Capricorn Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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After an interminable season of holiday gifting and sales, from Black Friday to Boxing Day, shopping for a birthday present might feel like a distinctly materialistic version of Groundhog’s Day. Unfortunately for us all, Capricorn season is just a bit too delayed to double-count your holiday gifts as birthday gifts – and it’s already in full swing.

Known for their detail-oriented drive and ambition; passion for organization; and disciplined, practical life outlook, the Capricorn you love won’t be thrilled by frivolous gifts that serve little purpose. It’s time to get serious – and strategic. Follow our thoughtfully curated birthday gift guide for the Capricorn in your life, and secure your position in their 5-year-plan in no time.

A Planner Designed Precisely For Their Neurotic Scheduling Habits, price varies

Credit: Papier

The Capricorn you know is most likely to maintain a pristine bullet journal, carefully notated to manage their many tasks, goals, and appointments (and maybe even their schedule on an hourly basis). Give them the gift of the year with a new 2023 planner or calendar from Papier, which you can customize for their totally specific and charming tastes. Your Capricorn might go crazy for the leather monogram planner – speaking from experience (I’m a Capricorn rising, and I swoon over some version of this every year).

Classic Jewelry – With A Modern Twist, price varies

Capricorns are the astrological equivalent of a tennis bracelet: practical, timeless, and polished, with a keen eye for enduring quality. Gift them a piece of jewelry that’s up to their chic standards, while still feeling fresh and anything but stale. Browse SENIA’s pristine collection for necklaces and earrings they’ll never want (or need) to take off. The Pampelonne Necklace ($350), crafted with baroque pearls and gold-plated details, strikes the ideal Capricorn balance between classic and edgy.

For a made-to-order piece they’ll cherish forever, look no further than The M Jewelers. Go with the Zodiac Pendant ($135) or Two Initial Necklace ($150) for pieces that are delicate, unique, and play well with others – ideal for layering all year long.

Dust Their Routine With Optimized Energy And Better Sleep, from $35

Credit: Moon Juice

As we jump into the busy-ness of a new year, your Cap might be in need of an upgraded daily health routine. Go directly to Moon Juice and don’t look back. Design a package that will have them looking and feeling their best, from morning to night: Ting ($42) for weaning their toxic relationship with caffeine; SuperHair ($60) for gorgeous locks and strong nails; Magnesi-Om ($42) for sweet dreams and restorative sleep; and Full Moon Sachets ($35) for a taste of every powder the brand has to offer.

The Pan (Or Pot) That Does It All, from $145

Credit: @ourplace

The Always Pan ($145) and Perfect Pot ($165) from Our Place will thrill any sign, but they may have also been scientifically engineered to satisfy Capricorns. Not only are they both wildly convenient and versatile, replacing the need for most other stovetop cookware, but they also are a breeze to clean in minutes – ideal for an action-oriented Capricorn who doesn’t have the time for an involved post-meal process, but who also can’t live with a messy kitchen. What’s more? They’ll satisfy your Capricorn’s streamlined aesthetic: both the Pan and Pot are beautiful enough to leave out, becoming a seamless part of their kitchen decor.

Nourishment Delivered To Their Door, prices vary

Credit: Sakara

Capricorns keep their schedules unreasonably booked, but that doesn’t mean they’re not also focused on their well-being. In fact, Caps are probably already setting a litany of health-oriented goals for the new year – but maybe they don’t have the time (or desire) to get anywhere near a pot or pan, regardless of how well-designed and versatile that cookware is. Simplify their life with a subscription to Methodology or Territory Foods, which deliver local meals for every dietary preference, designed to optimize energy and full-body health without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment. If they’re more of the card-carrying Erewhon member type, send them a one-week program from Sakara (price varies) or the brand’s Travel Collection ($190), for the friend who has some jet-setting intentions in 2023.

The Perfect Athleisure In Which They Can Exceed All Of Their High-Achieving Fitness Goals, prices vary

Credit: Girlfriend Collective and Beyond Yoga

As they’re committing to daily pilates sessions and perhaps taking up boxing or a half-marathon training protocol in tandem with their healthy eating habits and adaptogenic boosters, your Capricorn is also likely on the lookout for a workout wardrobe refresh – one that can take them from a power walk to a power lunch with just a change of shoes and a jacket. Look no further than Girlfriend Collective for sleek sets in every color imaginable; Beyond Yoga for THE softest spacedye fabrics and athleisure disguised as dresses and jumpsuits; and Alo yoga for skirts that will inspire a new hobby (gift only if you’re prepared for invitations to heated tennis matches).

For Pristine Nails (And Self-Care), $54

Credit: Bare Hands

The Capricorn you love likely always maintains a perfect manicure – or impeccable nails – in spite of their packed schedule. Pamper them with a kit from Bare Hands, which has developed its own “Dry Gloss Manicure,” an at-home nail care kit designed to nourish and strengthen the nails for a healthy, shiny, and natural look. Bestow your busy Capricorn with the stunning Bare Hands Gift Set ($54) for a present that will remind them of the importance of self-care and slowing down.

Get to gifting – and we’ll meet you back here for free-spirited Aquarius season next month.

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