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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

It’s a lovey-dovey type month, which means it’s only fair you treat yourself to a little extra self care. After all, expressing love to others begins with showing compassion and kindness to yourself. As experts in the matter, we have many ideas to help get you started. To you, from you (and us – but we’ll let you take the credit): treat yourself with February’s edition of Add To Cart. 

Credit: @ourexercisebrand

OXB: Sweatproof Jewelry – from $38

“I have a hard time remembering to take off my jewelry before the gym, showering, getting in the sauna, or swimming. Unless I spend a fortune, it's guaranteed that within a few weeks of wearing a new gold plated necklace or pair of earrings, they'll be turning my skin green. Recently, a friend introduced me to sweatproof jewelry by OXB and my life is forever (chain)ged. It doesn't matter if I need to run a 5K, errands, or to the fridge: this jewelry is sweatproof and made to last through everyday life. Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself, your favorite sweaty bestie, or your gym crush, OXB's gold-filled pieces will win their heart.” –Kristen

Credit: @fleurandbee

Fleur and Bee: H2 Oh Yeah – $24

“I live in the Midwest, and during winter, my face gets extremely dry (even more so when I'm running outdoors in the wind and cold!). This newly launched moisturizer from Fleur and Bee has been working really well for me: I apply it at night and in the morning before makeup and have already noticed less dryness around my nose and mouth! It's thick without being heavy, smells great, and lasts all day.” –Kaleigh

Credit: @immieats

immi: Instant Ramen– $39

“I am a ramen fanatic – sometimes out of love for the taste, but more often out of absolute necessity. Whether I’m having trouble finding the time to cook for myself or scraping by in the days before rent is due, the cheap, versatile, easy-to-make staple has been there for me through thick and thin. Recently, I’ve been really into immi Ramen. It’s a huge step up from the classic packs of college days past. Plant-based, low-carb, and high protein, immi is an incredibly nutritious, updated take on my go-to favorite.” –Jordan

Credit: Radley London

Radley: Year of the Tiger Large Zip Around Matinee Purse – $115

“While many designers' Lunar New Year-themed collections often fall short for me, with gimmicky nods to this important holiday, I adore London-based Radley's covetable capsule. My favorite piece might be this versatile purse-slash-wallet, which pays homage to the Year of the Tiger with an adorable, leather-handstitched jungle scene. This soft leather carrier keeps your belongings highly organized as well, thanks to multiple internal compartments and card slots. It's a stylish, whimsical way to approach the occasion and I'm all for it!” –Tiffany

Credit: @mgemi

M. Gemi: Noemi Boot – $298

“While I'm working on some very serious research to find the best boots of winter and early spring (to share with our TQE readers, of course), I've come across these (perfect) boots from M.Gemi. It's strangely difficult to find a pair of classic Chelsea boots with a sturdy lug sole that aren't ridiculously trend-driven. I've found my ideal in these. They're ridiculously comfortable, look just as sleek with a minidress as they do with my vintage Levi's, and make me feel put-together, not boring. Wearing these on repeat all month long.” –Zoë

Credit: @azurfit

Azur: Sweatpants and Hoodie in Granite – $128

“I remember sweatsuits were all the jam in mid-2020 when everyone had just started working from home. Almost two years later, I will shamelessly admit that I am still rocking the matching hoodie and sweatpants look. I'm extremely picky about quality and material and have been blown away by this set from Azur Fit. It's thick, soft and the color is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm now thinking about picking up the same outfit in Ivy and Oxford. For my sake, I highly recommend everyone to stay on this sweatsuit wave.” –Lillie 

Credit: @drinkghia

Ghia: Non-Alcoholic Aperitif – $33

“I know – Ghia isn't exactly breaking news -- Melanie Masarin launched the non-alc aperitif brand in 2020. But, I've recently been on a total Ghia bender, mixing it with club soda and ice to cap off my days. The bitter-forward taste profile makes drinking bubbly water feel like an elevated ritual turned border-line addictive habit. At only 15 calories a serving, it's also helping me avoid reaching for my bar-cart. I say: Cheers to that.” –Scott

Credit: @pizzagirlofficial

Pizza Girl: Marinara, Vodka, and Arrabbiata Sauce – from $33

“My family's had more pizza and spaghetti lately than I care to admit. With a health issue in the family, we haven't had the time or inclination to cook anything that involves real effort. Luckily, we've discovered (and loved) the organic, locally sourced goodness of Pizza Girl sauces, the latest venture by executive chef Caroline D'Amore. We've loved the Marinara Sauce, Vodka Sauce, and Arrabbiata Sauce -- which draw from a long line of Italian family recipes -- to satisfy our palate. They're fresh, healthy, and delicious choices that are oh-so-easy to whip up for a quick dinner. Shop them all in the 3 Pack Sampler.” –Grace

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