The Joy Of Gifting Cariuma

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Nothing puts a damper on the joy of gifting quite like a difficult-to-shop-for recipient. The father who has it all. The friend who doesn’t have much -- and likes it that way. Luckily for you, gifting to the seemingly ungiftable is one of our specialties here at TQE. And, this holiday season, Cariuma is making our jobs -- dare we say -- far too easy. 

An all-time classic for any and everyone, Cariuma sneakers are a gift that says, “I’m thinking of you” and also, “I’m thinking of the world around you.” Sustainably made with real customer feedback in mind, these sneakers are an easy favorite for that person adding any huff-and-puff to your holiday shopping. A joy to purchase and an even greater joy to wear (and wear and wear), meet your next  holiday gifting go-to.

Cariuma’s OCA-Low sneakers

So It’s Another Sneaker?

Not exactly. Both of Cariuma’s founders spent years working in the footwear industry before launching this venture. It’s no secret that giants like Converse, Vans, and Keds have dominated the everyday-shoe space for years. But, if you’ve worn or researched these traditional brands, you may have noticed that they’re hard on your feet…and just as bad for the environment. Cariuma’s founders wanted to build an alternative -- both for people and the planet. 

While Cariuma sneakers may look like Converse or Vans, the difference is like that of walking on rocks versus floating on clouds. Cariumas are likely the most thoughtfully-crafted shoes you and yours will ever wear. The brand actually connects with and listens to its customers, which is one element to Cariuma’s success: while most larger brands have neither the impetus nor infrastructure for regular improvements and iterations, Cariuma is nimble and hungry to craft something better (and better, and better).

A gift meant to be enjoyed each and every day

Old-School Aesthetic, New-School Ethics

Cariuma features an “old-school aesthetic as long as it’s made with new-school ethics.” And, the brand takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. Cariuma is creating a new standard of production with several impressive environmental initiatives, including:

  • Design: during the product development phase, Cariuma optimizes designs to minimize the number of steps required for production
  • Materials: Cariuma sources only premium, natural, raw materials (like hevea brasiliensis tree rubber and Global Organic Textile Standard- certified cotton) and is committed to increasing its vegan production in coming years
  • Production: each of Cariuma’s vendors signs a “Code of Conduct” that guarantees fair wages and conditions for employees,  
  • Shipping: Cariuma’s shoebox doubles as its shipping container, and all of the brand’s shipping is carbon neutral
  • Product lifecycle: Cariuma shoes are designed to last, meaning shoppers ultimately have to buy less -- and use fewer resources in the process
Cariuma sneakers are designed to be both comfortable and versatile

Did I Mention They Look Good, Too?

Choosing just one style to gift may be the most difficult decision you make this holiday season. The brand currently offers seven styles -- OCA Low ($79), OCA High ($129), IBI Slip-On ($98), IBI ($98), IBI High ($129), CATIBA Pro ($89), and CATIBA Pro High ($119) -- ranging from high to low tops, skate-inspired to classic, and canvas to leather. I personally own the brand’s “classic cool” OCA Low in Snow White, a collaboration with Pantone (the “global authority for color communication and inspiration”), though I have my eye on the brand’s grey, camel, and rose suede styles for this fall and winter. Understated yet unique, each pair marries style and functionality.

Cariuma’s A+ unboxing experience

An Unboxing That Just Makes Sense

Unwrapping is one of the greatest joys of gift receiving, and Cariuma is a brand that considers both the aesthetic and ethics of its unboxing experience. Rather than wasting materials to ship a shoebox inside of another box, Cariuma ships its shoes in the original shoebox itself. While your friends and family may not have a Russian doll, box-in-a-box-in-a-box style unwrapping, what they’ll find inside their smartly-packed box is far more exciting: an insanely comfortable pair of shoes from step one. For walks and errands and dinners out, Cariumas will treat your feet right and last quite some time.

A Thoughtful Gift For You And Yours

Gifting a pair of Cariuma sneakers is much bigger than ticking a box or making a fashion statement -- it’s an investment in a brighter future and a brand that’s leading the charge in sustainable fashion. To support the ones you love and the planet around them, add Cariumas to your holiday shopping cart here! Plus, use code TQE for free shipping before December 20!

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