This Show Stopping Sculpture Is The Art Upgrade I Needed

The Ikona proudly displayed in our entryway

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Every home needs a conversation starter. Whether it's a funky chair, some killer lighting, or the cocktail glasses you love showing off, the best decor invites conversation instead of just attractively framing it.

For a long time, I've turned to art for this element. As an avid collector of prints and framed pieces, I love seeing guests linger at a favorite corner of my wall. But having upgraded my home recently, the old pieces just weren't cutting it. I needed a statement piece to really fill the brand-new space.

Which is where Iktam came in. As a maker of unique, world-class sculptures that are bold in their intensity, the brand truthfully wasn’t on my radar. Yet the ideas I had about sculpture being totally unaffordable turned out to be unfounded: Iktam is committed to designing showstopping pieces at a price you can afford. A promise that sets the brand apart as the world's first sculpture start-up selling directly to customers online.

Carte provides unique texture to the space in a way a regular piece of art cannot


Working as a small team, with all design work happening in-house, Iktam is a new player in the direct-to-consumer art world. Its aim is to shake up the worldwide art market – to democratize the sale of sculptures in particular, which are rarely found outside museums or sprawling mansions. When I first came across the brand via some ads on Instagram, I couldn’t believe these pieces were accessible to potential customers like me.

With the most expensive offerings capping out below $4,000, Iktam aims to be accessible. These aren't rarified totems to be locked away in storage; they're weather-resistant, low-maintenance pieces you can display indoor or outdoors. Take Leben ($3,900) for example, whose cactus-like form makes it a perfect fit for any garden.

The Leben showcases Iktam’s collection of outdoor sculpture pieces designed to inspire

Each piece is idiosyncratic, a totally unique shape designed to elicit different responses from everyone who views it. Most are also offered in various colors, to help you find the perfect fit for your home. From the paper plane inspired Icaro ($2,500), available in four colors, to the dual lines of standing sculpture Baem ($2,900), there's wide variety even in a small collection.

The Icaro soars above this modern living room motif

But when it came time to choose something for my home, I had to go with the Ikona ($2,200), a brilliant abstract circle wall sculpture in a rust-inspired proprietary paint color.

The Ikona is a perfect conversation starter piece for our entryway as guests arrive

The piece plays with perception – when viewed from the front, the perceived silhouette is a perfect circle with a perfect sense of order and symmetry. As you move away from the piece and view it from any other angle, you start to see its imperfections; the form is fragmented and messy, which the brand describes as ‘contained chaos.’

The perfect circle reveals its flaws and ‘contained chaos’ as you view the Ikona from a side angle

One free shipping process later, it arrived at my door – all that was left was to install it and see how it would blend into our space. The sculpture is hefty – weighing about 35 pounds and is made of steel. The team provides very straightforward mounting instructions but we opted to hire a handyman to assist (I’d recommend the latter if you’re not particularly handy like me).

Maintenance and care is a breeze which is a relief – all that’s required to keep these pieces in pristine condition is an occasional dusting. And because each piece is water resistant, you can elect to display all Iktam sculptures indoors and outdoors, a helpful tip as you start exploring this collection for your own home.


Art is meant to make us feel things – and abstract pieces can point us all towards different emotions. One of the joys of owning my new Iktam is hearing reactions from each of my guests: those who find it funny, those who find it wistful, those who want to get one of their own. I'm able to find joy in sharing it with others while having my own personal relationship with the art, that special bond you find with a piece that grabs your attention viscerally.

All of which has me wondering: which one should I add next?


  1. Each sculpture has a 3D preview available online, so you can see its contours from every possible angle.
  2. This ain't no binding auction sale: even the largest pieces are subject to a 15-day free return.
  3. Besides basic tools, everything you need to assemble your Iktam is included in your box.
  4. Each Iktam comes with a stainless-steel authenticity certificate, a crucial piece of provenance for the generations to come.
  5. Each piece is inspired by a piece of storytelling, like the Icaro's relation to the Icarus myth – so you'll always have an icebreaker when describing your Iktam.

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