This DTC Brand Discovered The First Essential Fatty Acid In 90 Years -- And It Can Transform The Way We Age (And Live)

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I consider myself a health-conscious person. My food, movement, and sleep routines are all aligned with a healthy lifestyle -- one that will (hopefully) keep me feeling youthful, even as I age. Key word: hopefully. While the anti-aging skincare world has a solid hold on my bathroom cabinet, my supplement routine has long been missing a regimen that is actively (or scientifically) targeting complications related to aging. 

And then...fatty15 came along. I had heard some overwhelming buzz about the brand -- namely, that they had discovered the first essential fatty acid in over 90 years, and that they sold out within 3 months of their launch -- and knew I needed to do some testing to find out if it’s worth all the hype.

It All Starts With...Dolphins

I feel like I’m marketed a new nutritional or dietary supplement I “absolutely need” each day -- and yet rarely are these trendy, DTC capsules actually based in science or lab testing. fatty15 is not your average brand. While working as a veterinary epidemiologist, fatty15 co-founder Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson discovered the monumental role of fatty acid, C15:0, in protecting the health of dolphins. Upon further investigation, she noted that dolphins age similarly to humans and can develop the same diseases -- along with chronic complications like high cholesterol, inflammation, and even diabetes.

Let’s back up for a moment. What are fatty acids, exactly? And why are they considered essential nutrients? The benefits of fatty acids are well-studied and wide-reaching, from supporting brain function to skin health to healthy pregnancies. They are considered “essential” because they can only be found in food or external sources -- the body cannot produce them independently. Studies have found that, as a population, humans’ reduced intake of dietary saturated fats has contributed to C15:0 deficiencies that are driving age-related health complications. 

Credit: fatty15

Enter: fatty15

While C15:0 is found in some whole fat dairy and animal products, it’s only present in trace amounts. Hence the birth of fatty15. The first fatty acid discovered in over 90 years, C15:0 is scientifically proven to fortify our cells against age: it strengthens cell membranes, boosts mitochondria, and promotes mind and body health.

As a sturdy fatty acid, it makes our cell membranes more resilient and less susceptible to breakdown; helps to repair our mitochondria; and naturally binds to receptors throughout the body that regulate immunity, metabolism, mood, and even appetite. Peer-reviewed studies have confirmed that C15:0 strengthens cell membranes by 80%, and boosts mitochondrial function by 45%. Those are some serious numbers. By supporting cellular wellness -- beginning at the root instead of treating the symptoms -- fatty15 is working to improve human health for years to come. 

Stephanie Venn-Watson founded fatty15 with her husband, Eric. A serial entrepreneur, US Navy veteran, and a medical doctor (yes, all three), Dr. Eric Venn-Watson is the co-founder and COO of fatty15. With their vegan-friendly, dairy-free supplement designed to bring the benefits of C15:0 (or FA15, the fatty acid in fatty15) to the world, the two are passionate about using this discovery to improve human health. Talk about a power couple. 

Addressing The Root: Cellular Health Is Whole-Body Health

I’m someone who strongly believes in preventative health and holistic wellness. I’d prefer to take care of my cells now, rather than attempting to find band-aid solutions to health complications down the line. While many anti-aging supplements I’ve seen repurpose commonly available compounds or nutrients with little proof of efficacy, fatty15’s promise is solidly grounded in science. In fact, FA15 is so critical to protecting mind and body health that fatty15 is shown to improve aging-related conditions in weeks.

Naturally, I was immediately excited by the clear scientific and evidence-based research behind fatty15’s product (yes, I spent a solid hour on their website reading the science and studies -- and you can, too). I was also relieved -- and pretty amazed -- to find that fatty15 is vegan-friendly, as most fatty acid supplements I’ve seen are not only made with animal products, but also have an assaulting fishy aroma. I eat mostly plant-based, and the idea of taking a daily omega supplement was, for many years, out of the question (even though I knew how many studies had proven that essential fatty acids are essential to preventative wellness and healthy aging).

Finally, I could try an essential fatty acid supplement that was not only vegan-friendly, but that could also armor up my cells against age with healthy fats and nutrients that my body could never produce on its own. 

So: Does It Actually Work?

Initially, I didn’t really grasp the difference between fatty15 and other omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acid supplements I had seen (and tried) before. While all omegas can promote long-term metabolic and immune health, fatty15 checks a few additional -- and essential (pun intended) -- boxes. At $49.95 for a 30-day supply, it’s certainly not cheap. But, if fatty15 delivers on its promise to protect my cells against a litany of age-related complications, I’ll gladly make the investment.

Using a pure form of C15:0, the capsules have no fishy odor or taste, and come in a small, easy-to-swallow vegan capsule. You won’t find any additives, fillers, or preservatives in fatty15, and because it’s a stable fatty acid at room temperature, it’s not susceptible to oxidation. Translation: it retains its efficacy from the bottle to your body.

I’ll be honest: it’s difficult to review a health supplement that impacts holistic, long-term health. I can’t make huge claims about how it’s transformed my life, or if I’m already sure I’ll live longer because of fatty15. And yet, after taking fatty15 regularly for two weeks, I’m experiencing a subtle improvement in my mood and stress, mental clarity, and energy -- and better sleep quality, too. I’ve even noticed that my skin looks a bit more radiant and hydrated! 

And with all the science on fatty15’s side, I can feel confident knowing that these changes aren’t imagined. In fact, they’re added benefits (and indications) of this essential fatty acid’s preventative effect on my long-term well-being. 

Credit: @meetfatty15

5 More Reasons To Love fatty15:

  • Groundbreaking innovation: The world’s first, and only, supplement with C15:0, fatty15 is transforming the game of preventative health and well-being.
  • Sustainability: fatty15 ships with a reusable glass bottle, 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, and a bamboo top -- so you can do well for both your body and the earth.
  • Education & transparency: The fatty15 site offers a wealth of information. Whether you’re looking to dig into jargon-filled scientific reports or something more approachable to the layman, fatty15 has the information you need to understand why and how this essential nutrient works to promote whole-body health and combat aging. 
  • Customer testimonials: Take a browse through each and every 5-star review on fatty15’s site -- and find out why scientists, doctors, and people worldwide are adding this essential fatty acid to their supplement routine.
  • Essential nutrients for all: fatty15 is vegan and requires just one tiny dose in a filler, preservative, and additive-free capsule -- making it a healthy and safe choice for all, regardless of dietary preference.

Armor your cells against aging: try fatty15 today.

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