Finally! A Healthy Meal Delivery Service That Won’t Break the Bank

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“Why do salads taste so much better when someone else makes them?” My mom asked me this question – fittingly – over salads at a restaurant recently. It’s true – we’ve both lamented about the Quarantine 15 for years at this point, yet have made little progress in the actually-good-salad-at-home department. 

Thankfully, while researching pre-made salads that are actually filling, I discovered Farmer’s Fridge. After trying the good, the bad, and the expensive meal delivery services, I figured why not go for one more? Into the cart it went.

A New Day for Meal Delivery

Founded in 2013, Farmer’s Fridge began with the mission to “revolutionize healthy pre-made meals with zero-effort meal prep.” The result of this mission is a network of salad vending machines around the United States. Just like a traditional vending machine full of candy and pop, these dispense healthy meals, such as salads and quinoa dishes, in facilities like offices, hospitals, airports, and schools. Today, the network of fridges has expanded to over 400 machines.

Like many businesses in 2020, as the world shut down, Farmer’s Fridge began to fear for its sustainability. With machines in previously highly trafficked areas, the brand knew it needed to pivot. So, the Farmer’s Fridge delivery program was born, allowing people to order the meals previously only offered in the public fridges to their homes.

The jars look as good as they taste.

Bangin’ Bowls and Super Salads

For my first order, I had several of the salads and bowls delivered to my house. They came in a very insulated box, which actually was cold on arrival, even in the summer heat. My husband and I both work from home permanently, which has meant many grab-and-go lunches loaded with stuff that’s not so good for us. The first day we tried the Farmer’s Fridge meals was a particularly stressful day for both of us, so we literally grabbed the jars out of the fridge, dumped them into bowls, and ran back to our respective offices. 

My husband first had the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad ($9.99) and I tried the Baja Bowl ($7.99).  After a few days in transit and a few days in the fridge, we couldn’t believe how fresh these salads tasted. When we caught a break, we sampled each other’s meals. The chickpeas on his were so crispy, and the Baja Bowl tasted like a little mid-day party in my mouth. 

After a few days in transit and a few days in the fridge, we couldn’t believe how fresh these salads tasted.
I wasn’t the only one who was interested in the Caesar Salad.

We also tried the Falafel Bowl ($7.99) and the Turkey Cobb Salad ($9.99) later in the week. Both were delicious, and the Falafel Bowl was a sure favorite. I’m obsessed with falafel and try to get it whenever I can. I was a little nervous about it being mixed in with the veggies, beans, and corn, but it was not soggy at all. At only 370 calories for the bowl (plus 140 calories for the entire sauce packet), I was full, fueled, and happy with my calorie intake. 

The Bang for Your Buck

Generally, if a delivery service meal is below the price of my Chipotle order, I consider it a good buy. The bowls, which are mostly around the $7.99 mark, certainly meet that criteria, and the salads are just above it at $9.99. We have our sights set on the breakfast and sandwich items for our next order to keep things fresh. Those run about $5.99 for the breakfast items and $8-9 for the sandwiches. The home delivery fee to build your own box is $5.99, which isn’t bad, considering you’d pay a lot more than that to have your Chipotle delivered to you. 

The ingredients also are worth noting; making your own nice salads isn’t cheap these days, especially if you use premium ingredients. The ingredient list is printed conveniently on the label of the jars and is available when you’re ordering, so you can be really certain of what goes into your body. While it’s often hard to find food that is both healthy and affordable, somehow Farmer’s Fridge offers both.

The cute jars can be reused or recycled. Credit: Farmers Fridge

Eat Better, Feel Better

It’s about time that someone made healthy food reasonably priced for people who live fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles. As I get back to the “new normal” that is our world post-pandemic, I’m super excited to have Farmer’s Fridge as a healthy option for my husband and me. From getting back to work travel to more social activities in the evenings, Farmer’s Fridge is going to play a big part in ensuring my new normal includes taking good care of my physical well-being. With the flexibility of the delivery and the taste of the meals, I predict a lot of busy folks will use Farmer’s Fridge to do the same.

As for whether the salads taste better than mine? There was no contest. Hands down, I’ll pick Farmer’s Fridge every time.

5 More Reasons to Eat Up Farmer’s Fridge:

  1. Farmer’s Fridge has donated over half a million dollars worth of food to those struggling with food insecurity over the past two years alone.
  2. The meals can accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and needs and are clearly labeled so you can know what will work for you.
  3. The jars that the meals come in are adorable – and they are reusable or 100% recyclable. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle.
  4. Unsold Farmer’s Fridge food gets composted, not thrown away, so you can feel good about what the company is doing for our planet.
  5. The meals can be ordered on-demand or by subscription, so you can enjoy the meals when it is best for you and your family, not when others think it might be.

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