Libra Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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It’s the dawn of one of my favorite astrological periods. I’m not talking retrogrades or eclipses or even Saturn returns – I’m talking Libra Season. I’m always delighted to compile our astrologically-informed gift guides, but this month is extra special. Yes, I’m a Libra. While I cover all of TQE’s astrological content, some might say I was born to write this fool-proof guide to pleasing your favorite Libra. 

Known for their sartorial acumen, exquisite taste, and appreciation for all things beautiful, the Libra you love probably cites gift-giving as one of their primary love languages and shows up to your house with flowers and a bottle of natural wine or Ghia. And yet, because they’re people pleasers and social harmonizers, they’ll pretend to love whatever you pick out for them (trust me, we’re all very talented actors). Follow this gift guide to spoil the Libra you love with something they’ll actually love – no pretending required.

Wrap Them In A Warm Hug, Vis A Vis A Fabulous Fall Sweater, from $98

Credit: Ciao Lucia and Guest In Residence

Libras know style. They’re typically toting a one-of-a-kind vintage find or a tiny brand you won’t learn about for another year, but they’ll always fawn over a well-made, timeless classic. With the arrival of their birthday month and autumn, you can’t go wrong with a cashmere sweater. Pick an ultra-classic crew ($212, on sale with a matching scarf…) or rollneck ($98) silhouette in any color your Libra fancies. Whether she’s more likely to grab an earthy brown ($295) or a seaside stripe ($325), she’ll feel adored in the soft embrace of a quality sweater. Shop Guest In Residence, Ciao Lucia, and J. Crew (Mens, of course).

Bless Libra Season With A Rosy Outlook, price varies

Credit: @yasminemei

A Libra birthday requires a floral arrangement. Regardless of your relationship with said Libra, you’ll earn their love (and respect) forever if you bestow them with a flower, be it picked from a community garden or selected from the finest floral artist in your city. Because I myself am a Libra, flowers are often my go-to gift for others – and I’ve become quite the expert in the flower commerce landscape.

Begin by looking around for local options, because supporting your neighborhood florist or flower market is one of the greatest gifts of all. If you’re in Southern California, might I suggest Heaven’s Market (for a flower and wine combination) or Bloom & Plume? In New York, I like Stems Brooklyn. For flowers that deliver anywhere, try Floom (which finds local florists for you), Urban Stems, Bouqs, or Farmgirl Flowers. If you really want to wow your Libra (or if she has a predilection for luxury), splurge on the Venus Et Fleur Libra Box ($589). And now you have no excuse not to shower your Libra with flora worthy of their delightful presence in your life.

A Bevy Of Beverages For The Natural-Born Hostess, price varies

Credit: @ghia and @parcellewine

Libras are known social anchors (and butterflies) of every party – and they’re just as often the host. Gift them everything they might need to keep their guests hydrated, from the sober-curious to the natural wine connoisseurs. 

First, we’re going to need to involve some natural wine. Parcelle is my favorite place to start in the digital marketplace, in lieu of popping over to your neighborhood wine shop. If you’re not sure where to begin, shop the Staff Favorites or use the text function to chat with a sommelier. Because Libras are often also lovers of balance, you might consider sending some Juneshine (the superior hard kombucha brand, according to this Libra) to their door and some fabulous non-alcoholic options like Ghia or Acid League’s Proxies so that they’re well-equipped for any future soirée or romantic dinner-from-home.

Fragrances Galore, from $28

Credit: Maison Louis Marie and Tennen Studio

Friends have told me that they can smell the scent of my home before they’ve even stepped through the front door – not literally, but simply by memory and expectation. I believe this to be true of most Libras: their homes are not just curated exquisitely to their taste, but they are also thoughtfully scented with carefully selected candles and incense. Here, a few brands you might consider shopping (for their aesthetic and olfactory deliciousness):

Maison Louis Marie (this Libra’s personal favorite), from $36

Tennen Studio Incense (my second favorite, because Libras are poor decision-makers), $58 

Diptyque, from $68

ROEN, from $28

P.F. Candle Co., from $24 (go with the Spiced Pumpkin for an autumnal classic)

Birthdate Candles, $50 (bonus points for customizing to their exact date of birth)

For The Lover Of Print, Literature, Fine Art, And Glossy Magazines, price varies

Credit: @bestwishes_studio and @studio.sthlm

The Libra you know is most likely to spend any idle day exploring a gallery or art museum, or obsessing over the pages of their favorite design magazine. For a unique gift they’ll actually use (and cherish throughout the year), buy them a membership to a local museum or art library, or select a print editorial subscription (or three) you think they might like. Might I suggest Apartmento, The Gentlewoman, Dazed, i-D, The Paris Review, or a stack of vintage issues of Vogue or Vanity Fair? Think of local museums or galleries that have membership programs – and if your Libra might enjoy spending a little more time amidst all that fine art and beauty. You just won “best gift giver ever,” thank me later.

For An Air Sign That’s In The Clouds: Skincare And Beauty From The Earth

Credit: OSEA

Libras love aesthetic delights, as we’ve covered – including luxurious skincare and makeup, and anything that can elevate their beauty routine. As an air sign that can often use a little grounding, turn to brands like Living Libations and OSEA for products that have natural, earthy scents and formulations to anchor your Libra in her daily beatification rituals. Nothing says “happy birthday, take a spa day” like a luxurious face mask and body oil combination. Send them OSEA’s best-selling Red Algae Mask ($48), Undaria Algae Body Polish ($48), and Undaria Algae Body Oil ($78) for all of their pampering needs. To complete (and enhance) their natural beauty ritual, go directly to Living Libations, and snag them the Rose Glow Creme ($15), Rose Glow Serum ($60), and Ruby Juice Ozone Lip Gloss ($30). A bouquet of roses and a rosy beauty routine – what more could a Libra want? 

Glittery Treasures For The Libra You Treasure, from $32

Credit: Dorsey and Dauphinette

By now, you probably get the gist that Libras love well-designed, high-quality, and aesthetically beautiful gifts. What better opportunity to gift a stunning piece of unique jewelry they’ll wear and admire every day? If you’re willing to splurge, pick anything (really, you can’t go wrong) from Dorsey. I’m privy to the lab-grown Riviere necklace (from $360), but the brand’s whole collection is perfect. 

For the whimsical, playful Libra, select a one-of-a-kind piece from Dauphinette or Susan Alexandra, from $32. 

For something more edgy, shop Justine Clenquet, from $55.

And for an of-the-moment item, browse Abacaxi’s new collaboration with Elle Qui Vit, a line of jewelry featuring vibrant combinations of pink freshwater pearls and beads, from $45

A list of gifts for Libras, made by a Libra: finally, you’ll be able to actually please the people-pleasers of the Zodiac. Get to shopping, and check back next month for your complete guide to gifting a Scorpio.

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