Your Astrological Holiday Forecast: Gifts To Please Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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As a Libra, I’m undeniably great at gifting (I’m also a natural talent at receiving gifts, just so there’s no confusion). With an appreciation for beauty and a passion for making those around me happy, I’m addicted to the holiday season. This gift guide is non-denominational, but it is loyal to one higher power: the cosmos. 

This gift guide is non-denominational, but it is loyal to one higher power: the cosmos.

I believe astrology is best used not in a predictive manner, but to better understand ourselves and others. And, when gifting, is that not exactly what we need? If you’ve ever wanted to get inside of someone’s mind in order to decide what to give them for the holiday season, read on! The only thing better than reading someone’s mind is reading their horoscope.


Your Aries friend is likely easily excitable, high-energy, and -- in difficult moments --ᅠ a tad bit aggressive or confrontational. As a sign, Aries rules the head and energy levels. While this can be a great benefit in their career or during times that demand stamina and determination, it can also lead to imbalance. The best gift for an Aries is one that gives the care and calm they might not be able to give themself. Chill them out (or at least hint to them that they deserve to chill out) with these beautiful watermelon CBD edibles from Gossamer’s collaboration with Rose Los Angeles and Chef Tara Thomas

You’ll give this Aries an exciting new sensorial experience while simultaneously calming their overactive fire (a gift that gives back to you, as their friend). Any piece from Crown Affair’s line -- I’m partial to The Comb No. 001, The Oil, and The Towel -- is a no-brainer (pun intended). For the full package, gift the newly-released Holiday Kit, which includes two versions of the Holiday Comb, a silk scrunchie, and a mini oil, all bundled in a Crown Affair cosmetic bag. Lending some TLC to the head and scalp, they’re guaranteed to soothe and pamper any overthinking, overactive Aries during the (already over-stimulating) holiday season. 

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Wrap that hot-head up, Aries; credit: Crown Affair


The ruling sign of all things indulgent and earthy, a Taurus’s dream gift sits at the intersection of indulgence and au naturel. Tauruses in particular can never have too many perfumes; get them the dream gift with Abel Odor’s discovery set. Offering sample vials of all seven scents from Abel’s natural, unisex fragrance line, this gift will thrill your Taurean’s love for luxurious aromas while also connecting with their Earth sign inclinations through natural ingredients. 

To acknowledge a Taurus’s green thumb, gift them a plant from The Sill that will beautify their indoor space. Tauruses are largely characterized by their appreciation for material luxury -- give them the elevated equivalent of chocolate-covered strawberries with Dada Daily’s “Making Decadence a Ritual” bundle. The name says it all. Pairing dark chocolate truffles with a candle that melts to reveal a cheeky message, this set will delight any Taurus’s sense of humor and high standard for daily luxury. 

Credit: DADA Daily


Often the most difficult sign to read, and one that can hold many tensions and conflicting emotions in their mind at once, a Gemini deserves gifts that can honor and soothe their duality. PYM Mood Chews -- developed by Zak Williams, son of the late comedy god Robin Williams, with the intention not only to improve mental health, but also to bring greater awareness to conversations around it -- are the perfect small but impactful treat for the Gemini in your life.

Give a Gemini something that can placate internal drama and stress, and you’ll earn their steadfast loyalty (a difficult prize to win). For another gift that touches on a Gemini’s sense of duality, purchase your loved one the first month of membership to Inner Play + Outer Work, two corresponding programs designed by Lenea Sims to integrate self-care and anti-racism programming with community and creativity.


Cancers are known for being the caregivers of the zodiac. The Cancers in your life are likely always taking care of the ones they love, and are often the primary gift-givers themselves. Because of this maternal energy, Cancers will love a gift that enables them to either nest or nourish -- or both. A Cancer loves to create a cozy environment as much as she enjoys partaking in one. Give them a kit from Siblings, allowing them not just to feel cozy in their home with the addition of a new candle, but also satisfying their need to create that sense of comfort with their own two hands.

Cancers are also known for their cooking and hosting skills. Elevate her kitchen arsenal with Brightland’s Mini Essentials, a festive gift that will meet your Cancer’s high standards for quality cooking staples made with attention to detail, health, and flavor. 


Leos are known for their star quality and natural ease as leaders in their social and professional lives. So, of course, you’ll want to get them a gift that celebrates their shine. KKCo’s latest release -- a pierced, one-shoulder ribbed tank -- is enough to command the spotlight. But the brand takes it one level further for a Leo with a furry friend, offering a matching pet tank. Just imagine: your favorite Leo, with their cat or dog, looking fabulous in a matching set. It’s almost too on the nose for the astrological sign represented by a lion.

Give your Leo a mood and confidence boost with a color-coordinated fabulous pair of AuraBoost 100 sunglasses from Futuremood -- they’ll be pleased to stand out with an accessory that attracts attention and intrigue, and one that also amplifies their own good spirits. Lastly, grab them a gift that emphasizes their trend-setting, literal STAR quality with Hydro Stars from Starface. If any sign can turn a pimple into a fashion statement, it’s our Leo. 

Credit: @kkco


With a passion for cleanliness and efficient organization, the Virgo you know and love will go crazy for all things that preserve and enhance order in their life. Grab them a simple but innovative CleanKey and Carabiner to ensure their safety (and ease of mind) when running errands in the era of COVID-19. To streamline their storage and travel toolkit, build them a 6-piece honeycomb from Cadence, and customize it to fit their favorite (read: visually harmonious) color scheme.

Virgos are, in my opinion and experience, the sign most likely to brush their teeth not just twice, but maybe even three times per day. Gift them the sleek Duo from Twice Toothpaste, a clean toothpaste brand co-founded by Lenny Kravitz. While Virgos love routine, they’re not boring by any means -- and they’ll love the variety of the wintergreen and peppermint “Early Bird” flavor in tandem with the “Twilight” mint, vanilla, and lavender option.


Libras are often the most difficult sign to actually please -- while they’ll pretend to like your gift regardless (and will appreciate any show of love and care), they tend to be your friend with the most particular, refined taste. As a Libra, I’ll give you a major gifting advantage here. Libras love fine (and fun) jewelry that they wouldn’t ordinarily purchase for themselves. Get them something nobody else will have -- like a customizable Susan Alexandra “Tiny Joys” charm necklace, or a pair of delightfully detailed, artisan Ariel Kellogg earrings.

Libras love sweet perfumes and self-care rituals, and will feel especially pampered by OUAI’s limited edition fragrance set. Lastly, if you’re really trying to win a Libra’s heart, send them flowers with Urban Stems. Libras love a grand gesture, and they really love the aesthetic and olfactory pleasure of an artfully-designed bouquet.


In touch with their sensual side and simultaneously incredibly private people, Scorpios can be difficult to gift (or at least to read). Maude’s massage oil candle -- which boasts a multi-functional and subtle sensuality -- is sure to surprise and intrigue the Scorpio in your life.

A fragrance from DedCool -- or a few from their sample set -- is the perfect unisex, non-toxic, and chic gift. Take the fragrance quiz with their preferences in mind, and consider that Scorpios are partial to musky but seductive scents, or what DedCool would describe as “non floral floral” fragrances.

Scorpios love keeping their personal possessions and affairs in order, especially in the midst of pursuing adventures and escapades. Gift them something utilitarian but elevated, like this Away Travel Wellness Kit, to ensure they’re efficiently packed and ready to be whisked away at a moment’s notice.


For the sign that governs travel and spontaneity, gift a candle that’s evocative of a getaway -- like a national park-inspired scent from Elsewhere Candle Co. The Sagittarius in your life is active and often athletic, and prefers a streamlined and functional wardrobe.

Get her something she can throw on and forget about -- while still looking effortlessly chic -- like this belted, hand-dyed jumpsuit from Terry. She’ll feel polished and prepared for an adventure, whether on a camping trip or just a walk around the neighborhood. Sags love gifts that are as utilitarian as they are chic; splurge on a passport holder from Senreve so that she’ll be ready to travel in style, as soon as it’s safe.


The Capricorn in your life is most likely to be the personality equivalent of a matching sweater set and pearls. Caps value beautiful and quality things, but are also supremely refined and edited in what they choose to purchase; their ambition, drive, and timeless taste are reflected in their possessions. While not all Caps fit within this niche category, this elegant sweater and knit top set from MANGO (much cooler than its preppy, conservative predecessor) is sure to please the Capricorn in your life, and will keep them cozy through their birthday season.

For a gift guaranteed to thrill any Capricorn -- to satisfy their deep love for planning and getting things done -- select a planner from Appointed’s beautiful 2021 collection. Still unsure if you’ll be able to select exactly what your picky Capricorn might need? Take Appointed’s planner quiz from their point of view (or send it directly to the Cap in your life) to gift the perfect planner for their organizational needs.


For a sign that governs innovation, creativity, and progress, find some gifts that ignite their inner artist. The free-spirited Aquarius will love making Sunday morning pancakes with Rainbo Mushroom’s Forest Juice, which infuses sweet Canadian sap with super-mushrooms like chaga and reishi.

The Aquarius you love gets excited over new creative projects that stimulate their mind and soul. Gift a thoughtful and beautiful puzzle from Ordinary Habit, or launch their next quarantine crafting passion with an at-home pottery kit from Crockd. (And then invite yourself over so you can assist with enjoying the gifts you’ve so thoughtfully selected).


Perhaps the most emotional and sentimental sign of the zodiac, Pisces will enjoy any gift given with affection and love (you can’t go wrong). They’ll especially adore a gift that acknowledges their sensitivity and introspective nature. Give them the “Things Are Looking Up” Optimism On Deck cards, a deck of 52 beautiful cards developed by Dr. Deepika Chopra intended to enhance new habits of optimism and positivity.

Pisces value memory and nostalgia; send them a custom disposable camera from Manual Photo in their favorite color, a gift that will continue to give as they capture photos of people and places they love. Lastly, Pisces love items that promise simple indulgence and comfort. Pick out a pair of Relaxation Slippers from Terrelique to elevate their quarantine home into more of a spa-like sanctuary.

See something you liked for yourself? Don’t forget, you’ve got a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, so you’ll need to pick a few gifts from each astrological category... 

Preview image credit: Girls' Romances #152 (October 1970) art from "Horoscope, Don't Fool With My Heart!" Collages made by author; zodiac typeface from @nadinejane_astrology

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