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When it comes to shopping for shoes, I’m a kid in a candy store. As soon as I was old enough to form my own opinions and dress myself, my love for shoes blossomed. I still fondly remember the pair of red cowboy boots that I wore with almost every outfit, every season (yes, even in the heat of summer) because I genuinely thought they were the coolest things I had ever seen. And honestly, they were. 

Shoes are just plain fun. The colors, the silhouettes, the way they can transform a basic outfit into something worth talking about – shoes are just as much a wardrobe necessity as they are a means of self-expression. Yet, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed how so many brands, trends, and even dress codes strip the joy out of wearing shoes. It may seem menial, but just as I remember the joy that pulling on my red cowboy boots gave me, I remember the lackluster, confidence-deflating feeling I felt when I slipped on a drab pair of black flats for my first internship. 

In a sea of the same, Larroudé stands out.

The ladylike Brigitte Mules
Credit: Larroudé

From Barney’s to Businesswoman

Larroudé is the pandemic brainchild of married couple Marina and Ricardo Larroudé. After losing their jobs, the couple decided to combine their experiences (Marina’s in fashion at Conde Nast and Barney’s and Ricardo’s in finance and operations) to shake up the shoe industry. They’re currently celebrating a love of shoes, while fixing the playing-things-safe issue that plagues the luxury market.

“At Larroudé, I wanted to offer those emotional high fashion quality shoes, but at a price that she would buy without breaking the bank”

You’ve definitely been there: You’re trying on the most delicious, vibrant shoes that truly make you feel like a princess. But, then you get hit with reality. Black would be more sensible, especially if you’re going to spend so much money. So, you settle for something simple instead of what you really want. This conundrum is something Marina experienced first-hand during her time at Barney’s. “At Larroudé, I wanted to offer those emotional high fashion quality shoes, but at a price that she would buy without breaking the bank,” the founder shared with WhoWhatWear.

Slip Into Something A Little More…Funky 

Since its inception, Larroudé has been on a mission: to offer the kinds of shoes that elicit an emotional reaction, have you thinking about all of the outfits you’ll base around them, and get you seriously excited about the next opportunity to wear them. And while the styles are jaw-dropping, the prices are easy to swallow. Larroudé isn’t cheap, but in terms of high-end footwear, it’s a more attainable brand than most. 

Some iconic Tartan styles from Larroudé

Design, style, and fit are top of mind at Larroudé – and it shows. All of the brand’s shoes feature the “Larroudé cloud.” This innovative foam and cushioning insole helps maximize comfort and decrease the fatigue that’s often a result of spending hours in heels. Leather comes from tanneries that are Gold-certified by the Leather Working Group, an organization that works to make the leather industry more sustainable. The shoes not only look high-quality, but feel it too. 

Then there are the styles. Even in 2D, Larroudé pieces shine. The bright colors, funky patterns, and chic, yet playful silhouettes evoke that kid-in-a-candy store feeling. 

Upon perusing the site, I was immediately taken by the Dolly Mule in Tartan Patent Leather ($290) which is what I imagine my shoes would look like if I was a Bratz doll. Then there is the new Jenn Lucite Mule ($280) which oozes a mod-meets-modern sort of cool. Scrolling through the brand’s site felt refreshing – everything has a touch of whimsy, and isn’t that what getting dressed should always feel like?

Shoes That Spark Joy 

Larroudé was kind enough to send our team some of their shoes to try for ourselves. And, while I waxed poetic about the banality of black shoes before – surprise, surprise, we both got black boots. But hey, some things are classic for a reason. My colleague, Lauren Kleinman and I both opted for the Kate Boot in Black Stamped Leather ($450). We’re not the only ones who have been loving them – check your Instagram feed and you’ll probably see a celebrity or influencer rocking their Kate’s. If not, we think the fact that this pair is almost always sold out in this color online says something about its popularity. 

The iconic Kate Boot in Black Stamped Leather and Ivory.
Credit: Larroudé

The TQE Stamp Of Approval

I asked TQE’s co-founder Lauren about her Kate’s, and she had only the best things to share: “They have to be my favorite item in my closet. They transform almost any outfit into an absolute showstopper. My husband also loves when I wear these boots because I can walk comfortably for many, many blocks! They are so flattering and feel both high-quality and timeless. They’re an investment you’ll have for a lifetime. As soon as they’re restocked, leap for the opportunity to nab them.”

I’m inclined to agree. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of girl that struts down the street in a sleek black high-heeled boot. This classic style is equal parts sexy and effortlessly cool – I wanted in, too! I’ll admit I was worried that these would be the kind of shoes that lived in my closet but only admired from afar. Much to my surprise, these shoes are just as wearable as they are chic. 

I’ve quickly become obsessed with the way these up the ante on any outfit, giving them a chic, sophisticated edge that you don’t get from just any boot. The stamped black leather is gorgeous, and the silhouette makes your legs look miles long. Now, let’s be real, these are heels. It won’t feel like you’re wearing your favorite sneakers, but for an almost 4-inch stiletto heel, these shoes are pretty walkable. Safe to say, I’m obsessed. 

So, Larroudé has been on a mission: to offer the kinds of shoes that elicit an emotional reaction, have you thinking about all of the outfits you’ll base around them, and get you seriously excited about the next opportunity to wear them.  then see where your show-stopping shoes take you next. 

5 more things to know about Larroudé: 

1. Handbags too: Larroudé also has a great selection of handbags. We haven’t tried them, but you can expect the same high-quality, unique designs, and fun colors as you can with the footwear. 

2. Say “I do”: The brand has a whole page dedicated to bridal shoes that’ll make you sparkle on your special day. 

3. Free shipping worldwide: No matter where you are, you can order a pair of Larroudé shoes. And, you can do it with free shipping, which makes it even better. 

4. The token: With Larroudé’s token program, you can save big on future purchases if your friends and family shop Larroudé per your recommendation. 

5. Comfort first: Okay, maybe not first, but these styles are as cool as they are comfy. A huge win for shoe-wearers everywhere.

Step into something new... Step into Larroudé.

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