The Joy Of Gifting Brava

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It's the holiday season! A time full of love, belly laughs, and delicious food. Arguably, the most delicious time of the year. For someone who highly values a homemade meal, it warms my soul each year to see my loved one’s come together and serve one another through the sharing of a meal. But, I will say that the stress of preparing a meal can often put a damper on the holiday season… or honestly any season for that matter. I quickly become overwhelmed when trying to coordinate when to begin preheating the oven, what to put in first, and what to prepare while I wait. Lucky for me (and maybe a loved one of yours), Brava has reignited my love for cooking, all while keeping my stress levels at bay. 

A beautiful addition to any countertop.
Credit: Brava

An Oven? I Already Have One Of Those… 

Hear me out. Conventional ovens are a necessity. I don’t foresee us ridding ourselves of the convectioned luxury anytime soon. But, let’s acknowledge the fatal flaw amongst most, if not all, traditional ovens -- precision. Or, the lack thereof. At least once a week I find myself mourning over a meal-gone-wrong in my oven with poor circulation and imprecise temperature regulation. No matter how closely I follow a recipe, I still find myself in awe of how poorly my go-to sheet pan meal turns out. Granted, you may be thinking this is just a user error… and you may be right (but pridefully, I beg to differ). 

Brava (from $1195) is the smart countertop oven that leaves no room for the effects of typical user errors that so many of us experience (ahem… excuse me). No, but really, Brava has reinvented cooking in a way that is both precise and fast. The fancy silver box that makes its home atop your kitchen counter uses a combination of visible and infrared light to cook food faster and more efficiently than that of convection ovens or conduction stovetops. The light inside can be easily targeted and adjusted, simply meaning that you can cook multiple components at once (think: protein, veggies, and starches). 

One of our favorite unboxings. 

First We Unbox… Then We Feast

If you follow us on instagram, you know we love a good unboxing. And, in my opinion, unwrapping a gift is most of the fun. First impressions from the unboxing were telling: The machine itself is beautiful, made from the same materials you’ll find in other high-end appliances including stainless steel, high-temperature polymers and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum similar to the cases on high-end laptops. The Brava's touch-panel and display are shielded by impact-resistant glass similar to the glass that covers smartphones, and the top-Brava mat is custom made from heat-resistant silicone and can serve as a temporary resting spot for your meal.

I set up our Brava on the kitchen counter -- it’s a bit wider and deeper than a traditional toaster oven, so your giftee will need a decent amount of counter space to add Brava to their everyday rotation. Good news: the sleek design of Brava is additive to their kitchen motif and something they'll proudly want to display. After connecting to WiFi and installing the latest software build, get ready for your Brava onboarding call via Zoom. You read that right! Even the most technologically challenged of family members can easily onboard with Brava given their highly accessible and incredibly attentive Customer Success Team. 

The built-in meat thermometer ensures the perfect doneness everytime. 

It Just Makes Sense

I’ll admit that it does take some time to get used to the Brava and all of its functions (toaster, air fryer, microwave…), but it is so worth your while to take the time to learn and become familiar with all it has to offer. Meals are made in half the time, in just the right serving size, and everything is cooked to perfection (thanks to Brava’s Culinary team for doing the heavy lifting there). While the Brava may cost you a pretty penny, renewing (or beginning) one’s love for time in the kitchen is priceless. You may be separated from your loved ones by some time and distance, so consider giving a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it be your beloved grandparents that need extra help in the kitchen, your parent that always wants to stay up-to-date with all the latest technology, or your sibling that’s in college and needs a quick weeknight meal, Brava is sure to be the star of the show this holiday season. Don’t be surprised if they decide to whip up family dinner with their new toy. 

Cooking with the Brava is something the whole family can enjoy! 

The Joy of Gifting Brava 

Even with all the bells and whistles, giving the gift of a Brava oven is far more than just another kitchen appliance that lives on the counter. It’s about the community that is fostered around the sharing of a meal. It’s about making wholesome and delicious food accessible to the ones in your life that could truly use it. It’s about investing in the passions of someone you love. While the holiday season will inevitably come to an end, the joy of this season doesn’t have to. Give the gift of a Brava and watch the joy of the holidays continue to spread for months to come. 

Shop Brava’s Oven Sets here, and use code TQE200 for $200 off the Chef's Choice Set! 

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