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As a kitchen tool whose express purpose is stated right in its name, cutting boards are often designed with function, not form, in mind. Yet here at TQE we're always asking the question, why can't we have both? The best home goods steal our hearts not just by fulfilling their role, but by looking fabulous while doing it. After all, the Le Creuset pot's gorgeous enamel and Pantone coloring are what's earned it a spot on so many countertops – more than its peerless heat conduction, I would argue.

With that in mind, we've rounded up eight cutting boards to bring a little bit of style to your mincing and dicing. They're as sturdy, dependable and high-performing as you'll need come prep time, but earn their spot as a serving vessel once dinner is served. And with solid wood stunners next to boards built from renewable sugarcane, we've got the full range of materials and surfaces to choose from. 

Walnut End Grain Butcher Block

​​The End Grain Walnut Butcher Block by Brooklyn Butcher Blocks ($250)

Between the three types of wood cutting boards – face grain, long grain and end grain – end grain models are hands down the most desirable. With wood grains that run perpendicular to the cutting surface, these boards are patchworks of different woods’ end surfaces, lending them an almost mosaic appearance. More than that, because of their structure, they're virtually impervious to warping, giving them a long-lasting durability that justifies the higher price point. It's hard to get more stately than Brooklyn Butcher Blocks' walnut model, with its dark wood and curving grain lines. That's what we call "wow factor."

Photo credit: Hawkins New York

The Organic Cutting Board by Hawkins New York (from $95)

While searching for a circular option to round things out (pun very much intended), I instantly fell in love with this egg-shaped beauty from Hawkins New York. Handmade in Portugal, these boards have a truly artisanal quality to them. With the term "organic" having been deployed into oblivion to sell products, it's refreshing to see another take on the word: one that speaks to the fluid, natural shape these boards have. Choose from one of three sizes and finishes, and say hello to your new centerpiece.

Photo credit: HAY

The Half & Half Chopping Board by HAY ($40)

Craving color for your kitchen? The Half & Half doubles down, quite literally, with its two-tone design, giving you a pair of contrasting surfaces to choose from. Alternate between the two for different types of foods (a key feature for households containing meat-eaters and their plant-based friends) or simply to suit your vibe. It's light-weight, easy to clean, and let's face it, fun to look at.

Photo credit: Jenni Kayne

The Farmhouse Cutting Board by Jenni Kayne ($145)

Light-colored maple and softly rounded edges lend this board its titular farmhouse allure, with a finish that feels both rustic and editorial. Maple is a fantastic wood for cutting boards: durable enough to resist scratches and nicks, but not so hard that it will wear down your knives. That gives this model serious substance to go with its style – and Jenni Kayne fans will be glad to know that a site membership reduces its price by 20%.

Photo credit: Joseph Joseph

The Folio Chopping Board Set by Joseph Joseph ($60)

If you've got multiple cutting boards on hand, counter space gets eaten up real fast. That is, unless you have one of the Folio sets from Joseph Joseph, a stylish suitcase of sorts for your color-coded cutting boards. With staggered heights that put all four boards on display and stainless-steel handles for easy lifting, this slim storage case stores all your options in one place – while separating them internally to help with air-drying. Bonus points for the grip feet that keep things 100% slip-free. 

Photo credit: Lulu and Georgia

The French Cutting Board by Lulu and Georgia ($105)

As is their wont, the French have even made their cutting boards impossibly chic. A French-style board is distinctive for its prominent handle, which speaks to its dual duty as both prepware and serving platter. Made from well-worn, reclaimed wood, it's not so precious you'll feel guilty taking knives to it, but it practically begs to be adorned with charcuterie at cocktail hour too. 

Photo credit: Material

The reBoard by Material ($35)

Kitchens in general can be a very wasteful environment, and kitchenware as an industry is sadly no exception. Material tackles this problem head-on with its reBoard, a jewel-toned, BPA-free solution made from kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. This board is as user-friendly as it gets, both dishwasher-safe and easy to hang from storage hooks thanks to a corner cutout. Having reached "cult-following status" according to Domino, it's safe to say this one is a crowdpleaser.

The Professional Cutting Board by Teakhaus ($119.99)

Dubbed "the last cutting board you'll ever need" by America's Test Kitchen for the last 9 years, Teakhaus has widespread support among professional chefs. Chop and slice like the pros with this 107 Rectangle Edge Grain board, made from water-repellant, medium-hard teak, as easy on knives as it is sustainable. The hand grips on either side are a huge boost for portability, but it's the long strips of edge grain wood that give this board its unmistakably high-end feel. Sometimes, a big, spacious board is what's standing between you and the zen of mise en place.

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