We Got A Real-Life ICU Nurse To Try Clove’s Sneakers

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Before the pandemic, I had a terrible understanding of what nurses do on a daily basis. However, Covid taught me a lot. I saw nurses on TV – and even in my circle – that went to work everyday, sometimes even sleeping in the hospital, in order to care for the sick. They saw unfathomably hard things, and I am so thankful for them (honestly, those videos of NYC clapping for healthcare workers still make me cry!). I’m glad these frontline workers have gotten the attention and appreciation they deserve over the past two years. 

As our society recognizes healthcare workers’ importance, several brands that make better products for these everyday heroes have exploded in popularity. Clove – a brand that designs high-tech sneakers specifically with nurses, doctors, and techs in mind – is one example, and it’s a simple mission: to take care of those who take care of others.

Uncommon Intentionality

Clove’s shoes were concepted by someone who knows just how hard healthcare professionals work; founder Joe Ammon created them first for his wife, who is a practicing nurse. He watched as she struggled through nursing school, lost her first patient, and worked gruelingly shifts before deciding he had to do something.

In the past few years, Clove’s shoes have gained a cult following. The cute aesthetic certainly draws professionals in, but the all-day comfort and ability to clean them easily is what keeps them wearing these shoes, day in and day out. Clove seeks to be an intentional brand, taking care of healthcare professionals, and to have the best-in-class tech on your feet through extensive research. 

Sharing the (C)love

Lucky for the entire world, I am not a nurse. But, my good friend Katy is a nurse in Austin, Texas and gave these kicks a spin for us. Katy has dealt with some pretty challenging stuff throughout her nursing career, entering the field right before the pandemic. She totally deserves anything that makes her day (or night) easier. She’s also one of the most refreshingly frank people I’ve met, so I knew she’d tell me like it is about the shoes.

So many extra goodies! Credit: Katy

Ordering the shoes for Katy was pretty simple, with an easy-to-navigate website and options for quick check out. Shipping was free on my order and it even included some free compression socks. Katy chose the Core Collection ($139), which are the classic Clove sneakers, but re-engineered for 2022 based on feedback the brand had gotten from its users. This collection features 15 color options, including some limited edition colors. Katy chose the Tangerine Twist, which is actually so limited edition that it is no longer a color option on Clove’s website! 

The shoes took a few days to get to Katy, but not an outrageous time by any means. They arrived on her porch safe and sound, and to both of our surprise, her delivery included a few extra goodies like pens and badge clips. Perhaps my favorite part of watching her unboxing was all of the cute messaging that was all over the box and the product itself. As someone whose secondary love language is words of affirmation, it is really cool to see a company encouraging our healthcare workers. Encouragement and gratitude are literally baked into Clove’s product.

Sprucing Up the Scrubs

One of the first things Katy shared with me involved Clove’s aesthetic. As a nurse, she wears scrubs everyday to work, so the shoes she wears are a big deal, as they are literally the only thing about her outfit that she gets to choose. She and her coworkers are fans of the look of these, especially compared to the other nursing shoe options on the market that age them by about 60 years. Clove’s shoes look like a cross between your favorite running shoe and your go-to white sneaker.

Katy loved the encouraging messaging to keep her going on long days. Credit: Katy

She also pointed out a huge feature that totally went over my head – the lack of laces. The elastic ties, as opposed to tie laces, ensure that she can put them on/off quickly before work or during breaks. Her day moves quickly, with patients changing states all of the time, so having shoes that work for that is critical.

The fit was true-to-size for her. However, she did mention that some of her coworkers went up a half size and were happier bumping up their size a bit. In addition, there is arch support for those who need it. The arch support, however, doesn’t come at the cost of comfort. Katy mentioned that the shoe was very comfortable from the start, with no annoying break-in period needed for these puppies.

12 Hour Shift vs. Clove

Now for the real test: the long shift that all healthcare professionals know all too much about! The feedback from our nurse was great here, especially around the ability to clean the shoes. Clove prides itself on being easy to wipe with its water-resistant (and general-fluid-resistant) Clarino fabric and breathable neoprene ankle sock. Again, in the spirit of learning, I asked Katy a bit more about this, wondering just how often spillage happens. In her words, “it’s probably everyday you step in something.” This was news to me, so when she confirmed just how easy it is to wipe the “somethings” off of the shoes, I was excited for her. 

Additionally, Clove has put a ton of energy, research, and time into the noise the shoes make. Though it may be something we enjoyed in middle school, the squeaks from your sneakers apparently aren’t something that patients love… makes sense. These shoes allow her to truly “sneak” around in her sneakers. As for how your feet feel after 12 hours in them? The verdict is in – they change the game. Straight from the source, the shoes make nurses’ feet “feel better than when I used to use my normal tennis shoes.” Clove nursing shoes offer double cushions and heel pads to ensure you feel comfortable through day shifts and night shifts alike — even if you have low or high arches. 

Taking the new kicks for a spin. Credit: Katy

Our healthcare workers are out there kicking butt and helping us on the front lines every single day. It’s awe-inspiring to see a brand recognizing this and actually doing something about it. With next-level comfort, fluid-fighting fabric, and a refreshing look, it’s no wonder healthcare professionals everywhere are falling in love with Clove. It seems this is just the beginning – both Katy and I can’t wait to see how Clove continues to support our doctors and nurses through innovation.

5 More Reasons to Love Clove:

1. Clove partners with the NBNA (National Black Nurses Association) to help sponsor students through school, ensuring the future nurses of the world are set up for success.

2. When you refer a friend, you can give them $20 off – and get $20 off for yourself, too!

3. Clove has donated more than $300,000 in product to healthcare workers since the beginning of the pandemic. Talk about supporting our front-line workers!

4. In the event your shoes don’t fit, Clove offers a fit guarantee, where the customer support team will work with you to ensure your perfect fit is found.

5. The reviews are in: Clove averages 4.9/5 stars with over 800 customer reviews!

Take care with Clove.

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