Luxurious Fragrance Meets Upcycled Practices At Eauso Vert

Credit: Eauso Vert

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Fragrance shouldn’t be an afterthought – it’s about layering to complete a look or creating a memory.

One day I might feel like adding a bit of sensual spice; another day could entice me to go for something more floral or gourmand. And because I love to mix it up, discovery sets and travel sizes make sense to me.

Fragrance lovers will appreciate the selection of scents in Eauso Vert’s Discovery Set ($60), which comes with five beautifully-crafted vials with nearly an ounce of fragrance each.

Eauso Vert’s Discovery Set features a range of luxurious scents, from warm notes in Vanilla Embers to the musk and woodsy notes in Purple Noon.
Eauso Vert

As my collection of fragrances grows, I find myself gravitating toward scents described as genderless and luxurious. The type of fragrances that leave a gorgeous hint of scent wherever you go, inviting those around you to wonder what and where it’s coming from.

One brand hitting all the right notes is Eauso Vert, featuring beautiful fragrances that are natural, safe synthetic, and upcycled.

Luxury That Gives A Damn

Founders Tanya Gonzalez and Faye Harris bonded over many things during their time in marketing roles at Estee Lauder Cos. Inc – their interest in fragrance being one of them.

In an interview with Beauty Independent, Gonzalez highlighted what they wanted to create and how they wanted to set their prospective brand apart in the field.

“We were always discussing different trends within the space and how we really wished that the clean category would make its way on over to fragrance,” she explained.

That’s where the idea for Eauso Vert was born.

Described as ‘luxury that gives a damn,’ Eauso Vert provides consumers with luxurious and clean formulas.

Since ‘clean’ is a hot topic in the beauty industry (and doesn’t have clear-cut lines or parameters), the duo opted to follow Credo Beauty and the International Fragrance Association’s standards regarding fragrance ingredients.

Once Gonzalez and Harris moved forward with developing Eauso Vert, the first option was to raise funds with the help of venture capitalists. That proved difficult for this women-owned (and women of color) brand. Using their experience in marketing and social media, they tapped into the community they built online to raise funds through Kickstarter.

Within ten days on the platform, Eauso Vert reached its goal of $25,000 – with 178 supporters pledging $32,899.

Uniquely designed with sustainable materials, Eauso Vert’s design and packaging is as environmentally-friendly as it is beautiful.
Credit: Eauso Vert

The pledges went to sourcing vials and securing a sustainable cap made using renewable materials (cork and wood) without any plastic or glue.

The Elements of Eauso Vert

The brand uses three practices to create its formulas:

  • Categorize sources of ingredients. Credo Beauty requires brands to do as such with fragrance, meaning ingredients fall under natural, naturally derived, synthetic, essential oils, and certified organic categories.
  • Utilize thoughtful ingredients. Eauso Vert shines by leaning into upcycled ingredients in its luxury formulas. Using the entirety of a plant is a goal to reduce waste and create a unique scent. Upcycling, such as using essential oils byproducts following extraction, also plays a big part in the puzzle.
  • Provide traceability. Eauso Vert wants consumers to know everything they can about the fragrance they’re purchasing and wearing. To help make this possible, the brand uses blockchain technology to trace materials as it moves through production. And because sustainability is important to most consumers, Eauso Vert also tracks and records environmental and social practices.

Consumers who value where and how they get their products will appreciate the added detail, which can be found via a QR code with a purchase.

“The buyer will be able to scan a QR code and trace the fragrance and its origin back from seed to bottle,” Gonzalez says.

A Series of Moments

Five scents are part of the initial launch of the fragrance brand Eauso Vert.
Eauso Vert

The Discovery Set includes five scents with their respective notes:

SINTRA: Floral Spicy (top notes: Bergamot Oil, Italian Lemon, Aquaflora |heart notes: Lavandin, French Mimosa, Ylang-Ylang| base notes: Orris, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Sensual Musk)

BOOZY PATCHOULI: Woody Spicy (top notes: Italian Bergamot, Lemon Cedrat, Pink Pepper | heart notes: Upcycled Rose, Moroccan Neroli, Orris | base notes: Patchouli, Turkish Rose, Vetiver, Amber

PURPLE NOON: Amber Floral Woody (top notes: French Ginger Oil, Tunisian Neroli Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Italian Bergamot, Coconut Water | heart notes: Moroccan Orangeflower, Geranium | base notes: Orris, Ylang-Ylang, Indian Tuberose, Musk, Vanilla

VANILLA EMBERS: Amber Gourmand (top notes: Cardamom, Aquaflora | heart notes: Jasmine, Moroccan Orangeflower | base notes: Sandalwood, Upcycled Turmeric Root, Vanilla Bean)

JOGA: Citrus Floral (top notes: Italian Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Currant, Petitgrain | heart notes: Upcycled Turmeric Leaf, Magnolia Oil, Green Mate, Black Pepper | base notes: Vetiver, Jasmine, White Amber

After having an opportunity to test out the five scents in the Discovery Set, I’ve narrowed it down to two favorites: Boozy Patchouli and Purple Noon.

Each scent is delightful and has a luxurious finish, and for any fragrance lover, the Discovery Scent is worth including in a personal collection. I applied the fragrance to recommended pulse points: inner wrists, and behind the earlobes and could tell that the scent lasted a good three to six with a single application, depending on which scent I tested.

If you love layering fragrances, go for it with Eauso Vert! The entire collection features scents that work together to create something truly unique.

Here’s a tip: different fragrances can vary in length of wear. For example, a musk fragrance is typically longer-lasting due to the size of molecules in the formula over a lighter, citrus-based scent. This could help you determine which fragrance suits your preferences.


1.      Eauso Vert is 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny certified.

2.      Scents are genderless, making them ideal for everyone!

3.      Each of the five scents is inspired by life’s experiences through music, movie, and travel.

4.      Eauso Vert’s scents are long-lasting, averaging between four and six hours.

5.      Save on your first order by subscribing to the newsletter!

Discover Eauso Vert’s luxurious, eco-conscious fragrances here.

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