Your Astrological Holiday Forecast For 2022: Gifts To Please Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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If you’ve ever wanted to get inside of someone’s mind in order to decide what to give them for the holiday season, read on. I believe astrology is best used not in a predictive manner, but to better understand ourselves and others. And, when gifting, is that not exactly what we need?

Hopefully you trust my astrological expertise by now, after following along with our monthly horoscope gift guides. Be it for your sibling, coworker, or lover, this guide has exactly what you (and they) need for a joyful gifting season. Because the only thing better than reading someone’s mind is reading their horoscope.


Known as the hotheads of the zodiac, the Aries in your life can always use more tools for winding down and relaxing. Placate an Aries’ temper, and you’ll earn their steadfast loyalty (a worthy prize). Send them Wooden Spoon Herbs’ Rose Colored Glasses and Head Helper tinctures ($29), or go with an Acupressure Mat Set from WTHN ($78) to amp up their evening wind-down.

Aside from calming their fire, you may also want to stoke it – it is, after all, one of Aries’ trademark qualities! Pick out a sleek set from Beyond Yoga, so that they can look hot and excel in their next yoga or pilates class. Fire up their kitchen with Fly By Jing’s Holiday Tis The Seasoning Box ($158), complete with the brand’s Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, Mala Spice Mix, Chili Crisp Vinaigrette, Tribute Pepper, Erjingtiao Chili, and Salsera Spoon for easy drizzling and spicing up home cooking. Holding for applause.


The resident hedonist of the Zodiac, Taureans love nothing more than indulgent, comforting, and luxurious gifts. Send them Ghia’s new Cocktail Box ($95), ideal for entertaining or mixing a spirits-free spirit-lifter at home. Take it one step further with the A Táche More Luxe Hot Chocolate Kit ($75), featuring Táche’s addictive pistachio milk and Flamingo Estate’s Gourmet Drinking Chocolate. And while you’re elevating their pantry, why not throw in west~bourne’s limited-edition holiday snacks, like the Spiced Goji Berry Crunch ($13) or Moon Pop ($10.50)? Movie night just got a million times more luxurious.

To really spoil your Taurus – with the most luxurious of luxe gifts – pick out a gift set from Augustinus Bader (from $160). Their skin will thank you for years to come.

Taureans are also well-known for their green thumbs (or at least for a special connection to and love for the earth). Bring the garden directly to their door with a plant or two from Bloomscape or The Sill, and nurture their cottage-core fantasies with a mushroom grow kit from Smallhold ($38) or, for a big spender, a Lettuce Grow Farmstand (from $399).


While this sign often gets a bad rap for its “two faced,” mercurial disposition, Geminis are actually far more nuanced. Known for their strong opinions, bold personalities, and charismatic duality, Geminis often have incredibly busy lives – with social and professional obligations overflowing. Gift them a beautiful calendar or notebook from Papier (bonus points for customization) to help them get a handle on their schedule and multi-hyphenate lifestyle. And because they’re always on-the-go, Cometeer’s craft frozen coffee pods will simplify their morning routine without sacrificing any of the quality. Send them a Mixed Roast Box ($64), perfect for a Gemini who likes to switch up their flavor and style.

For the fashion-minded Gemini who appreciates a polished outfit they don’t have to overthink, gift a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses ($195) and timeless but edgy lug-sole boots from M. Gemi (from $298).


Cancers are known for being the caregivers of the zodiac. The Cancers in your life are likely always taking care of the ones they love, and are often the primary gift-givers themselves. Cancers will love gifts that enable them to nest or nourish – or both. Send them Wooden Spoon Herbs’ Herbal Starter Kit ($95), complete with everything they need to kick off a deeper journey of self-nourishment and care. To hygge their home, pick from a litany of aromatic delights: Maison Louis Marie’s Holiday Candle Set ($60), Tennen Co. Incense (from $28), or Diptyque’s Holiday Collection (from $34).

The Cancer you know is probably already a pro in the kitchen – and loves cooking for her family and friends. Make her life – and wintry, nourishing meals – one million times easier with Our Place’s Perfect Pot ($165), and gift a few afternoons of blissful baking with The Everything Bundle ($120) from The Caker. After all that cooking, this Cancer could use a little hand-care restoration. Pamper her with the Bare Hands Gift Set ($54), ideal for the Cancer who often prefers a minimalist beauty routine (but deserves some extra TLC).


Leos, always the stars of every party, deserve gifts that emphasize their shine. If it feels over the top...your head’s in the right place. And you can’t go wrong with some literal sparkle. Shop earscape sets from Studs (from $26), be they elegant or playful, for some stylized and star-quality earrings that won’t break the bank. If you really love your Leo, splurge on a sparkly Sapphire Riviere from Dorsey (prices vary).

To amp up their glam (yes, you’ve guessed it by now, Leos love to play with all things beauty and makeup), pick out an advent calendar from Revolve ($150), Dr. Barbara Sturm ($560), or Olive and June ($65), guaranteed to thrill the Leo in your life.


Virgos are known for knowing exactly what they like, how they like it. They’re precise, particular, and will cherish gifts that they’ll use and appreciate on the regular. Gift them Oprah’s favorite Clevr Holiday Starter Kit ($63.20 with the code OPRAH) to elevate their morning ritual, infusing brain and mood-boosting adaptogens with cozy, creamy flavors that simply taste amazing, and will make your Virgo feel calm and focused amidst their busy schedule.

Material Kitchen makes the ideal products for the Virgo in your life with high standards for the quality of their kitchen tools. Gift the Knives + Stand set ($225) to elevate their home chef presentation and dicing precision – a match made in heaven for a Virgo’s perfectionist predilections. Toss in a MacKenzie-Childs Tea Kettle ($178) to infuse their serious kitchen business with some extra beauty and whimsy.

The perfect Virgo holiday gift is all about striking a balance – think: pragmatic luxury. Send them Soft Services’ Smoothing Set ($102), which delivers on efficacy and indulgence in equal parts. Bestow your Virgo with these skincare essentials and they’ll adore you forever, formulated for visible results in a no-fuss, sleek package.


Flowers are the universal fail-proof gift for any Libra in your life, be it a dozen roses for a lover or an artful bouquet for your dearest friend. Browse some of my favorite digital flower repositories, many of which work with local florists to deliver delight directly to your door, like Urban Stems, Bouqs, Farmgirl Flowers, and Floom. A natural pairing with flowers? Some botanically-inspired beauty. Send them OSEA’s Bestsellers Discovery Set ($40) or The Signature Set ($420) from Vintner’s Daughter, if you’re looking to splurge (and bless their skin forever).

Libras are known to be the reigning social butterflies of the zodiac. Bestow them with Crown Affair’s Complete Mini Ritual ($90), which has everything they’ll need for a perfect hair day at all the soirées on their calendar this season. For the style-minded Libra you love, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sustainably-made, timeless shoes from Nomasei or the perfect party heels from Charles & Keith (prices vary).


Known for their trademark enigma and intense passion, Scorpios have particular (and dedicated) tastes, with a predilection for all things mysterious, occult, and even seductive. Gift them Birthdate’s Tarot Trio ($115), complete with three candles that burn to reveal gold-plated tarot cards that will grant insight into their past, present, and future. Add The Essentials set ($90) from Nucifera for a full-body ritual that will leave them feeling pampered and grounded.

You can never go wrong with gifting a Scorpio some fun, flirty lingerie – depending on your relationship to the Scorpio in question, of course. Use your best judgment. Shop CUUP’s Shimmer and Shine Collection (from $20) or Pepper’s mesh-detailed bras ($50) to make your Scorpio feel like a million bucks. You’ll also earn points for an olfactory gift that delivers seductive, spiced, and complex scents. Gift them a beautiful candle from AMASS that will warm up their home, like the seasonal Four Thieves scent ($48), or a bundle from P.F. Candle Co (from $24).  Keep their personal preferences in mind, and consider that Scorpios are partial to musky but seductive scents.


This sign is all about exploration and spontaneity – you’ll want to focus your gifting around items that support their adventurous spirit. On the heels of canceled or interrupted travel plans over the last few years, the Sag you love is probably itching to pack their bags. Gift them Baboon to the Moon’s Go Bag Mini ($159) for spur-of-the-moment getaways, and Usual Wines’ travel-friendly Wine Collection ($109), featuring sustainably farmed wines and spritzes for unexpected day trips and romantic picnics.

A Sagittarius values thoughtful, quality gifts that streamline their life without sacrificing style. Pick out something they can throw on and forget about – while still looking effortlessly chic – like a dress from Beyond Yoga ($118) or Girlfriend Collective ($88). In the non-athleisure space, you’ll still want to hone in on chic staples they’ll wear again and again. Pick out a pair of timeless and sustainable straight-leg jeans from RE/DONE (from $265), or anything from Guest In Residence – this Sagittarius might just invite you on their next adventure.


The Capricorn you know has their shit together: they’re ambitious, probably a perfectionist, loves a planner and a tight schedule, and likely has “world domination” written somewhere in their 5-year plan. They’re often all work and no play, so they’ll truly appreciate gifts that make life a little easier (and more fun). Gift them a meal kit or delivery service like Sakara, Thistle, or Territory Foods, and they’ll think of you fondly as they remember to nourish themselves along their path to professional and personal greatness.

In the same vein, treats that remind them to indulge while also packing a nutritious punch – like a Honey Mama’s Variety Pack ($54), or adaptogen-boosted cookie dough from Deux ($60 for the Cozy Winter Pack) – make an ideal stocking stuffer.

Help your Capricorn achieve their optimization dreams with the assistance of adaptogens and herbs: gift some Brain or Power Dust ($38) from Moon Juice, or the brand’s new Ting for an afternoon energy boost. You might even kickstart a new (healthy) addiction by sending them Wooden Spoon Herb’s delicious and energy-boosting Herbal Coffee ($24) – especially if they’re trying to kick caffeine or nourish their adrenals.


One of my favorite signs of the zodiac (don’t tell the others), Aquarians are dreamers and fantastically creative – which makes them very fun to gift. Brighten their whimsical kitchen with Brightland’s Artist Capsule ($150), and infuse their morning ritual with a little mycelial magic by way of Rainbo’s 11:11 medicinal mushroom tincture ($49). Satisfy their sweet tooth with any of the holiday chocolates from Compartés for a treat that’s as inventive and imaginative as they are.

Never one to shy away from the experimental, your Aquarius will love sipping on CBD sodas ($27) from TRIP, or lighting up a CBD joint (from $14) from Dad Grass. For their unique style and humanitarian bent, pick out a piece from Find Me Now’s colorful, bold, and sustainable collection.


Last but certainly never least, the most intuitive and empathic water sign: Pisces. This sign is not just symbolized by the fish, but also benefits from rituals related to water (like long baths, showers, or walks by the ocean). Gift them Flamingo Estate’s The Garden Tour ($195) to elevate their bathing and at-home rituals with the beauty of the Los Angeles hills, and add on OSEA’s Vagus Nerve Trio ($110) to transform their bedtime routine into a nervous system reset.

Pisces also governs the feet: give the gift of self-care and simple luxury with a pair of slippers. Go classic with Ugg: I treated myself to these last year, and they’re perhaps the best investment I’ve ever made (from $100). If your Pisces leans GORP-core, you can’t go wrong with a classic Birkenstock mule – extra points for a shearling-lined selection (from $145). Lastly, upgrade their quality of sleep (Pisces rules dreams and the subconscious) with Parachute’s new Cloud Cotton bedding (from $79) or Tekla’s immaculate collection of organic Percale (from $35).

That concludes our complete horoscope holiday gift guide for the year. Don’t be shy, browse around in each sign’s category – you might just become the best gift giver of the season.

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