Even Makeup Amateurs Can Master Glam With Glamnetic’s Magnetic Lashes

Glamnetic makes easy-to-apply magnetic false eyelashes in a range of styles. image: Glamnetic

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As someone with rather short, rather light eyelashes, I’ve always dreamed of donning some dark, full falsies. There’s an easy glamour about them and I want in. The problem is, I cannot apply false eyelashes for the life of me. Eye makeup has never been my strong suit; most of my attempts at winged eyeliner have ended with me wiping off my entire face of makeup. The few times I’ve tried to apply false lashes have ended in a mess, with glue on my fingers and said lashes in the trash. Those experiences were enough for me to ditch that dream of strutting out on a special occasion with some va-va-voom lashes of my own.

That dream of at-home glam has recently been brought back to life thanks to Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes. Glamnetic calls its strip lashes, which adhere to the brand’s magnetic liquid liner, “the world’s easiest reusable lash application solution.” As someone who finds even the easiest of lash applications perpetually difficult, I knew it was my duty to give Glamnetic a try. If I can do it, you definitely can too. The good news is, I could!

How They Work

If you’re well-versed in all things false lashes, you probably already know a bit about magnetic lashes. If you, like me, are new to this world, here’s a quick lash lesson. Typically, false eyelashes are applied with a clear lash glue. This method ensures the lashes are super secure and can allow for a more natural look (due to the clear, almost invisible glue), but it leaves barely any room for error and can be downright messy.

Magnetic lashes, on the other hand, use magnetic technology to keep your falsies in place. Glamnetic’s lash application process is simple. Apply the brand’s magnetic liner, let it get mostly dry, grab your lashes and position them as you see fit. Voilà!

Finding Your Perfect Pair– or Pairs

Arguably the most important part of this process is finding the perfect pair of lashes for you. There are a few factors to consider, including your eye shape, the level of drama you’re hoping to achieve, and the materials used. Luckily, Glamnetic has a large selection with options that appeal to all different types.

A lash for every eye!
image: Glamnetic

In terms of materials, the Glamnetic Lashes are made from either 100% premium mink or a high-quality synthetic fiber, which is vegan. All of the styles I received were made of the synthetic material. I found them to be soft, lightweight, and perfect for creating that extra volume I was looking for.

I can’t speak to the mink lashes and I know that even the fact Glamnetic offers them is likely a turnoff to some shoppers, which is completely valid. But, it’s worth noting that the brand claims all of the mink fur they use is cruelty-free and harvested after the animals have naturally shed.

Then, there are the styles. Glamnetic has over 35 lash options to choose from, with varied lengths, colors, and fullness. The brand has a lash guide where you can peruse the offerings and see what they all look like on. From the wispy and long to the fluffy and bold, there’s a pair of lashes for every look you could possibly be aiming to achieve. Glamnetic even has a quick quiz you can take to help you find your perfect styles, taking into account the intricacies of your eye shape.

Getting Ready with Glamnetic

To get a true sense of the Glamnetic experience, I purchased the Everyday Glam Kit ($109.97), which includes three of the brand’s best-selling lashes (Virgo, Princess, and Queen) as well as a mini magnetic felt tip pen liner.

For my first lash fitting, I went with Virgo for no reason other than it was at the top of the kit.

First step, eyeliner. This is when I got nervous. I tend to have an unsteady hand and I’m impatient, which seemed like a recipe for disaster for this product. To my surprise, the liner went on super easily. It was smooth and easy to touch up. I wouldn’t say my attempt was perfect, but remember this liner is going to be covered by the lashes so a few blemishes are okay, okay?

Once the magnetic liner was nearly dry, it was time to get the lashes. Since I’m an amateur, I also picked up Glamnetic’s Lash Applicatior, Lash Grab. I used the Lash Grab to put the lashes in place, but you could also use tweezers or clean fingers. The lashes were a bit too big for my eye shape, which I probably should have known before attempting to put them on, but luckily these are reusable so I wasn’t worried about taking them off to resize. I used a nail clipper to trim the lash. After trimming, I replaced the lashes. They’re very easy to nudge along your lash line, which makes readjusting a breeze. I was impressed by how light the lashes felt, even once completely secure.

Glamnetic lashes look just like the real deal.
image: Glamnetic

The Virgo was the only full lash option in my kit, so it was a bit jarring at first to see this voluminous, round lash on my completely bare face. I did feel like it was a little much. But, for a night out with full glam? Showstopping. If you have darker hair and fuller, longer lashes, these likely will look more natural on you. A tip I learned along the way: make mascara your first step. Especially if you have naturally light lashes, mascara will help give the lashes a more cohesive look.

Getting Unready with Glamnetic

If taken care of properly, Glamnetic lashes can be used up to 60 times. So, while they are quite pricey at $20-$30 a pair, you’ll likely get more than your money’s worth. Even if you only wear them a few times, the price becomes comparable to what you’d pay for a single-use pair of eyelashes at the drugstore. Ultimately, this isn’t a product I would use everyday but one I would certainly keep on hand for special occasions when I want to do something a bit more unique and fun with my makeup.

Interested in a little extra va-va-voom? Shop Glamnetic here.

Five more reasons to love Glamnetic:

  • When you spend $50 or more, you’ll get free shipping (if you’re in the US and Canada).
  • There are plenty of bundles with discounted pricing.
  • To complete your glam, Glamnetic also has a great selection of press-on nails in all sorts of colors and fun designs.
  • If you love lashes (or nails), you can subscribe to get your favorite products delivered every 30, 60, or 90 days. Plus, subscribers save up to 30%.
  • Create the perfect package for yourself or a gift for a friend, with Glamnetic’s customized bundles.

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