I Finally Upgraded To A Luxury Mattress – And I'm Never Looking Back

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This summer, I hit a milestone I'd been dreading. No, it wasn't age-related (and I resent the accusation), but something altogether more mundane. 

I'd outgrown another mattress.

Though a well-constructed mattress can last up to a decade, for years I'd tried to save money with cheaper, less substantial options. It's extremely unclear, though, that those savings added up to anything – with inferior foams losing density four times faster than their premium counterparts, I was on track to buy the same mediocre product four times over. 

So this time around, I refused to repeat my mistakes. Ready to finally invest upfront for real, long-term comfort, I was on the hunt for the kind of mattress you schedule nap time for. And with 22,000+ 5-star reviews, a ringing endorsement from the New York Times' Wirecutter, and feverish word-of-mouth recs from several friends, one thing was immediately clear: in this space, all roads lead to Leesa.

Bed, meet box


As anyone who grew up near a Mattress Firm can attest, the industry's direct-to-consumer model is relatively new. Leesa has been at the forefront of this "bed-in-a-box" movement since its inception, combining e-commerce know-how with a willingness to innovate. While spring mattresses and memory foam have traditionally existed as two competing camps, one of Leesa's biggest breakthroughs was inventing a Hybrid Mattress that combines the best of both worlds – more on that later.

The brand has also been an industry leader when it comes to giving back, thanks to its One-Ten Program. For every ten mattresses sold, Leesa donates one to nonprofits that help people experiencing homelessness, human trafficking and other unstable or dangerous housing. Leesa is passionate about the power of good sleep, which has been shown to benefit everything from job performance to emotional well-being, and donating over 40,000 mattresses to those in need is just one way to share the love.

At the heart of it all, of course, is a great product – or so I'd been told, anyway. The proof would be in the test drive, and with Leesa's free delivery and 100-night trial guarantee, it was a risk I felt comfortable taking. After talking it over with my partner, who prefers a firmer mattress than I do, we were hopeful Leesa could provide us both softness and support. We are a Prius-loving household, after all: why couldn't our mattress be a hybrid too?

Layers on layers


Leesa's Original Hybrid (from $949) got our vote, and not just because we found the spring-foam combo intriguing. It was also a remarkably budget-friendly option, a luxury mattress at a price that feels worth the investment. One free, no-contact delivery later, it was waiting on our doorstep – in a box that was certainly heavy, but smaller than I expected. Because the mattress was so tightly rolled up inside, I wanted to unbox it as quickly as possible, figuring it would need ample time to inflate to its proper density.

As soon as I cut the plastic off, though, that baby roared to life. The mattress immediately took in air – thanks to breathable, high-airflow foam – and expanded to its full height. I resisted the urge to immediately cannonball onto it, knowing that at least several hours' decompression is best for the memory foam, but was instantly struck by the design. The knit cover on top was so buttery soft we had half a mind to throw our fitted sheet out on sight. And the signature grey and white stripes, though soon to be covered with linens, spoke to a keen attention to detail.

It's a shame to even put sheets on it

When nighttime rolled around, though, it was finally time to lie down – and it was well worth the wait. As a side sleeper, the memory foam was my platonic ideal, contouring to my body and melting away tension in my hips and back. My partner, a world-class fidgeter, was all about the support layer underneath, with its 789+ springs – all of which are so stable I could barely feel his movement on my side. Plus, with Southern California fall temperatures still creeping up into the mid-90s, it can't be overstated how nice and cool this mattress sleeps. For once, falling asleep felt like a privilege, not a battle to be won.

No 100-night trial necessary: all it took was one night to know the Leesa was here to stay.

As a side sleeper, the memory foam was my platonic ideal, contouring to my body and melting away tension in my hips and back. My partner, a world-class fidgeter, was all about the support layer underneath, with its 789+ springs – all of which are so stable I could barely feel his movement on my side.
Earning the all-important Finny stamp of approval


For those looking for even more plushness, the Original Hybrid is just the tip of the iceberg. The Sapira and the Legend Hybrid models offer more springs (1000+ and 1750+ respectively, to be exact) and are correspondingly even softer, dropping from a 7-8 on the firmness scale to a 5-7. But whatever your sleep style, it's hard to find better support than Leesa. The brand’s products are thoughtfully designed, rigorously tested and – take it from me – an absolute pleasure to lie on any time of day. 

And I mean that. I'm writing this review from bed right now.


  1. All new Leesa mattresses are covered by a ten year full replacement warranty, a tell-tale sign that these products are built to last.
  2. With regular models available in every size from Twin to California King, Leesa also offers kids' mattresses starting at ages four and up.
  3. Leesa’s products are CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning that they are low in chemical emissions and maintain healthy indoor air quality.
  4. The brand also offers a full line of bases, from platform beds to mattress foundations, which are stronger and more stable than the average box spring.
  5. Each mattress comes with two free down alternative pillows included – so get ready to upgrade those pillows too.

Say hello to better sleep at leesa.com today!

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