My Ergatta Rower Workouts Make Me Feel More At Home In My Body

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While most people feel energetic or accomplished after working out, I always feel like an alien. Before coming out as non-binary/trans (I identify as both), I couldn’t figure out why working out felt so uncomfortable. I felt like Goldilocks, trying out different versions of a body that never felt just right. 

Last year, my friends and I went to Big Bear Lake, and I went kayaking for the first time. I’ve never felt so much joy while working out! Something about rowing that boat felt ancestral and gender-euphoric to me. It felt so good to be on the water that I didn’t mind feeling sore in the morning. When I went back home to LA, I immediately googled rowing machines that could fit in my cramped apartment.

To my dismay, most of the high-end rowing machines on the market were straight-up hideous. These thousand-dollar machines were typically made of ugly black plastic that would make my apartment look smaller, plus there was no way to store them. Besides aesthetics, I wanted a rowing machine with a stellar workout program with visuals and sounds that would bring me back to that first kayaking trip in Big Bear Lake.

Ergatta’s cherrywood finish makes it a beautiful living room addition
Credit: @ergattafitness 

The Perfect Rower — In Aesthetics And Quality

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, The Ergatta Rower ticks every box on my checklist. Handmade from American cherry wood, The Ergatta Rower gives my space an earthy look that goes perfectly with my plant-forward vibes. This look is totally different from all other home rowing machines, plus it instantly makes my space feel expensive and luxurious.

The best part? The Ergatta Rower is made to be stowed away vertically after your home workout, a complete lifesaver when you live in a small apartment. The Ergatta Rower is a waterrower, meaning it includes a water tank that gives the most soothing, meditative sound — bringing me right back to Big Bear Lake.

These vibes don’t come cheap: The Ergatta Rower costs $2,199, plus $29/month for the Ergatta Membership. Don’t let the price tag scare you — you can finance your Ergatta Rower for as low as $62/month with Klarna. So all in all, you’re looking at $91/month before taxes, which is probably the equivalent of your current gym membership. Totally worth it for this high-quality of a machine.

An at-home workout on my Ergatta Rower

Me vs. Me: Setting Up My Ergatta Machine

After stalking their site for weeks, The Ergatta Team was kind enough to send me my own rower to test out. The Ergatta Rower had been backordered for many weeks due to high demand, but the brand’s customer service and logistics teams communicated with me openly throughout the whole process. The white-glove delivery service assembled the machine for me before lugging it up the stairs and placing it in my living room.

Next, I had to calibrate my machine settings. The Ergatta Rower lets you row at four different intensities: Paddle, Steady, Race and Sprint. Most workout machines have generally prescribed fitness levels based on people of “normal” abilities, but normal looks different for everybody. Ergatta’s solution: A calibration sequence that observes your own speed and intensity, instead of pitting you against what’s considered “normal” for your weight and height. 

This fully customizable part of the experience has completely changed workouts for me. I felt like I could have an experience tailored just for me, regardless of my gender identity or weight. Instead of competing against other people, or comparing myself to gender or size norms, I could set my own goals and compete with myself.

Ergatta offers a number of workout programs to choose from
Credit: @ergattafitness

A Sleek Workout Program That Keeps You Motivated

The Ergatta Experience includes four kinds of workouts: Push Programs, Interval Training, Race and Open & Scenic Row. Push Programs are 30-day programs, typically with 15 workouts, that build your endurance up to the final rowing challenge. Push Programs are definitely my favorite because they remind me to treasure every little bit of work that goes into a long-term goal.

Interval Training features HIIT workouts that had ya boi SWEATING. I kept wanting to scream at the impossibly sleek interface to slow it down, but after a few tries, I was finally able to keep up with the intensity. Unlike biking or running, rowing is a full-body workout that engages 86% of your body’s muscle groups. The day after HIIT workouts, I definitely felt that soreness in 86% (or more) of my body, but it was worth it.

The Race feature is pretty cool because you’re able to race other members of the Ergatta community, friends who are also Ergatta users, or yourself. I love connecting with my competitive spirit, in the comfort of my own living room. Lastly, the Open & Scenic Row features relaxing visuals that have really come in clutch in the middle of the week. Instead of going for a walk or a midday snack, I’ll just hop into an Open & Scenic Row to liven up a boring afternoon.

Easy storage and real results: the ultimate workout from home combo
Credit: @ergattafitness

Incredible Results

After 30 days, I completed my first Push Program. Besides those 15 workouts, I dabbled in the other categories. Yes, I dropped a pant size and I can see a noticeable difference in my chest muscle definition. But the most important results? I feel more at home, connected, and comfortable with my body for the first time in years. 

No matter what gender, age or body type, The Ergatta Rower will help you achieve your fitness goals — right in the comfort of your own home.

5 More Reasons To Love The Ergatta Rower:

  • Financing Options: For as low as $62/month, The Ergatta Rower will grace your living room and help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Easy Stowaway Storage Feature: Say goodbye to exercise machines that take up precious floor space in small apartments. The Ergatta Rower can be stored vertically after you’re done with your workout.
  • Guided Workouts: For those who often feel clueless when it comes to workout equipment, don’t worry. The Ergatta Workout Experience is intuitive and instructive for beginners and racers alike.
  • Made In America: Each Ergatta Rower is handmade in Rhode Island using American cherry wood.
  • One-Year Limited Warranty: In the rare case that your Ergatta Rower breaks or malfunctions, you’re covered for one year.

Don't just take my word for it-- let Ergatta change your relationship with working out for the better.

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