TQE Presents Matchmaker: Your Personal Shopping Advice Column

Here at The Quality Edit, we’re self-proclaimed product experts with a knack for gifting and online shopping. We created Matchmaker to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us anything and we’ll deliver hand-curated recommendations just for you. Want a chance to get a custom product rec of your own? Slide into our DMs or email us at hello@thequalityedit.com. Let’s make some matches! 

Reader: Hi! I have wavy, not curly, hair that’s past my shoulders. I have natural cowlicks on the left and right at the base of my hairline on the front of my face. The humidity in North Carolina, which I have just moved to, makes even the best blow out quickly funky. What’s the best thing to put in my hair to keep it straight/fashionable?

Remi: I think your natural waves are 100% fashionable, but I understand exactly how you feel. I’m currently sweating sitting outside with my frizzy hair in a bun, so I get it. If it’s in your budget, I’d recommend trying a keratin treatment. Gussi is a cool new brand that makes a much more affordable, at-home keratin treatment kit (it’s just $65!) that I’ve been itching to try. I’d also recommend reevaluating your current shampoo/conditioner sitch. You’ll want to make sure you have hydrating ingredients to keep those locks nourished and smooth without weighing them down. OUAI is a haircare brand founded by celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin that makes awesome shampoo and conditioner duos for every type of hair, from fine to thick. On top of that, I’d throw in a hair oil or leave-in conditioner to keep fighting the frizz post-shower. OUAI’s Leave In Conditioner tames frizz, adds shine, and smells amazing to boot. 

Hi Remi!! Looking for a beautiful but sturdy bean bag for my living room. Haven’t been able to find anything pretty but still in a moderate price range. 

Remi: Everyone on my team is obsessed with Moon Pod. They make zero-gravity bean bags that are simultaneously soft and sturdy. Moon Pods come in a few different sizes, so you can get seating for as many butts as you need. The color ranges and minimalist style look super chic for any space. 

Credit: @moon.pod

I have a 13-week old puppy. She eats Fresh Pet dog food. I’m interested in trying a frozen raw food diet. It seems that there are tons of new dog foods on the market: fresh, frozen, raw, cooked, dehydrated, kibble, canned, refrigerated, etc. I want to feed her the best I can afford, but my gosh, how in the world can I make a decision??

Remi: Congrats on the new pup! My first rec would be Sundays. Sundays makes human-grade, air-dried dog food so you don’t even need to worry about refrigerating. Because of this it’s definitely a more affordable and accessible option. If you do want to stick to frozen food though, we recommend Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog. Both of these brands use really high-quality ingredients your pup will love. Which you choose really is a matter of personal preference, budget, lifestyle, and what type of dog you have. 

Insert your pup here!

Hey TQE, I need serious help creating the bed of my dreams. I’m talking pillows, sheets, duvet covers, etc. I have a Purple mattress (which I love). I do live in a studio. My bed sits in a nook, so I don’t have any room for a bedside table. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m obsessed with sleeping so I totally feel you on this one. We’re going to help you make your bed the haven you deserve. Starting off with Brooklinen. I love their sheets and duvet covers. They’re super comfortable and relatively affordable for the quality (they’ll last you a long, long time). Other brands to check out are Sijo and Parachute. People on my team rave about both of them. Now that it’s summer, I think some fresh linen bedding would just be so lovely for warm nights. You can find great linen options from all three of the brands I mentioned. The other cool thing about all of these brands is that they also make loungewear in addition to bedding. So you can get an awesome pair of pajamas to cozy up in and get all cuddly in your nook. 

Cozy vibes, activated

Credit: Parachute

Glasses for near-sighted people?

Remi: So, I’m not sure what your prescription is, but there are tons of awesome places where you can get glasses (and customize the prescription) online. Warby Parker is a team favorite for timeless frames and an at-home try on service which makes finding your perfect pair seamless. Eyebobs is another great choice. For budget-friendly glasses in fun styles, Zenni is awesome. My personal favorite brand is Roka; they make performance eyewear. The glasses are super durable and have no-slip grips so they literally never slide off your face.

Credit: Warby Parker

Hi!! I’m constantly bored af but I hate leaving my bed after work. Got any recs?

Remi: This is the first question where I feel a bit stumped because I’m not exactly sure if  you want to get out of bed or stay in bed, so I’m just going to hit you with a bunch of different activity ideas. If you want to get active, you can’t go wrong with the Peloton app for at-home workouts. And no, you didn’t need the bike to use the app, but if you want to get one, it’s an amazing piece too. You can’t go wrong with a cool puzzle or adult coloring book to keep your mind stimulated. And if you’re looking to stimulate other body parts, a vibrator may be just what you need. 

Ordinary Habits makes chic and fun puzzles

That’s it for our second edition of Matchmaker. I’ll be back next month with more matches to your awesome product requests! 

Looking for something in particular? We’re here to help. Email hello@thequalityedit.com or shoot us a DM for a chance to be featured in our August  issue. 

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