How To Cool Down This Summer: 18 Items To Get You Through This Heatwave

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The country is enduring a historic heat wave, one that’s changed our habits and behaviors. Quite frankly, it is hot. There’s no way to dress it up or make it sound glamorous. We are sweating off our makeup, retreating to air conditioning, and desperate for relief. Some psychologists have even noted a new kind of seasonal depression, one sparked by the outrageous heat keeping us cooped up. So we’ve gotten creative, wearing less and hydrating more.

How To Dress Without Overheating

First, we try to put on as little as possible. We also have to consider materials that wick away sweat versus ones that absorb it — or God forbid, show it. 

Start with a barely-there lounge set. Around the house, clothing doesn’t matter. Keep an emergency button-up ($79) from Dandy Del Mar by your desk for Zoom calls, but you could totally get away with spending most of your time in your intimates. I love the Lounge Triangle ($40) and Lounge Sleep Short ($15) from Harper Wilde. They’re size-inclusive, extremely comfortable, and – most importantly – light.

Beating the heat. Credit: @solpaulino.

If you do have to leave the house, this Pleat Front Skort ($85) from Renwick is ultra-breezy and ideal for when you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing anything substantial. Plus, the crisp white lines add extra polish even when the heat makes you feel anything but put together. Don’t believe us? It’s the reason golfcore style is trending.

Not to get gross, but consider layering in the Don’t Sweat It Bra Liner ($19.95) from Belly Bandit when you throw on other clothes. It allows you to stay dry and comfortable no matter the occasion – and ensures you don’t get any sweat spots on your sundress. 

For shoes, hear me out: Crocs are the ultimate shoe for romping around this summer. You can rinse ‘em. They’re breathable. They fit practically any adventure. You can put them on “sport mode” like regular slip ons, or “relaxed mode” mules. You can even join in on the summer trend cycle by opting for a platform version with the Classic Crush Clog ($64.99).

The Beauty Switches That Will Refresh You Instead Of Melting

One of the worst summer feelings by far has got to be that of all your makeup melting off your face. I rarely wear it in the summer for that exact reason. It’s more of a time to dial in on skincare that will boost your confidence, cool you down, and protect you from the sun and all that comes with it.

The Hot Mess Ice Roller ($69) from The Skinny Confidential is a longtime go-to to de-puff and tighten your skin. While the price tag may feel high, it’s because the all-aluminum construction stays colder for much, much longer than the plastic versions. It feels phenomenal on those ninety-plus days.

Let’s roll. Credit: @christin.stoldt

Not into facial massages? Try the Herbal Tonic Refreshing Face And Body Mist ($22) from Formulary 55. Herbal notes of rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus make it especially rejuvenative. 

You also absolutely need a killer sunscreen for those rare moments when you can stand to step outside. My clean-screen fixation of the moment is the Daily Perfecting Moisturizer SPF 30 ($76) for everyday use and Tinted Solar Stick SPF 40 ($24) for on the go. The formulations are from MDSolarSciences – created by a dermatologist – so I trust them immensely.

Finally, deodorant! In this collaboration between SharkTank-backed clean deodorant brand Curie and cult-favorite gym chain Equinox, the two created a scent mirroring the signature Equinox chilled eucalyptus towels offered in clubs to keep you refreshed and odor-free throughout the day. Shop the Curie x Equinox Full Body Deodorant Spray for $14.

4 Home Upgrades That Will Keep You Cool

The Berkey filter. Credit: @mythreeseedlings.

Invest in a truly excellent water filter.

I often say there is no greater pleasure than an ice-cold water, and this metal water filter system ($345) from Berkey Filters keeps it chilly and removes 200+ contaminants from tap water. It’s also amazing to have on hand for natural disaster prep, like hurricane season in the South. Use it to refill your Hydroflask ($44.95) – universally beloved because it stays freezing practically all day.

Upgrade your AC unit. 

I vividly remember the summer my AC unit conked out — while I was living in Hawai’i. Getting a new one installed was complete bliss. Editor Jordan White gushes over the Windmill AC unit (starting at $345) which saved her and her family during the NYC heat this summer. It’s polished, minimalist, effective, smart, and (bonus!) has a partnership with TaskRabbit so that installation is a breeze.

Go all in on a cooling system for your bed.

Night sweats, begone! Sure it’s boujee, but friends and family swear by this smart mattress topper that allows you to set a consistent bed temperature all night long. You can cover the whole bed if you desire, or just your half if you’re going solo – and get your best sleep ever. Shop the Cube Sleep System starting at $440.

Of course, you need a perfect cooler, TOO.

I recently reviewed five of the *top* coolers that ensure that your beverages stay chilly all day. TL;DR? The Welded Cooler Pack ($168) from Italic hangs with the best of them, at an at-cost price that’s friendly on your wallet. Fill it with these fun alcoholic ice pops from SLIQ Spirited Ice (9 for $19.99) or perhaps this rosé lemonade wine spritzer from Roseade (4 for $15) for your next park, beach, pool, or backyard hang.

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