Jot Makes Quality Coffee An Everyday Breeze (And I'll Never Overpay For A Latté Again)

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As normal life has mostly resumed, brewing my own coffee is – luckily – no longer the most exciting part of my day. The once fun, pass-time activity has actually become a bit of a headache. Thankfully, my bean-grinding,  slow french press days came to a screeching halt as soon as an Instagram ad pointed me towards Jot, a brand whose mission is to “transform your morning routine.” 

The brand’s clever marketing worked, and I quickly added a bottle of Jot — the purest, most concentrated form of liquid coffee in the world – to my cart. It’s a bold claim, but true: Jot uses a proprietary extracting process to get more yield per coffee bean. 30% more yield per bean to be exact.  My mornings have never been the same.

Jot was founded by Palo Hawken, formerly of REBBL, and Andrew Gordon, formerly of Square Organics — two experienced CPG entrepreneurs who brought their own unique skills and background to the development and founding of the company. They wanted to bring a new kind of direct-to-consumer coffee experience to coffee lovers everywhere. One where flavor, versatility, and sustainability don't have to be compromised for the sake of convenience. Jot is based out of Boulder, Colorado, and their coffee is brimming with a smoothness and complexity that simply cannot be achieved by any other means of coffee brewing. 

Plus, there are no shady ingredients or jargon you can’t quite understand on the label. Each bottle contains only two ingredients: filtered water and organic coffee. The beans themselves are sourced from organic and fair trade farms from premier growing regions in South and Central America, and once brewed, 100% of their spent grounds are composted for use as soil amenders for farming. Keeping sustainability in mind, the bottles are made from glass, and are cute enough to cleverly upcycle. A single bottle retails for $26, and each bottle makes up to 14 cups, which averages out to $1.86/cup for a black cup of coffee. If you take that serving of Jot and make an at-home latte using your milk of choice (hot or iced, dairy or plant-based) you're likely looking at a savings of several dollars. And you can ditch the worries about your coffee-shop running out of your favorite milk!

Credit: @jot

I admit I was a little nervous trying something that’s  20x more concentrated than traditional coffee, but I put on my big-girl pants and sampled it anyway. One tablespoon of Jot contains as much caffeine as a strong cup of black coffee (140-150mg on average), and each bottle comes with a handy measuring spoon so you don’t need to eyeball it. 

There are a ton of different ways to drink Jot. Warm it up with a splash of water for a hot coffee or pour it on top of ice cream for an affogato. Some of my friends swear it tastes good in smoothies or even banana bread (another quarantine favorite).

As an avid latte aficionado I paired my Jot with oat milk and brown sugar, but there are a ton of different ways to drink Jot. Warm it up with a splash of water for a hot coffee or pour it on top of ice cream for an affogato. Some of my friends swear it tastes good in smoothies or even banana bread (another quarantine favorite). Jot tastes incredibly smooth, fresh, and delicious. It isn’t bitter, and my stomach didn’t react negatively the way it often does when drinking something strong. One tablespoon leaves you perfectly wired for the day, and not the weird “my hands are shaking, my heart is racing,  and I’m talking very quickly” wired. The good kind of wired that allows you to focus on the tasks ahead of you, and diminishes the need to yawn mid-conversation. No more rinsing out used coffee grounds, or slaving over the bean grinder. Thanks to Jot the perfect cup of coffee is only a pour away. 

@wellness.balanced uses Jot to make a vanilla cinnamon eggnog latte

5 More Reasons To Love Jot:

  • Less environmental impact! No disposable components are used in their brewing process, and the glass bottles are intentionally de-materialized and fully recyclable. Goodbye K-cups, the planet won’t miss ya. 
  • The brand uses a completely new process for brewing coffee. Rather than undergoing concentration after extraction, Jot is brewed at its final concentration (similar to espresso). 
  • Each 200ml bottle holds about 14 cups worth of coffee, and they have an easy refill subscription service (that saves you money) on their site so you don’t have to constantly reorder. 
  • They have over 11,000 5 star reviews. 
  • They have a 20 day money-back guarantee because the owners know how personal coffee tastes can be. 

Try Jot for yourself here.

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