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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

Spring is on its way at last, and our seasonal recommendations have landed. Sip in that fresh, crisp air and prepare for sunshine ahead: whether you’re on-the-go or hosting at home, our March edition of Add To Cart is sure to infuse some spring into your step. 

Credit: @wearethenewfarmers

We Are The New Farmers: Fresh Frozen Spirulina ($45)

“I was recently introduced to this innovative, sustainable food tech company that created a new way of farming to produce Spirulina (a microalgae rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants among other nutrients). With full control over its climate, water quality and more, We Are The New Farmers produces fresh and unprocessed Spirulina, which is uncommon in the US. I love throwing the relatively tasteless frozen cubes – which equate to two cups of greens and reduce inflammation while promoting healthy aging – in a smoothie with fruit.” – Christine

Credit: @waldo_vision

Waldo: Daily Contact Lenses ($18 per box)

“Waldo reminds me of Warby Parker, but for contact lenses. These affordable, comfortable contacts are shipped directly to your door on a subscription basis. All you have to do is send in your prescription. Plus, you get a 10-day free trial to test them out. I wear glasses all the time and struggled to find a contact lens that felt comfortable for extended periods of time – I wore Waldo contacts out a couple weeks ago, and they were very comfortable. I also have the eye drops that help keep your eyes from feeling too dry. And the packaging is so pretty!” – Aliza

Credit: @realchemistry

Real Chemistry: Peel Everything! ($100)

“I was recently introduced to Real Chemistry peels and am loving them! After trying what seems like a million exfoliators, I can confidently say this one works. This may be a little graphic, but each peel gives that I-just-sat-in-a-hot-tub-and-my-skin-feels-like-it-could-peel-right-off sensation. For geeks like me, the science behind it is super cool and unique, too. These peels are both effective and safe (unlike chemicals that can irritate your skin if left on too long or gloves that make micro-tears in your skin).” – Hannah

Credit: @hello_mockingbird

Mockingbird: Single-to-Double Stroller ($450)

“This DTC stroller is every family's dream! It fits up to three kids (with the newly launched riding board), has a super smooth ride, and is made with high quality materials that won't get messed up the minute you take it outside. We love this stroller for everyday walks, rugged adventures through the park and car or plane travel (it folds up neatly!). With a base price of $450 it's practically half the cost of its competitors, making it a great option for many families.” – Jenni

Credit: @flovitamins

FLO: Probiotic Soft Chews (from $24.99)

“My hormonal acne, cramping, and bloating sucks. I’ve been looking for easier ways to clean up my gut health without sacrificing my taste buds. After getting daily FLO Vitamin TikTok ads I finally decided to take the Flo Biotics Soft Chews consistently. Two weeks later, I noticed how clear my skin had gotten and how much leaner I looked without my normal bloat! This is the only change I’ve made in my routine in the last month. Shoutout to this special type of probiotic that can survive stomach acids and travel all the down the intestines intact. It’s also sugar free, but tastes as juicy as a Starburst. It’s hard to eat only one a day!” – Umama

Credit: @gardyntech

Gardyn: Home Kit (from $699)

“I received my automated, smart vertical growing system a few months ago and have finally begun harvesting my own lettuce and herbs. The system is completely self-powered, meaning all I have to do is add water and harvest my greens when they’re ready. I cannot recommend a Gardyn system enough – to say I’m obsessed is an absolute understatement. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon!” – Hallie

Credit: @undergroundcellar

Underground Cellar: Online Wine Deals (prices vary)

“I've recently tried the ‘Priceline of wine,’ the startup aiming to turn drinkers into collectors. You pay a per-bottle buy-in price for mystery wines in Underground Cellar's deals of the day and are automatically upgraded for most upon checkout. I felt like a winner when I got a $75 champagne for $32. Better yet, I don't have to ship my wine right away; the company stores it for me in Napa Valley until I feel like retrieving my bottles, allowing me to build up my collection if I so choose.” – Grace 

Credit: @fabslabsusa

Fab Slabs: Grazing Platters ($54)

“These grazing boards are not only gorgeous, but they're super hygienic! FabSlabs cutting boards have been extensively tested by a NATA-approved laboratory for the four most common food pathogens: E. coli, Salmonella, Staph, and Listeria. Tests showed that these microbes were unable to survive after a short time on the board. Plus they're treated with natural oils and smell really earthy and good!” – Kaleigh

Wunderkeks Cookies ($31.95)

“Biting into these cookies for the first time made me feel like I had been robbed of pure joy for the first 27 years of my life. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but seriously – these are the Best. Cookies. Ever. It might take everything in you to keep from sinking your teeth into the first bite immediately, but the ooey-gooey magic comes from the 2-3 minutes of patience it takes to warm the cookies in the oven (see the drool-worthy gif above). What was originally just a gift from a friend has become a full-blown obsession – I have a subscription to keep the cookie jar stocked at all times. The Red Velvet & Chocolate Chip Cookies have truly become a form of self care for me.

Wunderkek cookies (and brownies) are homemade, “just like grandma used to make” – no preservatives or transfat! And the brand is proudly LGBTQ+ owned, driven by a mission to help everyone keep their inner child alive. As if my raving review wasn’t enough, Wunderkek means “miracle cookie” in German and that just says it all.” – Kristen

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