The Joy Of Gifting UnHide

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As much as we love blankets, gifting one can occasionally feel like a default. It has the connotation of being a go-to gift, regardless of quality or brand. That’s why UnHides new Everywear Blankets (a collab with Netflix) is so refreshing in the cozy space: it’s functional, spectacularly soft, and different enough to make a splash.

Whether you’re working from home, watching, reading, or simply spending time with loved ones, the couch is a central feature of any living space. That’s why the UnHide Everywear Blankets are based around it. Every detail is formulated thoughtfully to become an effortless -- and integral -- part of your lounging experience.

The collection contains four styles, in a multitude of colors and prints. There’s the cult-favorite Marshmallow blanket ($195), the lighter Lil’ Marsh ($95), and two new wearable styles.

Most wearable blankets lean towards gag gifts, deserving of a laugh while they’re unboxed but not much else. The Everywear Blankets, on the other hand, brings the decadent material we know from UnHide’s highly rated Marshmallow blanket to silhouettes that still align to daily life. The Shleepy Robe ($95) is more similar to a cardigan, while the Binger ($85) feels more like a poncho -- but it’s convertible! You could run to the grocery store in one...or simply melt back and relax.

The material of the original Marshmallow blanket by UnHide.

And I Got a Robe...

UnHide’s new wearable styles could not be more successful. They align perfectly with the reasons we drift towards the UnHide brand.

The Shleepy Robe ($95) looks similar enough to a cardigan. In practice, it’s just similar enough to a robe that it makes you feel like you have a delightful little secret when you’re out in public. Crafted from soft, vegan fur made from recycled plastics, every moment is a reminder that you’re swaddled in a blanket -- or more accurately, a warm hug. The buttery material is sustainable, animal friendly, and sumptuous. 

Available in Sweet Rose, Snow White, Camel Cream, and Night Owl, there’s a color for everyone. Better yet, it also comes in a Plus size.

At $95, this piece feels like a bargain. Most cardigans of this quality -- meant to evoke the cozy sensation we really want on a cold afternoon -- are priced much higher. It feels like a doable price for an indulgent blanket too, although it gives you the best of both worlds. I gifted a Sheepy Robe to my grandmother, who’s always cold but never willing to sacrifice style.

As for myself, I was taken by the Binger, both for its function and its vibe…

Order by December 16 here to ensure your coziest-gift-ever arrives on time! 

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