Cancer Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For This Month, According To The Stars

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Can you feel it? The gentleness and sensitivity in the air? Cancer season is here. I’m partial to this Water sign: if you’re lucky enough to have a Cancer in your life, you know just how deserving they are of pampering and gifting for their birthday month. As the sign that most easily steps into a caregiving role, Cancers give so much of themselves to take care of others – often to their own detriment. Give them the love they so freely give to others for their birthday with the help of this expertly curated gift guide. 

Mandatory, Self-Indulgent, And Shameless Self-Care With selfmade, $28

Credit: selfmade

Because they’re almost always the caregivers in any social circle or relationship, Cancers need (and deserve) some TLC for their special day. Gift them selfmade’s multi-purpose Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum ($28), designed to be used both as a personal lubricant and entire-body moisturizer. Yes, really. Formulated with safflower seed oil, vitamin E, grapefruit peel oil, schisandra berry, and arnica, the Serum is full of nourishing ingredients that soothe and calm the skin, while simultaneously promoting a radiant glow. selfmade describes this as a “no shame permission slip for personal pleasure” – the perfect prescription for the Cancer you adore.

For A Full-Body At-Home Pamper, $102

Credit: Soft Services

Soft Services, the brand making high-impact body care products in a sleek and refreshingly androgynous aesthetic package, will upgrade any Cancer’s bathroom cabinet. The Cancer in your life likely doesn’t accumulate products senselessly, and instead considers the quality and necessity of every purchase. Gift them the Smoothing Set ($102), complete with Soft Service’s best-selling physical exfoliant, chemical exfoliant, and daily maintenance lotion, for a gift that pampers with a palpable effect. Go ahead, take credit for their smoothest skin yet.

Health From WTHN, from $85

Credit: WTHN

Go the extra self-care mile with some tools from WTHN, the company dedicated to bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine to your home, for a wellness routine that can actually attend to your Cancer’s everyday health and well-being. To ease long work days in front of a screen, send them The Acupressure Bundle ($100), complete with a mat that can target full body aches and tension, and an Ear Seed kit to treat everything from PMS to digestive troubles. For the Cancer who gets more excited about a facial than an acupuncture treatment, send the luxurious Bright Eyes Bundle ($85), which includes an Eye Contour Mask and cooling Rose Quartz Mask that can erase puffiness and enhance relaxation.

For The Culinary Cancer, from $250

Credit: TQE and Material Kitchen

Cancers are natural homemakers and usually excellent cooks. If they’re not throwing regular dinner parties, they’re certainly making delicious meals to express affection and care for the people they love. Upgrade their kitchen with The Iconics Set ($275) from Material Kitchen and a beautiful ceramic Dinnerware Set ($250) from Fable. Maybe you’ll even get invited over for a nourishing birthday dinner…

Robes, Linens, And Boxers – Oh My, from $65

Credit: Tekla and Comme Si

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways): Cancers love and deserve creature comforts to facilitate true rest and relaxation. And nothing says creature comfort like the finest linens and cloths. I’ve done the curation for you, of course. Shop some timeless and quality classics from Tekla, Comme Si, and Parachute:

Adorn Them With The Finest Jewels, from $85

Credit: Justine Clenquet and Susan Alexandra

Because my mother and best friend are both Cancers, I’m very familiar with the jewelry preferences of these wonderful, intuitive water signs. Pick out something delicate and timeless and they’ll never take it off:

Get to gifting – and I’ll meet you back here next month to coach you through the process of pleasing a Leo.

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