This Sustainable Bedding Brand Wants Your Sheets to Last a Lifetime

Credit: Coyuchi

With all the trendy, sustainable, downright cool new bedding brands popping up all over the direct-to-consumerverse, picking one often feels like a shot in the dark. But there’s one brand that’s been holding down the soft, sustainable bedding market for decades. Since 1991, Northern California-born brand Coyuchi has been honing its craft, and continuing to set the standard for climate-conscious design. 

The brand is based in Point Reyes, CA, which…well, I'll just leave this here. The area’s natural colors––the water’s blue, the grays of the cliffside fog, the greenery of the neighboring lush hikes and whatever shades the sun casts over all of it––come across distinctly in each of Coyuchi’s collections. And, much like the landscape, the sheer quality speaks for itself.

Credit: @coyuchi 

Round and Round We Go

The planet has always been central to Coyuchi’s design process. The brand was early to commit to making high-quality textiles using only 100% organic cotton. Coyuchi is still committed to setting industry standards, even amongst countless younger competitors. 

With about 21 billion pounds of textile waste going into landfills each year, Coyuchi’s goal is to keep products in use for as long as possible. This manifests in many ways: high quality, long-lasting materials, and cohesive, seasonal collections that each compliment the last to encourage customers to build upon, rather than replace their inventory. 

Still, if one finds the need to rid themselves of their existing Coyuchi products, the brand offers customers the opportunity to send back their used sheets, towels, and clothing towards a renewal program, in exchange for 15% off their next purchase. Through the 2nd Home Take Back, used products are inspected, cleaned, and mended. Those that can be salvaged are sold second hand. For those that cannot, the recycled yarn fibers are used in Coyuchi’s fully circular products (more on that later). 

Credit: @coyuchi

Built to Last

Organic Crinkled Percale Sheet Set ($38-258)

I got the Queen sheet set in Laurel, which includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. I’ve slept on many types of sheets, many of them soft, but these are by far the softest fresh out of the box. The relaxed percale gives a washed, crinkled, lived-in look and feel that is immediately palpable when you lay them down. But, for all the laid-backness, they still feel unmistakably luxe. As with all Coyuchi products, they are meant to wear and soften over time, but at this point I can’t imagine them getting any more comfortable. I slept like a baby the first night, and with no overheating or night sweating.

My new happy place.

Diamond-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter ($298-378)

A+ for versatility. This comforter has been serving me well in my temperate climate, and on the rare super-hot days it’s still not too heavy. Made with Crinkled Percale and cotton batting, it’s very lightweight soft to the touch. I’ve been using it as a stand-alone comforter for now, but once temperatures start to cool it will be perfect for layering with cute quilts and throws. I love the diamond-quilting and haven’t had the urge to cover it yet, but with the corner loops I can quickly use it as a duvet insert when I want to switch up the vibe. 

It’s all in the details.

Full Circle Recycled Cotton Throw ($148)

This throw was the first of Coyuchi’s fully circular products to come out of the 2nd Home program. It is made from 52% of recycled Coyuchi cotton yarn, and 48% from organically grown material. The pattern was the first big surprise for me –– what doesn’t fully come across online shows up in person as an intricately woven piece with a complex texture. It’s gorgeous, in a delightfully subtle way. The brushed finish adds a soft, luxurious touch to this piece, and it’s got a nice weight to it. It’s really comforting to cuddle up with when you’re reading a book, and I’ve been laying it across my lap as I work my mornings away. It’s a bit too nice for me to take out for a picnic, but I trust that this machine-washable beauty could withstand a sunset at the beach if need be.  

Organic Shredded Latex Pillow ($128-168) 

Shredded latex is a down-alternative, which feels to me like a jack of all trades in terms of pillow texture. Shredded latex imitates the fluffiness of a down pillow, but with a little more springiness and adjustability. That is, you can bunch it up and mold it to suit your favorite sleeping position, but it won’t go flat or need re-fluffing the way a traditional down pillow might. The latex promotes better airflow and is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. It’s a wonderful, breathable option for those with allergies or sensitivities. I had never tried a shredded latex pillow before, but I’m officially a convert. 

Forever Home

As with most luxury bedding, Coyuchi’s price point is definitely high. Off quality alone, I’d say it is genuinely worth every penny. But with such a steadfast commitment to lasting you a lifetime, the value seems like a no-brainer. 

Ultimately, futurity is a beautiful cornerstone of this brand. It’s a true comfort to know and trust that this bedding will age with me. Whenever we do grow apart, I’ll be putting these pieces back into the ecosystem, to be made into whichever new, stunning hue the California coast will manage to drum up when it’s time. 

5 More Reasons to Love Coyuchi

  • 1% of every purchase is donated to a nonprofit. At checkout, you can choose between: White Buffalo Land Trust, Urban Sprouts, Black Outside, and Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center. 
  • Each purchase is packaged in a durable, reusable organic cotton bag. 
  • Since implementing its 2nd Home program in 2017, Coyuchi has taken back 102,466 lbs of fabric. 83% has been resold, and 17% has been recycled and used in the Full Circle Blankets & Throws. 
  • Want to know the difference between Percale and Linen? Coyuchi’s blog is full of helpful information about their various materials. It also has fun decor ideas and DIY tips like indigo dyeing.  
  • Don’t just take it from me. Coyuchi has a horde of dedicated fans––they even got a shoutout on SNL

Treat yourself to a luxe night of sleep with Coyuchi. 

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