ELAVI Protein Bites Allow You to Conquer Your Day And Your Next Adventure

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As an extremely active family, we down our share of protein snacks to keep us satiated between cycling, hiking and Crossfit. Nutritional value plays a significant role in selection, but we often have to forgo reading the label for bars that taste – and look – less like gravel rocks we bike over. ELAVI was conceived to change this landscape.

Credit: Christine Morrison

Not Just Another Protein Bar

ELAVI – inspired by the word elevate – is not your typical protein bar. The (multi) bite size treats are half the size of traditional bars and aren’t meant to be meal replacements. At less than 1oz. and 100-120 calories per bar, ELAVI bites won’t ruin your daily caloric intake. But it’s the macro breakdown that I love most. With flavors averaging 5g of fat, 8g of protein and 10g of carbs, ELAVI Protein Bites deliver the ideal amount of nutrition to boost performance – and they take the edge off hunger without a sugar rush, thanks to 8g from naturally sweetened organic dates and honey.

Credit: Elavi

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

ELAVI Protein Bites feature clean proteins laden with collagen – sustainably sourced wild-caught marine collagen and grass-fed bovine collagen specifically – that were once only available in powders and pills. I’m all in as collagen is a crucial element in our bodies, responsible for keeping bones and joints healthy, maintaining gut health, building muscle mass and athletic recovery. And at 52, collagen is increasingly invaluable to me. While natural production of collagen begins diminishing in our twenties, after 50 it’s in significant decline leading to loss of elasticity (read sagging skin), wrinkles and even thinning hair. Ahh, the beauty of aging.

Despite its petite size, ELAVI also packs in pea protein, a plant-based protein that is a fantastic source of iron and keeps you satiated, and antioxidant superfoods. This power packed nutrition (available in an 8-bites pouch, for $29.99) comes in three appetizing flavors: Blueberry Vanilla Crisp, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Goji Berry. I am partial to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as it feels the most decadent. While this little treat seemingly has it all, what it leaves out is equally important. ELAVI does not contain chicory root fiber (aka inulin), a common ingredient in protein bars used to boost fiber, as it causes unwanted bloating. ELAVI’s commitment to quality ingredients means my body can break down the bar with ease and keeps me coming back for more.

Credit: @heyelavi

Elevate Your Wellness

While I am not decreeing that a few delicious collagen-packed bites will bring back my youth – which I don’t long for anyway – I am grateful that this female-founded brand can contribute to my current overall wellness. If Crossfit has taught me anything (other than mad Olympic-lifting skills) it’s that nutrition contributes far more to your well-being than fitness. It’s imperative, especially as age slows metabolism, to consistently make good choices. ELAVI co-founders Michelle Razavi & Nikki Elliot concur, "We've learned that the key to longevity is wellness from within - nourishing our bodies from the inside out.” With the right size, ingredients, taste and texture, ELAVI is the nourishing snack that can help you get there.

But making collagen consumption delicious and convenient is just the beginning for Michelle and Nikki. The co-founders are already looking beyond protein snack bites to establish themselves as a wellness brand that can empower people: "The bigger mission is to help our consumers feel their best so they can go out into the world and share that energy with others.” Bring it on.

Five More Reasons To Love ELAVI:

  • The female-founded brand was developed by two fitness instructors who felt there was a dearth of delicious, healthy snacks.
  • ELAVI was developed with the help of food scientists. They tested the product for months to make sure “it was soft enough to bite into but not crumbly where it would fall apart in your bag.”
  • The bars are dairy-, gluten- and grain-free, as well as Paleo, to befit a breadth of diet needs.
  • Wild marine collagen is linked to beauty benefits – strengthening skin, hair, nails.
  • You can reset your snack habit with a $20 sampler variety pack. Try all three to pick your favorite(s).

Want to elevate your day? Try ELAVI collagen protein bites!

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