15 Gifts For Parents Who Always Make The Nice List

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The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but for new and seasoned parents alike, it can also be the most taxing. Gifts that need buying turn into gifts that need wrapping, and when they’re not spending money, they’re spending time traveling to and from celebrations. It’s a lesson learned quickly: Being holly and jolly for each other and the kids requires a lot of energy. The perfect gift for a parent is a refill of good cheer before their cup runs dry. 

While your love and support is the optimal gift, we understand that you’re likely here for something...a bit more tangible. Our biggest suggestion is something that will make them feel taken care of (for once!). From caffeine fixes to moments of zen, we’ve rounded up some of our best ideas below. 

Saje Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser, $130

Credit: Saje

2021 wasn’t much easier than 2020, especially for parents juggling work and home-life responsibilities under one roof. Help your favorite pair chill out with this essential oil diffuser from Saje. The Aroma Om Deluxe Ultrasonic model mists for up to 22 hours continuously. It’s part diffuser, part humidifier, features three timer settings to choose from (one hour, three hours, and six hours), and shuts off automatically (one less thing for mom and dad to worry about). What’s more, the gorgeous ceramic (not to mention functional) decor operates almost at a whisper, a plus for parents of newborns sensitive to sound.

Anecdote 2021 Candle of the Year, $26

Credit: Anecdote

Anecdote is summing up  2021 in a candle, and the scent is sassy. A blend of cedarwood, green leaves, and lavender, heightened with notes of vanilla, tonka, amber, and oud, the candle is meant to represent all that’s ahead because if 2021 taught us anything, it’s that the hard times eventually come to an end. 

HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer, $129.99

Credit: @hpsprocket

For the parents who are constantly snapping photos of their kids, there’s the HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer. Remember the days when pictures got developed and put in a tangible album? With this easy-to-use printer, parents can revert back to the good ol’ days, but still have that instantaneous service we now crave. It prints 4” x 6” photos directly from their smartphone, or edit before they print with the HP Sprocket app.

Anyday The Everyday Microwave Cookware Set, $120

Credit: @cookanyday

Multitasking is a superpower, but it’s much easier to master with the right tools. The Everyday Microwave Cookware Set from Anyday is one of those tools. The set includes a large deep dish and a large shallow dish, a medium deep dish, and a medium shallow dish. All bowls are made from frosted borosilicate glass and their matching lids are comprised of borosilicate glass, platinum-grade silicone, and microwave-safe stainless steel (they can also be used in the oven). Making meals in 30 minutes or less has never been easier.

Seven Grams Caffe Coffee Duo Gift Set, $37

Credit: Seven Grams

Keep your favorite couple caffeinated with this duo gift set from Seven Grams Caffe. Its beans are independently roasted and the cookies are freshly made to order (and can be heated to enhance that ooey-gooey chocolate experience they’ve been missing). The combination is a dynamic snack option that will put a little pep in even the most exhausted parent’s step.

The Herbal Zen Variety Pack Shower Steamers with Essential Oils, $26.99

Credit: The Herbal Zen

Finding your zen becomes a little more challenging when kids are in the picture. To help a parent in need channel that sense of calm they (desperately) need, we present: shower steamers. These colorful pods from The Herbal Zen are infused with essential oils, transforming the shower into a meditative retreat. The variety pack features two of each of the following steamers: Cold Kicker, Headache Rx, Sleepytime, Morning Energy, Morning Citrus Mint, Stress Fighter, and Hangover Helper, so your lucky recipient can sample all the fragrant remedies and figure out which one makes the biggest impact on their day. 

The Hatch Rest, $59.99

Credit: Hatch

The Hatch Rest Baby Night Light Sound Machine is a brilliant gift for parents of little ones. Not only does it emit a gentle glow and 11 soothing sounds to choose from, like white noise, rain, and the ocean, the customizable nightlight also serves as a sleep program. Here’s how it works: In order to teach your child when it’s time to get out of bed (and when it’s time to stay put so Mommy or Daddy can sleep in), you can program the device to change colors, indicating these different cues. What’s more, parents can control the device remotely, so if they aren’t ready for the pitter-patter of little feet just yet, they can adjust the lamp via smartphone. 

Shoott Gift Card, from $25

Credit: @shoottphotos

If there’s anything new parents love more than taking their child(ren)’s picture, it’s taking pictures with their child(ren). Instead of them having to awkwardly set up the camera on a stack of books, treat the family to a professionally planned Shoott (see what I did there?). The 30-minute sessions are free, which means parents will only pay for their photos and any retouching they request. 

Üllo Wine Chill Wine Purifier + Decanter, $169.99

Credit: @ullowine

While caffeine gives parents energy, wine helps parents loosen up after a long day. Üllo’s crystal glass decanter will enhance their sipping experience by purifying and aerating their favorite red. The magical system eliminates sulfates and infuses wine to bring out the flavor. It also chills wine to its ideal temperature of  60°F in minutes via its heat-exchanger core, so each glass tastes like perfection.

Lord Jones The Variety Gumdrop Bundle, $90

Credit: @thelordjones

When it’s too late in the day for coffee, but too early for happy hour, CBD can help parents stay cool, calm, and collected. Take this variety box of CBD-infused gummies from Lord Jones, for example. Those who partake will have their choice of old-fashioned flavors (strawberry and lemon), white peach, and wildberry gum drops infused with 20mg of ultra-calming hemp-derived CBD. It’s the special candy mommy and daddy didn’t know they needed.

Nest Bedding 100% Bamboo Luxury Bed Sets, $99

Credit: @nestbeddingorganics

When you’re a parent (especially a parent of little ones), sleep is precious and fleeting. Help them make the most of the hours they reap by transforming their space with these bamboo sheets from Nest. Available in bed sizes from twin to California king, as well as three colorways (white, pewter, and slate), the sheets are made from 300 thread count rayon derived from bamboo. They’re moisture-wicking, lightweight and cooling, and boast antimicrobial properties, so they’re especially great for sensitive skin.

Ember Mug², $129.95  

Credit: @ember

To ensure their cup of coffee stays warm no matter how many times they have to put it down, meet the Ember Mug. The Mug² is more than a consistently warm cup; it allows users to set their ideal temperature and keeps it desirably hot or cold for up to 80 minutes, depending on the size of the mug. 

Therabody Theragun Prime, $299

Credit: @therabody

Whether they have stiff muscles from working out or just working hard at life, the Therabody Theragun can provide that “ah”-inducing massage they so desperately need. The Prime is a percussive therapy device engineered with QuietForce technology to work the muscles quickly and efficiently, with very little noise disrupting their relaxation. With four easy-to-use attachments and different speed ranges to customize their treatment and 120 minutes of battery life per charge, it delivers the physical relief and release parents crave, from the comfort of their own home.

JaxJox DumbbellConnect, $499

Credit: @jaxjoxfitness

Making it to the gym is hard enough when you aren’t a parent. Add one or a couple of kids into the mix, and the time you have to exercise becomes even more limited. Bring the gym to their home with the JaxJox Dumbbell Connect. Like the Theragun, the Dumbbell Connect is a smart system: the first-of-its-kind digital adjustable dumbbell that ranges from 5 to 80 lbs with the touch of a button. Replacing an entire weight rack, its 16 dumbbells in one, making the equipment compact and travel-friendly, so they can sneak in a workout whenever, wherever their schedule allows.

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe, $99

Credit: @parachutehome

Available in a range of colors from soft white to dusk, Parachute’s Turkish cotton robe will quickly become a staple piece in their closet. Buy a pair or one to share, and expect to see the parents on your list living in this lightweight lounger. 

At the end of the day, parents will be grateful for any gift you’ve put thought into. So whether you’re shopping for your own mom and dad or new parents you know and love, rest assured whatever gift you choose, will add to their holiday cheer. 

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