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I’ve always believed the best gifts are ones that encourage togetherness. Experiences, activities, memberships…things like that. Don’t get me wrong, though: I love a good shopping session, and picking out gifts for kids is extra fun. There’s definitely some nostalgia involved (I wasn’t the only one circling every item in the American Girl catalogue as a kid, right?) and it’s really special to watch kids light up when they receive gifts from their loved ones. Thankfully, my littles are very young, and their expectations are pretty low (last year my mom wrapped up a jar of pickles and my toddler lost her sh*t with excitement), so I’m really focused on getting them gifts with longevity that encourage open-ended play and togetherness.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

With these principles in mind, I’m excited to share that I’ve found the perfect gift: Lalo’s The Play Kit ($270). This sweet table and chairs set is perfect for minis and is quite literally the talk of the town…all my mom friends rave about it! We use it for meals, coloring, playdough, reading, you name it, and I know it’ll be a staple in our house for years to come. 

One of my favorite things about The Play Kit is its versatility. It’s great in a playroom for all the activities mentioned above, but each piece is lightweight enough that we’re able to move it around the house with ease. Ellie loves bringing it outside for water play (with her pretend sink and measuring cups), painting, or sharing a snack with friends on a warm day. The chairs are technically for ages 1 and over, but if you have the Lalo High Chair, you can pop the shorter legs on and pull it right up to the table, allowing baby to join in the fun! I love that my two girls can hang out together -- I haven’t seen any other play table on the market that offers this feature.

From paint to glue, our table and chairs has survived it all

Mess Free = Stress Free (And It Looks Good, Too)

Everyone knows babies are messy, and toddlers are even messier, so it’s really important to find toys and furniture that are easy to clean. The Lalo surfaces are super easy to wipe down (I use a wet microfiber cloth or baby wipes) and we never have to worry about making a mess or setting up a tablecloth when the girls want to sit at their table. Ours has been through the ringer -- from baby led weaning (if you know, you know) to acrylic paint to glitter glue -- and it still looks as good as the day we got it.

At $270, the price is on par with most kid-sized table and chair sets, though you’ll find that the quality of Lalo’s Play Kit far surpasses its competitors. Plus, the simple Scandinavian design ensures that it’ll look good in almost any home. I love the classic white and natural wood combination, but it’s also fun to mix and match colors to fit your decor. Our playroom has pops of light pink, so we opted for the “grapefruit” colored chairs -- a gorgeously subtle pinky peach that adds just enough girliness to be cute and not tacky. Ellie is a huge fan of her “pink chairs”!

The chairs in “grapefruit” - the sweetest pink that’s both neutral and playful

More Lalo Favorites For Playtime & Mealtime 

The Play Kit tops our list of favorite items, but don’t forget to check out the rest of Lalo’s lineup while you’re at it. There are some fun play items, like these Giant Coloring Sheets ($25) that fit perfectly on the play table. It would be so cute to use these as wrapping paper for family gifts, once your littles have added their own touch of course. We also love that the brand has partnered up with The Dough Project to offer playdough packs made from all natural, food-grade ingredients.

While we’re on the topic of playtime, Lalo recently launched The Playdate Playbook, the “ultimate guide to make you the playdate host with the most.” As someone with major FOMO, I love the idea of a go-to resource that will make our house the cool house that all the kids want to visit (ha!). This playbook is packed with activity ideas for kids and makes parenting *almost* easy as can be.

And for your little eaters, you can’t go wrong with Lalo’s mealtime accessories and tableware. The First Bites Starter Kit ($35) includes all the essentials you’ll need for starting solids, including a suction bowl that actually suctions, a little cup for babies who are learning how to drink, and two little spoons to get the perfect bite for tiny mouths.

You really can’t go wrong with anything on Lalo’s site. We love the quality, aesthetic and spirit of Lalo’s products, especially The Play Kit. Shop for your littles here, plus use code QUALITYEDIT10 for a discount on this memorable gift!

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