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Always slightly stressful-yet-fun, the holidays feel a bit different this year. Good-different compared to last year, yes, but also out-of-practice-different, too. You know the drill: It’s been one hell of a pandemic and re-entrance to society. The holidays are simply the cherry on top of a sloppy ice cream sundae of a year. A little relaxation is certainly in order.

Today’s TQE gift is a favorite to do the trick -- yes for your overwhelmed friends and family, but also for you. If you’re a longtime follower, you’re likely familiar with Feals. And, if you’re a first-time reader, welcome. Allow me to introduce you to a whole new way to feel, courtesy of Feals’ Premium CBD

Feals aims to make you feel better -- one tincture at a time

The Real CB-Deal 

While CBD is seemingly everywhere and in everything these days, Feals offers a real and pure experience. The brand is invested in helping you feel your best, and its line of full-spectrum CBD products (meaning they contain all beneficial compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant) is made without chemicals, fillers, or flavors to help you get there. 

To back track a few steps for the CBD newbies, our endocannabinoid system is made of tiny receptors that impact mood, pain, and general everyday regulation. CBD (or cannabidiol) helps stimulate these receptors to cause beneficial changes (like reduced anxiety, pain, and restlessness) throughout the body. 

Feals extracts hemp and other phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant using specially-crafted equipment for top-not quality, then combines it with MCT oil to stabilize and increase the CBD’s bioavailability. (Feals contains less than 0.3% THC, so it doesn’t cause mind altering effects or a “high.”) The brand then tests every batch using a third-party lab to ensure purity and consistency every time. If you’re looking for a safe and effective entrypoint into the CBD space, right this way… 

Each product has a QR code that offers more information on each product and its testing

Better Products For Better Feels

Feals originally launched with its signature tinctures, designed to dole out 600-(for beginners), 1200-(the best-selling dose), and 2400-(extra strength) MGs of CBD for an intentional and measured chill every time. The safest and most effective way to CBD, tinctures deliver a few drops of pure cannabinoid extract and coconut MCT oil under the tongue that are absorbed rapidly for maximum benefit. 

At $20, the brand’s flight, which includes vials to test each of the different strengths in varying amounts, is a thoughtful way to say “I hope you maintain your sanity” this holiday season, especially to the CBD-curious looking for a comfortable place to begin. 

Feals’ newest offering: The Mints

And, because the only CBD brand who can one-up Feals is Feals itself, meet the brand’s latest creation: The Mints ($50, or $35 with a monthly subscription). Made using pharmaceutical grade technology (called liposomal encapsulation) which mimics our cell membranes to deliver CBD directly and efficiently, Mints have a higher absorption rate, meaning you’ll feel the calming effects of the CBD in a matter of minutes. Like the Feals products that came before them, Mints are tested in a third-party laboratory to ensure they deliver a precise and efficient dose of CBD everytime -- not to mention they’re easily transportable and have a minty-fresh (peppermint) taste. 

Catching Fealings

New to the CBD space, I certainly approached the brand with some skepticism. Yes, my co-workers all rave about Feals, but I’ve tried many products claiming to alter the way I feel, and I’ve often been met with disappointment.

A Feals flight truly offers something different. Providing neither an out of body experience nor any sort of high, Feals offers a subtle dose of calm and focus instead. For those inexplicably on-edge mornings, low productivity afternoons, or the overwhelming moments in between, Feals offers an exhale and an “I can do this” feeling. Once you try the brand’s CBD in any form, a vial or pack of mints may just sneak its way into your phone-keys-wallet mental checklist each time you leave the house. Mints has certainly become an addendum to mine.

Gifting a better feeling with Feals this holiday season. Everyone deserves a little relaxation, and Feals offers the easiest way to tangibly give it to those you love -- and to yourself, because you deserve some calm, too. Order a Flight, Tincture, or The Mints here, and exhale smoothly: we’ve got this. 

Place your order here by December 15 for an on-time holiday arrival, and get 50% off your first month with code TQE50!

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