It’s All French To Me: Emily in Paris Season 2 Style Guide

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Emily in Paris has a frothy appeal that takes viewers by surprise. The show itself has mixed reviews, but we’re product reviewers, not film critics, so we’re cool with it. Whether you think it’s an adorable rom-com or ultimately falls flat, there’s one element of the show that undeniably wins over even the strictest of critics: its wardrobe. 

It’s unabashedly high-end designer, with price tags that rarely align with each character’s respective career, but is that honestly any less realistic than *cough* the entire plot of the show? We slightly scaled them down for the purpose of the piece, but specific styles still clock in on the expensive side. 

We tackled Season 1’s style in detail, breaking down Emily’s vivid use of color and bold pattern matching. Each character has a distinctive flair: Camile’s classic French “it girl” palette, Mindy’s performative energy, Sylvie’s crisp elegance. In Season 2, they kicked it up a notch, although we noticed that each character’s styles became more similar to one another, creating a more consistent aesthetic for the wardrobe of the show… 

EMILY COOPER: Do Those Really Go Together?

As a self-professed maximalist, I relate to the ambition of Emily’s choices, despite the shocking patterns and palette. Her structure is generally work-adjacent, in light and bright patterns: blazers, heels, and traditionally feminine attire with choicy crop tops and color combos. Think Clueless, but with a beret and gloves. Emily’s style grew on me, partly due to her sheer confidence. 

Emily will take a simple blouse in an unusual color combo ($150) or striped knit tank ($15). She would absolutely wear sequined plaid (rented). Or perhaps chase another tulle evening gown moment ($238)? What about this electric blue leather dress with winged shoulders ($175)? Embellish with this houndstooth bucket hat ($23).

My personal favorite are her pastel purple boots, and the Paz Clog Boots in Lilac ($284) from Charlotte Stone are fabulously similar. 



Eva Franco

Charlotte Stone

English Factory



Joey Baby

MINDY CHEN: Performance-Worthy Sequins and Colors.

In Season 2, Mindy’s style is brash in a way similar to Emily’s. While Emily is naturally showy, Mindy’s boldness comes from her singing performances, which require outfits worthy of the drag bar.

Her heiress-worthy pricey pieces (like this striking sequin dress or perhaps chunky crystal earrings) are occasionally interspersed with cheaper, wearable items more realistic for a woman newly cut off from her family’s wealth. (Seriously, how can Emily and Mindy afford their designer?!) This attractive white tuxedo blazer ($164) is similar to one she wears in Episode 4, paired with snakeskin boots and a jaunty hat.

A fringed cardigan (rented) is an easy way to emulate her. And who would we be if we didn’t give someone a Paris Romance Jumpsuit?


Ronny Kobo



Ramy Brooks


CAMILLE RAZAT: Effortless French Cool.

Camille’s pairing of masculine and feminine styles allows for silhouette mixing that accentuates her best features. Her wardrobe? Boxy and tailored. The actress notes her character’s wardrobe asserts her strength with visible details and powerful shapes. 

Camille undoubtedly has a go-to leather jacket ($98) and a hot LBD ($100). She’ll wear heavy fabrics and strict outlines, like this gilded puffy-sleeved dress ($249), for occasions. Her basics look like this shawl collar coat ($199) or a minimally sexy sweater ($62) for everyday wear.


Abercrombie & Fitch

Leau Clothing

Blank NYC

Elliat Collective


Allina Liu

Flat White

SYLVIE GRATEAU: Established Designer Flair.

Sylvie’s style can best be described as draped and deliberate. Sylvie can make a splash – she’s a sexy 50-something French boss who’s hard to win over – but her statements often speak to years of establishing an intentional (and expensive) relationship with style rather than the playful self-discovery of the younger girls. She likes jewel tones, slits, and power suits. She lives for a bare shoulder. On the high-end side, she’d wear an attractive black cape gown for $660 or this colorblocked midi with a draped shoulder for $348. Better yet, the Sylvia Blouse ($289) or Sylvie Sweater Dress ($110). I swear I didn’t do that on purpose; something about her name must scream luxury.


Paule Ke

Sleeping With Jacques


White House Black Market


THE MEN: Okay, Fine, We Lumped Them All Together. Do You Blame Us?

Honestly, the guys in Emily in Paris tend to exist for the sole purpose of being Emily’s romantic interests – or the guiding forces she needs to tell her what she wants. The coworker, the hot chef, the boyfriend(s). They’re each attractive, polished, and relatively comfortable in their styles. Flamboyant Julien is perhaps the only exception. For him, we’ll throw in a swanky made-to-order Rowing Blazers jacket ($895) to be nice.

So my apologies, but we just went ahead and combined their shopping lists to provide a small list of brands from which you can recreate their looks. Let’s go with a well-performing pair of navy pants ($149), a premium watch ($148), everyday sneakers that last forever ($129) , and some sleek polos that channel our favorite attributes in activewear ($69.) For the many, many events and meetings they’re dragged to, a custom suit ($595) is a worthy splurge.

While the women steal the spotlight on this one, the men sure look great in the background.


Western Rise





Intrigued by the mix of patterns? You’re in luck. Seasons 3 and 4 have been greenlit at Netflix, and we can’t wait to see which creative combos are yet to come.

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