Add To Cart: Editors’ Favorite November Picks

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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

Do you smell what we smell? Fall is in the air -- and with it, our editors’ coziest, smartest, and most gift-able picks for the month of November. Whether you’re currently prepping for Thanksgiving, already planning for the holidays, or simply sitting back and sucking in that early November crisp, we have recs for you. Explore them in November’s Add To Cart, and check back in with us soon -- our holiday guides are just around the corner! 

My Aura frame proudly on display!

Aura: Mason Luxe Frame ($249)

“TBH, I thought digital frames were a thing of the past, but the Mason Luxe frame by Aura has completely changed my perspective. This frame is unlike any other I've ever had. Not only can it display portrait or landscape images, it also has the ability to play videos -- plus the quality is beautiful. My favorite part about this frame is that it's perfect for long-distance love (in all of its many forms). You are able to invite anyone from anywhere in the world to be a contributor to your frame, or if you purchase as a gift you can add photos prior to gifting and continue uploading photos from afar. I got this frame for myself, but my partner and I have already ordered two more to ship off to our long-distance mommas, preloaded with some of our favorite photos and videos. We're so excited to be able to add more photos to keep their frames updated and current with what we're up to whenever we're not able to be with them.” -Kristen

Credit: @cuzenmatcha

Cuzen: Matcha Maker Starter Kit ($369)

“I had been eyeing this matcha maker for a long time before I finally splurged on it. My only regret? That I didn't buy it sooner. A sleek addition to any countertop, Cuzen makes insanely smooth, coffee-shop-worthy matcha lattes. My new party trick is whipping up warm and cozy matcha lattes for friends on crisp fall weekend mornings...bliss.” -Hallie 

Credit: @milacaresquad 

Mila Air Purifier (from $349)

“I always thought air purifiers were a bit boujee -- even as an asthmatic who's genuinely allergic to the world. The Mila Air Purifier totally changed my mind; it's smart, sleek, and has improved my air quality so much. Not only does it purge toxins and particulates from the air, it also continually gives you updates through its connected app about both your respective location and your space. For cooking, we highly recommend the "Bubble Boy" setting that continually refreshes your air -- perfect while you're bustling around the kitchen for Thanksgiving! It minimizes smoke and odors, provides allergy relief, and adds a little extra security regarding airborne *issues* to your gathering. They've sold out several times, so get yours before it disappears!” -Grace 

Credit: @shop_reden 

RĒDEN Love Flat ($195)

“RĒDEN is what happens when a fashion and footwear veteran joins forces with an orthopedic surgeon. After battling cancer and experiencing chemo-related foot pain, founder Nelli Kim set out to craft the world’s most comfortable (and stylish!) shoes, leveraging her 20 years of experience working at Bergdorf Goodman, Shopbop, and more. Every pair is co-designed by A. Holly Johnson, MD, who specializes in foot and ankle surgery. All of RĒDEN’s shoes, like these almond-toe flats, come with a proprietary arch-supporting, cushioned insole and shock-absorbing outsole. Kim is also committed to giving back—partnering with the American Cancer Society and women’s cooperatives in India.” -Tiffany

Game changer for all the holiday shopping

LOCKER Browser Extension (free!)

“While my norm is having too many tabs open on my computer, the holidays are overwhelming as I shop for gifts and create my personal holiday wishlist. But not this season thanks to LOCKER, the incredibly cool, convenient browser extension that lets me shop for items I want -- and want to give -- keeping track of them in one place. Setting up an account in two easy steps (create account and add it to Google Chrome), and I've begun to create and share my wishlist to ensure I get everything I want from stores. With LOCKER alleviating the stress of shopping, I will also get the one thing we all need for Christmas -- peace.” -Christine

Credit: @shopredone 

Re/Done High Rise Loose Denim ($265)

“While I wrote a full-length review on these jeans earlier in the year, they've simply gotten better with time. As the weather gets cooler (and these jeans age like a fine wine with each wear), I find myself throwing on my RE/DONE denim multiple times a week. As a long-time devotee of vintage denim, I never thought I'd find a pair to beat my favorite old Levi's -- but these are so good, I might need to order more (because I would wear these literally every day, if I could). In addition to striking the perfect balance between a true rigid denim fabric that also feels comfortable and lived-in, the straight-leg, loose silhouette simply makes me feel chic. The longer inseam looks sleek with a pair of heeled boots, or cuffed casually with some Birkenstocks. Happy to report that these jeans earnestly live up to the hype.” -Zoë

These boots are made for walking...

Chinese Laundry: Ramble boots ($99.95)

“They're champagne-colored, suede, and have rhinestones. Need I say more? These boosts are super comfortable with a medium-height heel and a size zipper that make them easy to slip on and off. Perfect for fall outfits!” -Kaleigh

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