A Pill That Gets Rid of Nasty Hangovers? The Cheers Restore Review

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We’re Jordan and Remi: Editors here at The Quality Edit, and both in our early-to-mid-twenties –– that is, the age when every additional year of your life starts to add 3+ hours onto your hangovers. We are both relatively recent college graduates, and thus not-yet far removed from long nights and heavy drinking. Given our qualifications, we thought we’d be the perfect team to try out the Restore After-Alcohol Aid from Cheers Health

Cheers is a lifestyle brand with products designed to keep you feeling your best. Shark Tank fans, you may recognize the brand from a 2018 appearance that ended with no deal. Since, Cheers has been thriving, bringing its hangover cures to libation-lovers everywhere. The brand’s  Restore capsules promise to make you feel 50% better the next morning, or your money back. Safe to say, we were intrigued. As an added bonus, our friends at Cheers were kind enough to let us have a sneak peek of their new release, the Restore beverage. Here’s what we thought…  

2-4 Capsules A Day Keep The Hangovers Away   

Credit: @cheershealth

Jordan White:  How did the pills work for you?

Remi Rosmarin: I tried the pills when I was drinking wine. I get really bad hangovers from wine compared to other alcohols. To put Cheers to the test I drank three glasses, took the pills before bed, and actually felt really good waking up the next morning. I assumed Cheers is just your basic vitamin, but I did some research into the science, and Restore’s main ingredient is DHM, which is known to help your liver break down alcohol and flush toxins as well as reduce the anxiety, shakes, and fatigue you often feel from alcohol. I also chugged quite a bit of water to get the pills down. So, maybe that helped, but I definitely felt like the pills worked. What about you?

JW: I agree that it helped, but the degree of course depends. One night I drank about 3-4 glasses of wine, and like you wine gives me a reaction no matter what. It totally helped -- I didn’t have my normal headache or congestion. The next night was a bigger going-out night: I drank a lot of tequila (and more in general). I didn't feel 100% better, but I did feel a difference, even from nights when I remember to drink water before bed. I felt able to get up and start my day, which usually cannot happen after a big night out. But to Cheers’ credit, the brand’s claim is that it'll make you feel at least 50% better, which I think is perfectly accurate. I've felt at least 50% every time I've taken it, no matter what or how much I've had to drink. 

RR: Right. There's really no quick fix to a hangover. The quick fix is just not to drink a lot, but anyone who's buying this probably isn't choosing that route anyways. I agree that Cheers is being realistic.

New Release: Cheers Restore Beverage, Lemon Sherbet Flavor

Credit: @cheershealth

JW: What did you think of the beverage?

RR: I really didn’t like the taste of it. I know Cheers suggested you chug it, but I found it really hard to get down. I like the way the brand presents it though. It can be hard  to get someone to drink water when they’re drunk, so I like the approach of treating this more like a drinking game. I found the taste a little weirdly fake-sugary for me. But I feel like that could be a medicinal thing? 

JW: The drink tasted like an electrolyte drink, like a Gatorade Ice Pop. It actually did work for me, though: I fully didn't have my typical wine headache the next morning. And I agree about the branding. I like that it’s very drinking-friendly…it's not finger-wagging. 

RR: Exactly. 

X marks the spot! The Cheers Restore can comes with a handy-dandy mark to help you know where to puncture for a good ol' fashioned shotgun.

JW: The fact that it has the little shotgunning mark... I think you’re totally right. Obviously, if it were that easy to just be responsible when you’re really intoxicated and drink water and do all the right things then hangovers wouldn't be such an issue. It’s super helpful that Cheers  makes it easy to incorporate products into the actual practice of social drinking. As for the taste, I imagine that what you’re drinking really makes a difference. I tried it on a night when I was only having white wine, so chugging the lemon sherbet was pretty jarring flavor wise.  It definitely wasn’t something I wanted to sip before bed. I think the wine was a mistake for this trial. If I was drinking Smirnoff Ice or vodka I’m sure the taste wouldn’t have been so off putting. 

RR: I had only been drinking wine too, so that's an interesting point. If we were chugging it after tequila it’d probably feel a little more palatable. 

JW: If I were to try it again, I’d use it as more of a chaser or mixer, because it says you can take it while drinking. You don't have to wait until right before bed or until you've stopped consuming alcohol like other after-alcohol aids. 

RR: I do like that you can take it whenever you want. There were a few times when I’d left the pills out on my dresser with the intention of taking them and then I just totally blanked and didn’t. I like that you can bring the drink out with you and get a little preemptive help as your night goes on.

RR:. Have you tried any after-alcohol beverages before?

JW: No. You?

RR: I used to take rehydration salts. They're powders with a really high electrolyte content. Mixed in water they have a really strong taste. Like the Cheers beverage, it did taste really strong, but it did work. I guess some of the fixes that work best don't taste the most delicious. But, I guess that’s what you get for poisoning yourself a little. 

JW: Exactly! Cheers also has an oral rehydration powder that we didn't try. 

RR:  I saw that on the website. I thought the brand was strictly for hangovers, but I like that it also has daily supplements, like the Protect liver supplements.

JW: Yes! Kind of like a lifestyle brand, that includes drinking.

The No-BS Friend

RR: Quick note: I love the branding. The tone is like, “hey, this happens to everyone, here's what we can do about it. It might not be 100% perfect, but you'll feel a little better tomorrow morning.” 

JW: It's clear that the team behind it parties. Like, I want to drink with them. You can tell that it comes from a need that they've had before, rather than people who just wanted to exploit a problem. The fact that it seems fun and you trust the voice as someone who's probably been really hungover in their lifetime makes you actually want to try it. Rather than like, I got some holistic supplement that my mom told me to use, it seems more like a friend giving you a hangover cure, which I’m more inclined to take after a night out. 

RR: It does feel really authentic. If this said it would make you feel 98% better the next day, I'd be very skeptical because you're probably never going to feel 100% great if you drink a lot of alcohol.

Credit: @cheershealth

So –– Will We Keep Buying? 

RR: Something that I always think about when trying products: would you buy it with your own money?

JW: I would definitely buy the pills, I would love to have those in my toolkit for a while.

RR: For sure. I would just keep them on my dresser and hope that I remember to take them one day. Because honestly, feeling good after a night of drinking to me is just priceless.

JW: I'd pay a million dollars. My brother just moved to LA, and he was telling me some of his new LA friends will pay hundreds of dollars the morning after drinking to get IVs. That's how horrible hangovers are. If people are willing to spend that much money on not being hungover for a single day, then this is totally worth it. 

RR: I would definitely buy this again. When I first tried these products I was really just paying attention to how I felt in terms of nausea and fatigue –– the typical hangover stuff. Moving forward, I’d pay more attention to the other claims about feeling less anxious and feeling more mental clarity overall. 

JW: If we went full science fair on this, we could try Cheers with different alcohols and see how it worked each time. 

RR: It's so hard to tell because we tried it differently, and no two nights of drinking are the same. Keeping all the factors controlled would be interesting. I definitely feel that compared to other things I've tried, this felt like a solid fix. There are other products that help with nausea but don't really have any impact on cognition or energy.  That’d be cool, to just wake up and not feel any hangxiety or morning regrets. 

JW: If only. That's a million dollar idea. Just erase only the embarrassing parts from the night before.  

RR: Forget everything! Honestly, at this point that idea is just therapy. 

JW: Three Cheers pills and a side of therapy. I’ll drink to that! 

With summer soirees, sporting events, and concerts in full swing again, Cheers is the perfect party companion. We’re already all stocked up, but if you want to give it a try for yourself, head over to the Cheers website. Whether you’re an all-nighter or an Irish-exiter, here’s looking to a hangover-free tomorrow 🍻

5 More Reasons To Love Cheers:

  1. Practical packaging: We love Cheers’ irreverent branding, but most importantly the products and packaging seamlessly fit into your night out activities whether you take them pre or post. 
  2. Cheers with ease: With the brand’s monthly subscription service, you’ll save money and always have a supply of hangover helpers on hand. 
  3. Money-back guarantee: If you don’t feel 50% better the next day, Cheers will give you your money back. Just make sure it’s within 30 days of your order. 
  4. USA-made: Cheers is manufactured, designed, packaged, and managed in an FDA-registered facility in the USA. 
  5. Full-transparency: No proprietary blends or secret ingredients. Cheers gives full transparency into every product, down to the dose. Check out the Restore supplement facts here

Let's cheers to the future of hangovers (or, lack thereof). Give Cheers a try for yourself.

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