Add To Cart: Editors’ Favorite July Picks

Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

Our motto for July? Look good, feel better. With recs for the ultimate de-puffing gua sha, a hydrating lip mask worthy of ALL CAPS excitement, and blue light glasses that will, in fact, improve both your eye strain and outfit, we present our ultimate July lineup. A bonus treat to beat the heat? You’ll find a few tasty splurges at the end of this list to cover those bases, too. Keep cool, stay fresh, and enjoy adding our favorite picks to your cart! 

Credit: @sasha.mei

Three Ships Beauty: Hydrating Lip Mask

“Talk about a GAME CHANGER. This Hydrating Lip Mask from Three Ships Beauty has saved my lips in every season. To sum it up, I avoid cracking in the winter, super dry lips in the summer (plus, it tastes ah-mazing). Just when I thought I couldn't love this product more, I developed a new-found love after getting lip fillers--it became essential to my healing process. If you want juicy lips all year 'round, put this on your add to cart list now.” - Kristen

Credit: @katrinalawsonjohnston

Cossie + Co: Two Piece Swimwear

“Bathing suit shopping has never been my favorite activity, so I lucked out when I discovered Cossie + Co. Their honeycomb fabric is thick, soft, and stretchy - keeps everything in and feels so luxurious. I love mixing colors with the Gemma top in Flamingo and Lucinda bottom in Fuschia.” -Jenni

Credit: @oil.and.rain

Boie USA: Face Scrubber

“I will tell ANYONE who will listen how incredible this face scrubber is. My skin feels so clean and fresh, plus the silicone is antibacterial — more sanitary than my own fingers. Best $8 I've ever spent.” - Leo

Credit: @lookopticusa

Look Optic: Abbey Blue Light Glasses

“It only took a little over a year of online everything to convince myself that blue light glasses were worth the investment, and that I could get away with wearing non-prescription glasses. I snagged Look Optic's Abbey Blue-light glasses in Clear to (primarily) help with my WFH eye strain, but also to (secondarily) compliment any outfit. They have been the perfect addition to my work-from-home (but really, work-from-a-local-coffee-shop) style.” - Rosemary

Credit: @livetinted


“Now that I’m back to socializing mask free in public I’m loving the Live Tinted Huestick! It’s a three in one: eye, lip and cheek multi-stick that also balances out dark circles. Getting ready just got so much easier. Also Deepica's genius inclusive and sustainable brand is so badass.” -Umama

Credit: @vivian.yrl

Nuuly: Monthly Clothing Rental Subscription

“I've been an avid fan of Nuuly since late 2019. Think a younger, funkier version of Rent the Runway. For $88/month, I pick six pieces each cycle to rent from my favorite brands. Nuuly was perfect for the end of college, when I didn't want to buy new cocktail dresses but resented rewearing the same frock yet again. Now in post grad, Nuuly is an excellent way of affordably gifting myself that new-clothes energy and trying out styles as I enter a new era.” - Grace

Credit: @hellogelidbeauty

gelid beauty: Pink Gua Sha Tool

“I'm on a mission to chisel my face to perfection this summer. I often wake up puffy so this electronic scraping device is a life saver. It combines the powers of gua sha, heating, vibration and LED red light therapy to firm and tighten the skin while eliminating puffiness and removing toxins. Nothing speaks to my lazy heart like a 4-in-1 beauty gadget.” -Iman

Credit: @sydneyliann

Athleta: Ultra High Rise Elation ⅞ Tight

“I LIVE in Athleta's powervita leggings. The fabric is the perfect blend of compression and stretch with a nice high rise and even petite sizing for a short gal like me. Holds up well in the wash, too! Plus: Many sizes have side pockets, which all leggings should have.” -Kaleigh

Credit: @honeymamas

Honey Mama’s: Cocoa Truffle Bars

“As someone who can’t eat sugar or dairy, an indulgent treat is hard to find. I’ve tried every non-cane sugar, vegan chocolate under the sun, and none compared to the real thing—until I met Honey Mama’s. I keep multiple bars in my fridge at all times, and since it’s only sweetened with honey, it’s a lot kinder to my tum. Plus, it’s so delightfully fudge-y that I usually only need one square as a treat after dinner, so I’m sure it’d be helpful for anyone trying to curb their sugar cravings!” -Tatiana

Credit: @marcoicecream

Marco Sweets & Spices: Ice Cream Pints

“As an ice cream connoisseur, I’ve made it my mission to try every artisanal scoop—so you don’t have to. My new favorite is Marco Sweets & Spices, a DTC culinary ice cream brand that ships nationwide. It’s known for global flavors starring bold, complex spices: Turkish Mocha is infused with cardamom, anise adds depth to Provençal Strawberry, and dried chili brightens up creamy Thai Coco-Lime. Later this summer, look out for a new flavor spotlighting ras el hanout, an earthy North African spice blend. It’s exactly what you need to beat the heat—plus, 1% of every sale goes to Kenya-based nonprofit One Acre Fund, which provides smallholders farmers with asset-based financing and agriculture training services to reduce hunger and poverty.” -Tiffany

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