This Canadian Furniture Brand Has All The Stylish Essentials You Need

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Canada is known for a lot of things. Hockey. Maple syrup. Thirst memes about Justin Trudeau.

But anyone who's visited cities like Montreal or Toronto knows they've also got a damn good sense of style. There's a distinct Canadian aesthetic that — though it unsurprisingly has some overlap with our U.S. sensibilities — feels like a breath of fresh air when you're looked through that West Elm catalog one too many times.

Enter EQ3, the Canadian furniture and home decor brand putting its unique spin on all kinds of furnishings. With everything from indoor and outdoor furniture, plus lighting and rugs, designed and tested in-house at their Winnipeg headquarters, its designs are cohesive and left-of-center — and generate savings that are passed onto customers.

As new fans of their work, we thought we'd call out a few highlights from their extensive collections. But first, it never hurts to have the backstory.

Kitchen ala EQ3 // photo credit: EQ3


When President and CEO Peter Tielmann co-founded EQ3 in 2001, his goal was to provide modern, eye-catching designs that fit into the "medium" price range. There was no denying the staying power of IKEA at the lower end of the budget, but the gulf between budget and luxury retailers was wider than ever at the turn of the millenium.

Which made EQ3 an instant success, a brand that embraced the popularity of mid-century modern but used better quality materials than the other affordable competitors. Delivering that premium product at a reduced price tag has been the bedrock of their mission ever since, resulting in lasting furniture that each customer can proudly stand behind.

With many of their products made to order, there's care and intention you don't usually find in the world of mass production. (When's the last time you saw a big box furniture store offer 25-year warranty?) And the kicker to it all, of course, is that their pieces are just plain gorgeous. So on that note, let's dive into some of the highlights from the EQ3 catalog.

Even if you're fully furnished, we have a feeling they'll catch your eye.

The Marcel Double Dresser // photo credit: EQ3


You can't be a quality furniture brand without making a quality sofa — so there's no better place to start than with EQ3's Replay model (starting at $2,099.) Available in a range of sizes and upholsteries, from fabric to leather, each has a design footprint of their own while unmistakably being part of the same collection. We're particular fans of the 91" fabric option ($2,899) for living rooms, both for its size and for the staggered pillows.

The Cello King Storage bed has gorgeous, plush rounded edges

Moving to the boudoir, EQ3's bedroom collection is chock-full of bangers. The Cello King Storage Bed (on sale for $2,559.20) takes its name from the sculptural curves of the string instrument, with rounded edges that feel imposing and comfortable at the same time. It's easily complemented with the Marcel Open Shelf Nightstand ($699) and the Marcel Double Dresser ($2,499), both designed by Winnipeg-based Matthew Kroeker. That duo stands out for its warm, natural wood detailing, and for the mesmerizing grains that guarantee that no two pieces will be identical.

The Marcel Open Shelf Nighstand’s clean lines

For dining, options range from the adorable yet sturdy Kacia Square Dinette Table ($599) to the full-size Harvest Dining Table ($1,499). The former is perfect for a breakfast nook, made from durable acacia wood and finished in a rich java-colored stain, while the latter is a rustic statement piece available in oak or walnut. Plus, depending on your family size, the Harvest has up to two additional leaves available, so you can expand and contract the table to your heart's content.

Ria Outdoor Lounge Chair // photo credit: EQ3


EQ3's outdoor collection isn't as large, but pieces like the Ria Outdoor Lounge Chair ($599) are still some of our favorites. With quirky curvature and an emerald color that plays well off of natural greenery, it's an aluminum chair that still feels soft and inviting. The matching dinette table ($699) is also perfect for sliding in between two loungers — and for making your backyard the new destination come happy hour.

Slimline Table Lamp // photo credit: EQ3


Even when you inherit terrible light fixtures, replacing them can often feel like an over-expensive hurdle. Not so with EQ3's affordable and stylish offerings, like the Wellington Glass Shade and Disc Pendant ($169.99 and $99.99.) The slim black disc against the smooth white shade makes for perfect contrast, while those who don't like monochrome will adore the pea green Custom Pleat Cone Pendant (169.99)

There's also sixty-six table lamps to choose from, with one for nearly every aesthetic. The Slimline Table Lamp ($149.99) keeps things slinky and angular, while the Boxy Table Lamp ($99.99 for small, $149.99 for large) lives up to its name. Perhaps the most elite of all is the Contour Lamp, which marries the diffusion of a ring light with the elegant geometry of modern sculpture.

Caden Rug // photo credit: EQ3


It should come as no surprise by now that the rug options also totally run the gamut, from the handwoven bulbs of the Caden Rug (from $999.99) to the gorgeous blue and peach accents in the Lake Rug (from $699.99.) Our favorite hallway runner is the Tartan ($199.99), with its color blocks that have personality but won't distract from any art hung on the walls.

Then last, but certainly not least, are the home decor accessories that complement it all. The Growler Vase ($39.99) has a playful, bulbous shape that looks fantastic with or without flowers, while the textural Weave Tray makes entertaining easy — and is currently on sale for less than $50. They've even got our new favorite bath towel, the two-toned Delight ($69.99), making them a one-stop shop for every nook of your abode.

The deeper we looked into their repertoire, the more we found to love. There's a wealth of design options in every section, partly thanks to their collaborations with local artists, and joyful, vibrant big swings you just won't find at an IKEA. So when the time comes to redecorate, you might want to call upon our new, modern furniture friends up in Canada.

Like any good neighbor, they're there to lend a hand.


  1. They have several in-house brands, like Humanscale (for ergonomic office furniture) and Marimekko (for bold, Finnish-inspired patterns), with cohesive sensibilities so you can tie your rooms together.
  2. They're committed to sustainability in everything from their eco-friendly finishes to their goal to have all packaging styrofoam-free by the end of this year.
  3. The environmental efforts are further supported by their ReHome shop, where you can save money on pre-owned pieces -- and keep them out of landfills.
  4. Need some inspo? They keep a running list of design trends and ideas for whenever you're ready to break out of your comfort zone.
  5. Interior designers, or those of you who love to work with them, can take advantage of EQ3's Trade program, which offers discounted pricing and endless customization options on their very best pieces.

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