Spotted: The Ultimate Guide To Fall-Flavored Foods You Need To Stock Your Pantry With This Autumn

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It’s no secret autumn is my favorite season (and not just because I’m a Scorpio). I live for the colorful leaves and blustery temperatures. Halloween makes my top two favorite holidays (after Christmas) and I wait all year to live in nothing but oversized sweaters. But autumn isn’t just an aesthetic, it’s a food group, and as soon as September rolls around, fall-flavored treats start popping up in stores. 

My grocery list is at the ready and if you’ve clicked on this article, I think it’s safe to say that yours is too. The good news is, what the calendar says is irrelevant these days; autumn unofficially starts after Labor Day, and your favorite treats get pumpkin spiced, apple crumbed, and maple glazed overnight. The bad news is, like the season, these limited-edition items won’t be on shelves for long. In other words: You must stock up while you can.

1. Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Almond Creamer

$24.99 for 6 cartons

Credit: @califiafarms

As much as I love treating myself to a PSL from Starbucks or pumpkin coffee from Dunkin, the convenience of a to-go order comes with a price. Enter the Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Almond Creamer,  a decadently seasonal plant-based alternative to dairy creamer made with almond milk, coconut cream, pumpkin puree, and warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Add a dash to your homemade brew and I guarantee a trip to your local cafe for a fix won’t be necessary.

2. DavidsTea Pumpkin Earl Grey 

$9.98 for 2 oz pouch

Credit: @davidstea

DavidsTea unleashed its fall 2021 collection of brews, and this year the brand is serving up all the pumpkin sips. From Pumpkin Earl Grey to a Pumpkin Chai, White Pumpkin (apparently not just for decoration), Pumpkin Pie Matcha, and Pumpkin Creme Brulee, there’s a guard-inspired flavor for every tea drinker. 

3. Copper Cow Pumpkin Spice Latte 

$17 for 5 pack

Credit: @coppercowcoffee

You might recognize Copper Cow Coffee from its cameo on Shark Tank, but I know Copper Cow for its quirky DIY latte setup. One package includes five pumpkin spice Vietnamese coffee pour-over filters, as well as five single-serve sweetened condensed milk creamers. All you have to do is tear open your coffee pouch, hang it over your cup, pour your water, add your creamer, and voila! A barista-quality PSL, and you didn’t even have to wait in line for it.

4. 88 Acres Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter 

$14.99 for 14oz jar

Credit: @88acres

All of the products from 88 Acres are allergen-friendly, so this pumpkin-ized treat is perfect for anyone with food allergies or sensitivities. Made with just four ingredients -- organic pumpkin seeds, organic expeller pressed sunflower oil, organic powdered sugar, and sea salt -- the pumpkin seed butter is jam-packed with plant-based protein and makes a delicious addition to smoothies or as a spread on toast.

5. RXBAR Pumpkin Spice

$25.36 for 12 bars

Credit: @rxbar

Speaking of protein, high protein snack brand RXBAR has come bearing pumpkin goodies this season. That’s right, folks: The fan-favorite pumpkin spice bar is back on shelves for the season, in its original and Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter flavors. Each bar is made with egg whites as a source of protein and dates to provide natural sweetness. 

6. Honey Mama’s Pumpkin Spice Cocoa Truffle Bar

$24 for 4

Credit: @honeymamas

Craving something decadent? Honey Mama's Pumpkin Spice Cocoa Truffle Bar understands the assignment. The combination of rich chocolate and warming spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg equates to a creamy, dreamy treat that’s paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and made without refined sugars, soy, dairy, eggs, or grains. Your tastebuds will thank you. 

7. Cocomels Pumpkin Spice Caramels

$19.99 for 8 pack

Credit: @jjscocomels

Caramel lovers, this one’s for you. Cocomels are organic, vegan-friendly caramel candies that, in my humble opinion, taste infinitely better than the traditional sticky treat. These fall-flavored editions are made from a custom blend of organic spices that are folded into a creamy coconut milk caramel, and if that description alone made your mouth water, just wait until you taste them. 

8. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder Pumpkin Spice


Credit: @ancientnutrition

There are indulgent pumpkin spice products, and then there are healthy pumpkin spice products. Ancient Nutrition’s pumpkin spice bone broth is of the latter.  The powder can be added to smoothies, coffee, or mixed into hot water or warmed dairy-free milk; you can even add it to your morning pancake or waffle batter. One scoop yields a whopping 18g of protein, 16 of which come from collagen, plus plenty of amino acids to support a healthy gut.

9. KIND Cranberry Almond Cereal

$16.63 for 3 boxes

Credit: Kind

Pumpkin might be the dominant fall flavor, but it’s not the only fall flavor.  Apple and maple are present too, as is (in my opinion, the highly underrated) cranberry. Best known for their snack bars, KIND also makes cereal, and its Cranberry Almond variety is top-shelf. With sweet-yet-tart cranberries, sliced toasted almonds, and super grain oat and quinoa flakes making up every bite, it’s essentially Thanksgiving in a bowl.

10. Earnest Eats Maple Almond Cinnamon Superfood Oatmeal Cups 

$16.99 for 6 cups

Credit: earnest eats

Low on time and can’t whip up a homemade bowl of autumnal oats? Earnest Eats has you covered. Its Maple Almond Cinnamon Superfood cups come loaded with super grains -- oats, quinoa, and amaranth -- and sweetened with real maple. Topped with sliced almonds and a generous dash of cinnamon, it’s a microwavable breakfast you’ll want to grab on the go.

11. Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Cinnamon Ancient Grain Granola 

$20.49 for 3 bags

Credit: purely elizabeth.

Of all the better-for-you granola brands on the market, this writer favors all things Purely Elizabeth, and the brand’s pumpkin cinnamon clusters are no exception. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and made with organic ingredients, add these crunchies to smoothie bowls, use them as toppers for yogurt, or eat them by the handful as I do. 

12. Catalina Crunch Maple Waffle Cereal 

$39 for 4 bags

Credit: Catalina Crunch

As far as “healthy” cereals go, Catalina Crunch is the real deal. Each square is made keto-friendly,  gluten and grain-free, non-GMO, and 100% vegan. I’ve been hooked on the brand’s chocolate peanut butter flavor myself but will be switching over to Maple Waffle for the season. With 11g of protein, 9g of fiber, and only 14g of carbs in every serving, it’s an awesome breakfast option when you’re craving fall flavors, but don’t want to sacrifice nutrition in the meal. 

13. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

$10.99 for 4 pack

Credit: @dogfishhead

Here’s something to lift your spirits (see what I did there?): Dogfish Head released its pumpkin ale for the season, and each sip features hints of pumpkin, brown sugar, and spices. Sold in a 4 or 24-pack, this is one seasonal beverage you don’t want to miss.

15. Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Apple Pie Cookie

$21.95 for 12 cookies

Credit: @lennyandlarrys

Protein cookies are hit or miss in terms of flavor and texture, but Lenny & Larry’s baked goods never disappoint. The brand’s Apple Pie Cookie is as decadent as it is flavorful: It contains chunks of dried apple and one cookie (which yields two servings) contains 16g of protein and 10g of fiber. Yes, it’s relatively high in sugar (13g in every serving), but that’s why this protein-packed snack should be categorized as a treat.

16. Simple Mills Almond Flour Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix


Credit: @simplemills

On the list of pumpkin-flavored breakfast items, do not overlook pumpkin pancakes and waffles. This packaged mixture from Simple Mills is a great alternative if you don’t have the time or ingredients to whip up your homemade batch. Made with almond flour, pumpkin, and coconut flour (among other better-for-you ingredients) it’s a gluten-free, nutrient-dense option that tastes fantastic and is relatively good for you.

17. Caramel Apple Cow Tales

$10 for a box of 36

Credit: @cowtalescandy

Biting into a Cow Tale brings up all the nostalgic feels for this writer (my mom was obsessed and I followed suit), and the caramel apple variety is a fall-flavored treat fans of the candied fruit will want to try. 

18. Kodiak Cakes Blueberry & Maple Flapjack Cup


Credit: Kodiak Cakes

For anyone excited about fall but simultaneously mourning summer, check out this pancake-in-a-cup from Kodiak Cakes. It combines real blueberries (a summertime fruit) with maple syrup (a fall flavor) to channel the best of both seasons into every bite. Plus you get the added benefit of 12g of protein per serving, so it’s a highly nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. 

19. Gigantic! Smashing Pumpkin Sortasweet Candy Bar

$27.99 for a box of 8

Credit: @giganticcandy

The Gigantic! Smashing Pumpkin Sortasweet Candy Bar tastes almost like a Snickers, but with an autumn twist (and only 7 grams of sugar per serving). Made with real pumpkin and chunks of pecan, plant-based caramel, and elevated with cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spice,  this 100% vegan treat is about to dominate your candy drawer.

20. Katz Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Glazed Donut


Credit: @katzglutenfree

You might think of Dunkin’ when you’re craving a pumpkin spice donut, but there exists a gluten-free option that measures up to the coffee chain’s treat. Katz’s Pumpkin Spice Glazed Donut is gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free, so it’s the perfect alternative for anyone with food allergies or sensitivities. One box yields six donuts and it’s advised that they be kept frozen to sustain their freshness. Simply thaw before you eat, or pop them in the microwave and enjoy each warm, delicious bite.

21. Doughp Obligatory Fall Flavor Pumpkin Spice Edible Cookie Dough 

$39 for a pack of 2

Credit: @doughp

Another brand you might recognize from its stint on Shark Tank, Doughp cookie dough can be eaten straight out of the carton, chilled, or baked into cookies. It’s the millennial brand “serving nostalgia by the scoop,” as brand founder Kelsey told the Sharks, and this season the brand is celebrating all things fall with its obligatory autumnal treat: Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough made that much sweeter with white chocolate chips and marshmallow creme. Save each spoonful for yourself, or whip up a batch for the whole fam to share. 

22. Adam’s Apple Butter


Credit: Adam's Apple

Apple butter, like pumpkin butter, should be a staple item in your fridge this fall, and this writer highly recommends giving this jar from Adam’s Apple Co. a taste. This original recipe is what launched the brand from a family secret to a full-blown brand. Made with ingredients you know and trust, like apples, sugar, apple juice, water, molasses, and apple cider vinegar, each jar tastes homemade, because it practically is.

23. Dylan’s Candy Bar Harvest Tackle Box


Credit: @dylanscandybar

While technically this candy bento box from Dylan’s Candy Bar doesn’t feature any pumpkin, apple, or maple-flavored goodies, it does come well-stocked with treats like candy corn and mellow creme pumpkins - two of the most quintessential fall candies - so it deserves a spot on this list. 

24. Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Pecan Coconut Chocolate


Credit: @tonyschocolonely_us

This big bar from Tony’s Chocolonely sounds like a pie, but it’s actually a decadent chunk of chocolate. Made with pecans and coconut and rich dark chocolate, this is one bar you’ll struggle to eat only one square at a time.

25. Siggi’s Icelandic Style Cream-Skyr Pumpkin Spice Yogurt


Credit: @siggisdairy

There are plenty of pumpkin spice yogurts on the market, but a personal favorite is this container from Siggi’s. Made with pumpkin puree, pasteurized skim milk and cream, and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, this super creamy (albeit dense) yogurt tastes like pie filling that (bonus!) contains 15 grams of protein per serving.

Is your mouth watering? Same. It’s only a matter of time before all things pumpkin spice and everything nice turn to peppermint and gingerbread, so snatch these snacks while you can! 

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