with these reusable Flip Liners ($30/3-pack) which are very convenient, but an added expense worth noting. The Tuft and Paw Cove Litter Box ($199) is certainly a splurge, but we know your favorite feline deserves the best. It has a minimalist design that’s as sleek as it gets when it comes to litter boxes. The open top is easy for cats to maneuver around, but the wall still keeps the litter itself quite hidden. One of the best parts about this product though is it’s made of anti-stick plastic that makes for easy cleanup– just wipe! If you’re looking for more feline-inspired recommendations, check out our Cat Parent roundup we published last year.

That was fun! Whether you asked a question or stumbled in here by accident, we hope you got some inspiration to power your next shopping endeavor.

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