Can You Really Get a High-End Stroller At An Affordable Price?

Credit: Mockingbird

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Let’s talk strollers – one of the most used items for any new parent. Before having my first child, I didn’t realize how many options were out there. From dozens of styles, designs, and sizes, stroller shopping can feel like walking into a car dealership looking for that perfect set of wheels.

When it came to finding the perfect stroller, I had a long list of criteria. I wanted a stroller that was easy to fold, easy to maneuver and easy to store. I also needed something that had a large basket for storage and that didn’t cost thousands of dollars.

You’d think with all the options on the market, that would be easy to find. Turns out, not so much. The first stroller I had was the Baby Jogger City Mini – it was fine, but I never loved it. When I became a mom of two, I upgraded to the Baby Jogger City Select (which cost $700+). Again, I liked aspects of it, but not everything.

Honestly, I always wanted the UppaBaby Vista But I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a stroller. So, this time around, with baby number three, when I learned about the Mockingbird – a direct to consumer luxury stroller at an affordable price, I needed to see what it was all about.

Luxury Stroller, Affordable Price Tag

Most commonly compared to the UppaBaby Vista (which costs $1,000+), the Mockingbird boasts very similar features – and a $450 price tag.

With 19+ stroller arrangements, Mockingbird offers something for everyone
Credit: Mockingbird

Launched in 2019, the Mockingbird Single-To-Double Stroller grows with you and your family, so you don’t need to buy a whole new stroller with each addition (like I did years ago). There are more than 19 ways you can configure your Mockingbird stroller, including forward and backward facing options, using a bassinet, an infant car seat or a combination of any of those configurations.

While I never had the UppaBaby, all my friends did so I got to see what the hype was about – and yes, it was a very nice stroller with a huge storage basket. Because everyone loved it so much, I had a hard time believing the Mockingbird could stack up. But after trying it out, it turns out the Mockingbird doesn’t only stack up – there are many features of the Mockingbird that surpass the Uppababy, in my humble opinion. And you get those features without breaking the bank.

Mockingbird’s Standout Features

Before I get into my experience with Mockingbird, I want to highlight some of the standout features that make this an easy, user-friendly, affordable stroller for parents with kids of any age.

Aside from some of the more obvious ones, such as the high-quality fabric, large air tires that make it easy to maneuver on any terrain and the sturdy frame, there are many benefits to the Mockingbird that make this one of the best strollers I’ve found in my parenting journey thus far.  

Open and close the stroller with one hand, and it will stand upright independently
Credit: @hello_mockingbird

First, you can open and close the Mockingbird stroller with one hand (without having to take the seats off!). All you do is press the white button under the handle, slide the white knob on top of the handle and fold. The stroller will stand upright while you do whatever else you need to do. This is a big plus, since parents usually have their hands full.  I will say, it is a little complicated to fold one handedly at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a really nice feature!

Mockingbird has a huge storage basket that fits everything I need as a new mom

Second, the storage basket below the stroller is next level. It holds up to 25 lbs of essentials and is one big open basket making it easy to get things in and out. There is also a detachable front cover that gives you the option for extra protection or easy access. And, there are pockets on the side of the basket to store your more valuable items out of sight. This is the first stroller I’ve found whose storage basket I don’t hate – a big win for me!

Finally, each seat comes with an extendable UPF 50+ all weather canopy and attachable sunshade. This means I don’t need to worry about always bringing an extra blanket to drape over the stroller. Plus, the inside of the shade comes in two high contrast black and white patterns. This is not only cute, but it also promotes early childhood visual development; functional and fabulous.

They See Me Rollin…

The stroller is lightweight, easy to maneuver and comfortable to push

While the stroller weighs in at 26.5 lbs, it rides like a lightweight stroller. It’s easy to steer, feels sturdy on all terrains – including grass – and the adjustable handle makes it possible for both me and my eight-year old to comfortably push the stroller.

I also love how easy the stroller is to clean. The material is spill and stain resistant so you just need a damp cloth with water (or a little detergent) and your stroller should be good as new. You can also get the seat liner, which is machine washable. And, another highlight I’ve never seen on any other stroller: the fabric in the footrest area unzips so you can get rid of any and all crumbs that gather there without having to take the seat off and vigorously shake it to get rid of the crumbs.

Is Mockingbird Right For You?

As much as I love it, finding the right stroller for you is a very personal choice – and Mockingbird recognizes that. That’s why the brand gives you the opportunity to take your stroller for a test ride – a 30-day test ride to be exact. You can open and assemble the stroller and take it anywhere you want for 30-days to make sure it’s the right fit for your family.

Test the stroller out for 30-days to make sure it’s right for you

I could go on and on about the Mockingbird, an awesome stroller with an awesome price tag. But you don’t have to just take my word for it – buy it, test it out for 30 days and see how you feel when you head out for that very first ride!

Five Other Things You Should Know About Mockingbird

  • Mockingbird offers a variety of accessories you can use with your stroller, including a sleep-safe bassinet, infant insert, car seat adaptor, snack tray, riding board, and hand muffs for colder weather to name just a few. While these are all add-ons and have an additional cost, it makes the stroller versatile – so don’t forget to check out the accessories section on the website!
  • You have a lifetime warranty for the Mockingbird stroller; all other accessories have a two-year warranty. While you don’t need to register your Mockingbird to get lifetime warranty, it’s recommended to register it anyways in the event of recalls or any other concerns.
  • Mockingbird is easy to assemble. It comes with just a handful of pieces and you can put it together in under an hour.  
  • The stroller canopy comes in 5 different colors (black, sea, sky, bloom and sage) and the leather accents come in two (black and penny leather).
  • Mockingbird offers free shipping, free returns and you can customize your delivery date.

Try it for yourself here!

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