Fresh Sends Is Freshening Up The Way We Approach Gift Giving

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Flowers make the ultimate gift. I’m a huge fan – what’s better than brightening up and adding life to your space? Whether for my birthday, a dance recital, high school graduation or even Valentine’s Day, I’ve always been jazzed to receive them. And now, as a grown woman, I enjoy sending them just as much. 

And that is why the phenomenal, cult-favorite, DTC flower gifting delivery service Fresh Sends is now top of mind each time I’m looking to send a gift. Launched in 2019, this special company has made a name for itself with “The Send”: a stunning bouquet made with seasonal blooms that changes weekly and can ship to anyone in the country next-day with a personalized note. 

Photo: Fresh Sends

In addition to wonderful bouquets, the brand has recently expanded its product categories by offering alternative gifting options with the launch of the Fresh Set ($99). The brand's first ever gift set includes various products that are made to be used daily, with the intention of being a subtle but consistent reminder that your giftee is loved. The Fresh Set includes Fresh Sends’ signature candle, perfume, and hand cream (which can all be bought as singles as well). Fresh Sends puts self-care first by using organic, paraben-free, vegan ingredients designed to calm, soothe and relax. And the cherry on top is the aesthetically pleasing, tasteful packaging, paired with a custom card. 


This small but fast-growing business is founded by under-30 female CEO Ty Hiss and her husband. The two live in Colorado, where Fresh Sends is based, and started the brand together after meeting in college. Ty’s sister was getting married at the time, looking for wedding florals, but the ones she liked best were all overpriced and unaffordable. Ty noticed a gap within the floral design world and felt ready to shake things up for the better.

Although Ty was never known for her expertise in gift-giving, it became her love language over time: “I’ve always loved being able to do something that feels special for someone. I really love the idea of being able to take something that everyone considers to be a novel gesture, like sending flowers, but making that even more personal and intentional.” The reality of the floral industry is that unless you're doing the research to find a local florist, the traditional 1-800 Flowers feels pretty dated and stale. 

Photo: Naomi Joshi

Many of us underestimate the power of a personal card, but we must remember that people write notes to one another for a variety of reasons – from celebrating life's biggest moments, to expressing your condolences during times of tragedy. As Ty so beautifully expresses: “When someone meets you in those moments, it’s a reminder that you’re not alone, so we realized that we're not just delivering gifts, we're not just delivering flowers, we really are delivering the emotions that people have for each other.” There’s something about meeting someone in those special moments that stays with you, and that feeling is extended to the use of a perfume, hand cream or even lighting a candle. 

Ty’s inspiration for Fresh Sends stems from people’s sense of generosity. And this sentiment of appreciation, that people are thinking less about themselves and more about others,  has so clearly been engrained not only in the ethos of the brand, but in its every product. Ty conveys that it will always be her greatest honor to know that people have chosen Fresh Sends to be the conduit of connection for them.

Photo: Naomi Joshi


I was truly in awe when I received my bouquet from Fresh Sends. Everything, from the packaging to the way the flowers smelled, was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. I’m someone who loves all things color – the more color, the better – so the elegant and stylish packaging really spoke to me. On top of that, the personal card took my experience from a 9/10 to a 10/10. The amazing thing about these flowers in particular is that they’ve lasted so much longer than any other flowers I’ve had. And the best part about them is that they're still beautiful, even when they’re dying. 

I really like how Fresh Sends intentionally does not offer a large array of different arrangements. The brand seems to recognize that ordering flowers comes with a lot of decision fatigue, so the process is simple and streamlined: no guarantees on color palettes or stem varieties, just what’s fresh and beautiful at the time you order. 

Photo: Fresh Sends

In addition to my gorgeous bouquet, I was also gifted the Fresh Set, which came with a candle, a hand cream and a perfume. I loved all of them, mostly because they met that perfect balance between ‘it’s not absolutely overwhelming but it’s still something you pick up on.’ Although Fresh Sends is a flower brand, I must say that these scents are not super floral or super feminine, which is also a plus. The candle is such a nice thing to light in the morning as you’re still waking up, but it’s just as delightful in the evening after you’ve cooked. Especially as someone who lives in a small apartment, an after-dinner delight that perfectly accompanies some dessert is always a good idea. 

This brand offers a fresh twist on the way we approach gifting, both personally and professionally, and I’m here for it. Personalized touches and emphasis on locality is such a treat. I can only imagine that each individual engaging with this brand is left feeling encouraged and uplifted, especially when reminded that there’s someone out there who’s thinking of them.

Send your loved one a gift with the help of Fresh Sends. They will not disappoint!

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