Caddis Makes Readers And Blue Light Glasses You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Credit: Caddis

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Glasses are highly personal. And while there are seemingly endless options on the market – from highend to affordable and everything in between – everyone has that pair. You know, the ones that fit your face just right and are the ideal prescription for perusing the endless entertainment on the internet. (And the ones you absolutely lose your mind over when you misplace.)

When we heard about Caddis Eyewear, a brand aiming to make readers (and the concept of aging in general) cool, I was cautiously optimistic and skeptically curious. Here’s what I learned…

Some of the brand’s newest arrivals
Credit: Caddis

Eyes On The Prize

Caddis pairs fashion and function with its line of specs. Whatever you’re looking for – Progressive? Transitional? Prescription? Blue light? – Caddis offers. One of the brand’s biggest differentiators is its Frequency® Lenses, which have blue light blocking technology infused into the lenses (as opposed to a coating that tops the lens). According to Caddis, these lenses block 45% of blue light at the most harmful wavelength of 455 nm, and they’re also clear (a feat that is not easy to accomplish when infusing technology into the actual lens). The readers have this technology built in, and the brand also sells Computer Glasses with these special lenses.

I was interested in trying them after reading some harrowing stats from Exploding Topics: The average American consumes over 7 hours of screen time daily. Our eyes were not built for this constant blue light binging, which can damage retinal cells and cause vision issues. Study upon study confirms the harmful effects of continuous exposure to blue light, especially when it comes to sleep (blue light messes with our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep according to a study conducted by UC Davis). With this knowledge in mind, I opted to try a pair.

Showing off how clear the lenses are even with the blue light blocking technology
Photo: Jane Adler

Lens With Benefits

When my Caddis shipment arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by sweet yet sustainable packaging (no pesky plastic here!). I chose the Miklos Compact in Heritage Green, $99 frames that came in a case decorated in delicate florals and included a cloth carrying case that can double as a lens wipe. A subtle detail I found particularly sweet was the nautical nod on top of the specs labeling each side of the lens as ‘Port’ and ‘Starboard’ – terms usually reserved to refer to the left and right side of boats. As an avid seafarer, I loved this little homage to the ocean. ‘

Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan!
Photo: Caddis

After wearing them for some time, I’m ready to start calling my blue light blockers ‘rose-colored glasses.’ These frames are simply fabulous and immediately improve my morning mood. They allow you to stare down any screen without that nagging behind-the-eye strain, and they’re so comfortable I’m willing to bet you may forget to take them off. (I did.) And, beyond how they feel in the moment, they offer peace of mind knowing that I’m hopefully doing less harm to my eyes in the long run. Sure, spending significantly less time on my devices is probably the best option in terms of eye health, but wearing these specs feels like a more realistic option. I’m still likely to spend a lot of time on staring at a screen, so I may as well be proactive about the way I do!

Showing off the sleek, flatting design of the Miklos blue light blocking lenses.
Photo: Jane Adler

Back That Glass Up

My overall takeaway is that these glasses are worth the investment. I have sensitive, lighter eyes and a job that requires a lot of screen time – not to mention two kids who stole my perfect vision from me. (Side note: did you know pregnancy impacts your vision?)

I have tried less expensive blue light blocking options, they just don’t quite hold the same weight as these – my Caddis blue light blockers have the blocking capacity and build to withstand up to 10,000 cycles of taking them on and off. Plus, they look super chic, too (I sometimes just wear them for style). Superior style and proprietary frequency® technology make these glasses a no-brainer. Say bye to blue light and hi to healthier-feeling eyes with Cadddis.

Age is just a number to Caddis - their glasses are for everyone!
Photo: Jane Adler

5 More Reasons To Shop Caddis Eyewear:

  1. The proprietary frequency® technology is built into all readers in all magnifications meaning your lenses will be blocking harmful blue light without you even noticing.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow named Caddis glasses as one of her favorite everyday things in a June 2022 Wirecutter article. Other celebs that love Caddis include Pink, Matthew McConaughey, and Gary Clark Jr.  
  1. CNN has one of the best quotes I’ve ever read about Caddis, calling the brand’s aesthetic “extreme coastal grandmother, if your grandmother promoted indie shows in Portland.” This is a vibe we can get behind.
  2. Caddis has a strong anti-anti aging stance, touting an “age awesome” campaign appealing to more than just youths.
  3. The brand collabs with movers and shakers (and podcasters, stylists, artists, etc.) on its gorgeous frames, which range in styles from classic shapes to trendy styles and shades.  
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