Copper Cow Review: This Pour-Over Vietnamese Coffee Offers The Sweetest Morning Routine

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There’s something special about a solid morning coffee. It’s typically indicative of a good day ahead. Is this theory based in science? Not exactly, but I’ve experienced it time and again. 

Naturally, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to brew. I recently came across Copper Cow Coffee, which presents a whole new methodology and flavor profile from my usual coffee. I was curious about the way the brand’s Instagram portrayed a simple pour-over concept to make lattes at home, so I decided to give the coffee a whirl. Since then, I’ve had a lot of good days.

Culture Meets Coffee

Copper Cow was founded by Debbie Wei Mullin as a way to share her rich Vietnamese culture with others through food and drink. Before Copper Cow, making great Vietnamese coffee – which involves dark Vietnamese coffee being strained through a small metal filter (called a phin) – was quite difficult in the United States. By creating a product that is easy to make and understand, Debbie and her team have enlightened thousands about the coffee flavor and process that is uniquely Vietnamese. 

The process is so easy and honestly, enjoyable.

Vietnamese coffees are traditionally made in a pour-over style, meaning hot water is added to a single-use filter to create each batch. The quality of these coffees is on par with your favorite coffee shop thanks to beans sourced through farmers in Vietnam. These farmers are paid twice the market rate so that they can live high-quality lives and continue to produce great-tasting coffee.

Copper Cow has clear defining values that guide its business: be a good citizen, bring others along, act like owners, and fail forward. How much better would the world be if we all did those things? Kudos.

A New Way to Brew

To keep it super real with you, I was nervous when I read that this coffee is a pour-over. My sister was a barista a few years ago and always said that pour-overs require a lot of patience. Given that I often try to build Rome in a single day with household chores and at work, I wasn’t sure about how this process would go for me. 

Making a cup of Copper Cow Coffee takes three steps: open the filter and position it over your cup using the little paper stand the filter has attached to it, fill the filter several times to your strength and volume preference, and mix in the Copper Cow Creamer. This may sound like a lot of work compared to pushing a button or inserting a pod, but I learned to actually take pleasure in this slightly longer process. 

You’ll find you think about the next cup immediately… Credit: @coppercowcoffee

Prior to Copper Cow, my morning routine was very rushed. Even though it only takes about a minute and a half to make, Copper Cow has slowed my routine and inspired me to take my time in the mornings. Now, I aim to wake up early, make my coffee, and then spend some time reading. Slowing down my coffee making has allowed my soul to catch up with my body on a regular basis.

Dessert for Breakfast? Yes, Please.

I got three different latte boxes in my order, including the Mint Mocha Latte Kit ($17), the Salted Carmel Latte Kit ($17), and the Best Brews Latte Sampler ($18). The latte kits were fun to try because they include both coffee and Copper Cow’s special latte creamer, which takes the coffee to a new level.

My personal favorite is the aptly-named Churro Latte, which was included in the Best Brews Latte Sampler. I have a terrible sweet tooth, so the guise of coffee that tastes like a dessert at 8 am is certainly welcomed in my world. In addition, I also enjoy the Vanilla Latte. Given this is my go-to coffee shop order, I was super happy that it lived up to my coffee shop latte expectation. If you’re a fan of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, the Mint Mocha is definitely a must-try. It blends the chocolatey taste of a good mocha with just enough mint to keep it fresh and not overwhelmingly thick. 

My husband (and resident dog dad) is a huge fan of the Mint Mocha!

I think the thing that most impresses me about these latte kits, though, is the price point. The kits come with five coffees and five creamers, making the price per coffee $3.40 (my last small latte cost over $8 after tip). 

Something for Everyone

If you’re not a huge latte person, Copper Cow’s plain coffee packs might work well for you. They are less expensive than the latte kits, given they only include the coffee and not the creamer, but are still delicious. Some of the coffee flavors include lavender, salted caramel, and classic. For those that love the taste of coffee but can’t do the caffeine, Copper Cow offers a decaf option. 

If you’re not sure about which flavors to try, check out these bundles. Starting at $44, they include many varieties of coffee and creamers so that you can try them all. They’re also packaged beautifully so you can share the gift of coffee without having to share your personal stash of Copper Cow.

Happiness in a Cup

In a world that sometimes spins faster than I can keep up, I’ll do just about anything in an effort to slow down. Copper Cow has solidified its place in my morning routine to help me relax, enjoy quality coffee, and really soak in the good that’s going on around me – and that’s something that you can’t put a price tag on.

5 More Reasons to Love Copper Cow:

1. Copper Cow is AAPI woman-owned and proudly celebrates its founder’s roots.

2. You can subscribe to get coffee on a regular basis and save money by subscribing. If subscriptions aren’t your speed, you can also build your own Copper Cow boxes on demand.

3. Though the filters are currently not as recyclable as I’d like, it is clear Copper Cow is taking active steps to replace materials to get the product to be totally recyclable or compostable.

4. You can experiment to make iced coffee or cold brew using the same kits, so there’s no need to order separate equipment or coffee to try something new.

5. Copper Cow offers a rewards program so that you can save up points and redeem them for discount codes down the line.

Ready to start sipping better today? Get started here.

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