Is All You Need One (Broc) Shot? An Honest Broc Shot Review

Credit: Annie Goodman

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What would you do if I told you that the supplement you’ve been missing from your anti-aging, gut-balancing, inflammation-nixing, beauty routine is…*drumroll* broccoli sprouts.

Before you start inserting the green nauseous face emoji, wondering how you’ll ever have the strength to eat enough broccoli sprouts to experience its benefits, let me share a little bit about Broc Shot—the new, do-it-all powder that is making its way around the social media wellness circuit.

Birthed by the biohacking brains of Gracia Walker and Benjamin Silver, Broc Shot delivers 15mg of sulforaphane, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants to help activate our cell’s defense system. Say it with me, “Sul-for-a-phane.” You might want to start practicing how it’s pronounced because this isothiocyanate (which is really just fancy for “non-nutrient compound") is transforming the health-and-wellness landscape for good.

With so many glowy influencers touting better skin, supplement overhauls, improved energy, I had to see if I, as an offline influencer, would see the same results. Could I fight my own inflammaging in just 30 days? Would I notice a difference?

We like

  • The health benefits are giving “abundance”
  • All of the packaging is sustainable, compostable, and plastic / foil-free
  • Easy to use / take daily
  • High-quality, potently sourced broccoli sprouts
  • Covers a myriad of health needs so you don’t need as many supplements

We don't like

  • The taste is “grassy,” which might be alienating for some, but it’s not that bad*
  • It’s not cheap, starting at a $69.99/mo subscription

*This only applies to the Original flavor—not Ginger + Lime or Pineapple + Mint.

Credit: Annie Goodman


As a writer, I’ll start off this section by saying that sulforaphane is extremely challenging to type…but maybe that’s because anything fewer than four syllables can’t possibly be as impactful for your health (don’t quote me on that).

Sulforaphane, which can be found in all cruciferous vegetables, has the power to switch on over 200 protective genes in the body. Not only does it stop free radicals created by oxidative stress, but it also activates the body’s entire natural antioxidant system so that your body can defend itself and thrive at the same time. Gracia maintains that “It’s not just giving you a weapon, it’s making you into a complete, highly efficient antioxidant defense system.”

ICYMI: antioxidants keep us young from the inside out.

Gracia explained to me that because sulforaphane is personalized to your own body’s needs, its benefits are extensive, documented by thousands of peer-reviewed clinical studies and PubMed articles.

Some showstopping benefits:

  • Improved skin health / collagen production
  • Muscle recovery
  • Increased energy production
  • Improved focus
  • Metabolic health support
  • Boosted immunity
  • Improved gut health
  • Increased detoxification

“Sulforaphane’s detoxification mechanism is one of the main reasons every human should be taking it.  In the US, there are over 80k toxins that have been approved by the FDA for use in consumer goods—from our food supply, mattresses, clothing, gas stoves, beauty products/fragrances, home cleaning products, not to mention air and water pollution.” What an exciting future ahead of us!!

Our body’s natural detoxification system, which is led by our liver and kidneys, should be able to cleanse our body properly. However, because of all of the external stressors in the modern world, we’re not functioning optimally, leaving us with subpar metabolisms, immunity function issues, hormone imbalances, chronic illness and disease, and gut issues up the wazoo.

According to Gracia, Sulforaphane offers support during, what’s called, Phase II detoxification, which sends toxins back through the detox process a second time if they haven’t been removed before they can damage our cells.

If you’re feeling a little “toxic,” now you know why.


The shot heard around the world was Broc Shots introduction into the health-and-wellness world.

Benjamin and Gracia are determined to have everyday, routine supplement takers consolidate their wellness regimen into one shot. Afterall, if Broc Shot can support your liver’s cleansing function, why would you need all of those additional vitamins and supplements in the first place? (Secret: they can be really hard for the liver to process).

I asked them, “Why not just eat a bunch of broccoli sprouts?”

Benjamin broke it down: “Broc Shot is able to obtain 15 mg of SFN (experts recommend 10-15 mg daily)  from approximately 12-15 grams of fresh sprouts, being that they are the highest quality/yield seed for SFN.  In order to ingest 15mg of SFN from grocery store or homegrown sprouts, consumers would likely need to eat about 140-240 grams of sprouts or 10 lbs of broccoli.” Okay, now you can insert the green nauseous face emoji.

I also discovered that not all sulforaphane is created equal. Broc Shot uses sulforaphane seeds that are more high-yielding than any person could buy. “Someone buying seeds for personal use can’t easily know the quality of the seeds they are purchasing. We have a selective process that includes tests done at the seed level to help yield a consistent amount of at least 15mg of sulforaphane.”

What is most impressive about Broc Shot’s mission is that, unlike many brands in the wellness space, it promises results over marketing hype. “Within weeks, more than 90% of consumers noticed clearer, younger-looking, more luminous skin, were more regular, noticed less fatigue, felt less bloated, experienced higher quality sleep,  felt more alert, felt more focused, and had a sharper memory.”  

Hold the coffee, please!

Benjamin recommends taking Broc Shot daily to see the best results—first thing in the morning, with or without food.

Credit: Annie Goodman


Having seen the little green shakers shaking it up all over TikTok and Instagram, I was more than excited to join the sulforaphane ranks.

As someone who loves 1) morning routines 2) powders and 3) promised benefits, I was more than committed to my 30-day trial, and I found the cutest place for it during my morning ritual—right after oil pulling and right before my hot water, lemon, and himalayan salt rehydration. (I live in LA, sorry!).

Although Broc Shot (I tried the Original flavor) tasted pretty earthy, it was very easy to take it as one shot and “keep things moving.” I noticed my energy levels remained balanced throughout the day and my typical “Do I have to get on this Zoom call?” was mitigated by clear-headedness that made it very easy to dissociate healthfully during working hours! I also noticed that my body was very regular and excited to detoxify (these are all ways to say what you think I’m saying, but I’m not going to say it).

One thing I absolutely loved about Broc Shot was how easy it was to keep the routine going while I traveled. My 30-day trial was interrupted by a two-week trip to Israel, which allowed me to put it through the ultimate test. I was faced with compromised sleeping hours, an impossible time difference, unpredictable food options, and the stress of travel itself.

Let me say, the product, the routine, and the results held up through and through. The “adjustment jet lag” never hit, my skin remained glowing and blemish-free (which, if you know me, you know it’s a BFD), my digestion was literally and completely fine, and any potential wine hangovers were thwarted by my daily shot. It’s also worth mentioning that I got food poisoning ON THE PLANE to the trip, so I couldn’t fathom swallowing any of my supplements for the duration of the trip, meaning my only essentials were Broc Shot, electrolytes, and some vitamin C powder.


With so many products on the market, promising to be the “silver bullet” for everything, it can be really hard to discern what is actually worth investing in…or what will actually move the needle for your health!

With so much science-backed research supporting sulforaphane, it’s not a hard sell to believe in Broc Shot, which is less trying to sell itself and more trying to roll out the red carpet for this antioxidant that may have been in the shadows for far too long.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely. But I guess you’ll just have to try it for yourself. *insert winky face emoji*

Say "Cheers" with Broc Shot.

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